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Practices going on Tues, Thurs 6-8pm at NORTH POINT High School, 2500 Davis Road, Waldorf, MD 20603

SMWC 2016 Southern Maryland Freestyle Camp

SMWC 2016 Camp Flyer July 11-14

Mean & Physical... 

Here at Southern Maryland Wrestling Club we expect HIGH INTENSITY!!! We ask that you never give up, always continue to move forward, let no obstacle stand in your way, and support your team. Some people dream of success, we work hard to make it happen. Long time contenders, SMWC Wrestling welcomes you and your youth wrestler as a member of one of the most successful and dynamic wrestling programs in the country over many years running with multiple state and national club titles under its belt. Thank you for choosing the SMWC Wrestling program.

The Legacy Continues

Steven Simpson - 2015 National Prep Champion

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Recent Member Highlights

SMWC 2015 High School Finishers
Champions: Brian Stuart - Marty Margolis - Ryan Sharp
Runner-ups: Jahi Jones - Justin Cuto - Aathan Thacker
3rd: David Pipes - Jackson Drum
4th: Breandon Loughlin - Tristin Breen
5th: Gavin Stoddard
6th: Alex Rounceville - Ernie Sigmon<  

7th: Brian hennessey

Our Facility

Our program is currently located at NORTH POINT High School, 2500 Davis Road, Waldorf, MD 20603. Please check for additional announcements on our FACEBOOK Page  

Regular Professional Staff

Our core coaching staff has numerous Maryland State High School titles; NCAA National Championship Tournament qualifiers, and multiple freestyle and Greco Roman championship titles.  Most importantly, many nationally recognized wrestlers who grew up in our program often show up to help coach at practice and on match days.

SMWC Director and Coach:  Jason Gabrielson (202) 386-4283 wrestlesmwc@hotmail.com

Assistant Coach:  Mike Rowe

Retired Hall of Fame Coach:  Bruce Gabrielson

Retired Hall of Fame Coach:  Jim Howard

Administrative Staff:  Jill Gabrielson

SMWC League Participation

The SMWC wrestling program accepts youth wrestlers at all levels.  This season, SMWC will compete next yera in the Capital Area Wrestling League (CAWL) in both beginner youth and advanced team competitions, plus we will qualify wrestlers for the Maryland State Wrestling Association (MSWA) Youth Tournament and the MD States. At registration, all wrestlers are required to tell coaches what league(s) they wish to participate in. SMWC will also compete in various freestyle events during the spring and summer seasons. At this time there is considerable interest in supporting the National Junior Olympic Games and the AAU Grand Nationals this spring.

Wrestle offs will be conducted, as necessary, for kids to earn the "Top Spot" at our tougher dual meets.  Youth team matches are normally held on Saturdays beginning the first weekend in January and are bracket or round-robin format with only one dual meet scheduled mid-season. The CAWL advanced team schedule may vary, but our hopes are to wrestle CAWL Dual/Quad Meets on Sundays. An occasional Saturday or Weeknight meet may be necessary.  The only CAWL bracket/round robin tournaments are Pre-Season and Post Season.

  CAWL Registration and Fees

Many of our advanced coaching staff are the original core Southern Maryland Wrestling Club program from the 1980s.   SMWC is an IRS not for profit organization.  Our wrestling coaches and staff donate their time to this program to improve wrestling opportunities in Southern Maryland.  We are focused and determined on delivering highly competitive wrestlers to our local high school programs. SMWC's fees, as members of the Capital Area Wrestling League, are set as low as possible to pay league registration fees (referees and end of the tournament awards) and a small percentage of our operating expenses. Fees do not include a folkstyle singlet for the league season. Singlets need to be purchased separately. After the league season, there are still several Mid-Atlantic and National level tournaments that our club members will participate.  Other team or league members are welcome to join our club in March 2014 if interested in wrestling in the spring and summer wrestling seasons.

Please complete the necessary registration forms available at practice. If you have multiple wrestlers in your family please fill out one medical form for each wrestler.

There will be a clipboard(s) distributed requesting additional information (and in some cases the same) from SMWC. This information will be used by our administrative staff to develop email distribution lists, phone trees, and our in-season rosters for the CAWL league.


Singlets are custom made for our program.  We will also offer Hooded Sweatshirts, T-Shirts and Shorts for both wrestlers and parents or other family members. Wrestling shoes and headgear are required for all wrestlers and are not provided by SMWC. You may wish to speak with your coach for headgear and shoe suggestions.

Open Mat

Open mat is also available at winter junior league practice. These practices often draw many former state champs and college wrestlers, plus high school wrestlers who need extra mat time preparing for major competitions. Regular practices are on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The fee schedule is listed on our contract. Please see coaches for details.


Most open tournaments and each league that SMWC Wrestling participates require membership to athletic associations.  Most importantly, these memberships provide insurance for our wrestlers when they are on the mat.  Annual membership dues range from $12-$30 depending upon the organization and level of insurance.  We chose not to include this insurance in our fees to provide flexibility to our wrestlers, and allow them and their family to determine which open tournaments and leagues they want to participate.  We ask each parent to obtain the necessary athletic memberships as appropriate.

  Youth League Schedule

Many SMWC volunteers are also football parents.  We and the coaches at SMWC are aware of the impacts of weather on the football season.  We realize your football season and playoffs overlap with our pre-season practice and tournament schedule.  We understand that your commitment to football may prevent you from attending some of our early season practices.

There are many pre-season open tournaments in Maryland that we recommend our wrestlers participate in and there are a few tournaments that we would like to enter a full team. This is voluntary; however we strongly encourage it to gain as much extra mat time as possible.  The more pre-season time your wrestler gets, the better the results at MD State and league end of season tournaments. 

It will be common for this team to have wrestlers at two different locations on the same day this year.  For example, on SMJWL Saturday, many of our more experienced wrestlers may travel to an open tournament in PA to wrestle against tougher competition.  Likewise, on CAWL Dual-Meet Sunday, many of our novice wrestlers may want to compete in the MSWA Novice Tournament series.  Again, this is voluntary.  Parents, coaches, and administrative staff will work together to determine what is best for each wrestler to maximize mat time against comparable competition.

A wrestler must weigh in three times at his/her weight and wrestle five matches (as a starter or exhibition) to be eligible for end of the year tournament placement.  If a wrestler is between 2 weight classes, and meets this qualification at two weights, that wrestler can wrestle either weight for the CAWL Championship tournament.

There is no weight allowance during the season in the CAWL.  Scratch weight is the weight a wrestler will compete in all tournaments.

  Parent Volunteers

No youth non-profit organization can succeed without communication, parental involvement, and downright hard work. SMWC is no different.  To support a wide range of age and experience, a busy wrestling schedule, necessary travel, and host tournaments on scheduled weekends, we will ask parents to assist in many aspects of our teams development.

We thank you for choosing SMWC Wrestling for your youth folkstyle season as well as our spring freestyle/Greco Roman season.  We look forward to an exciting and competitive team, and are confident your wrestler will have fun, significantly improve upon their wrestling skills, and may even step up on the podium at the MD state youth tournament and/or the end of the season CAWL tournaments.


SMWC's Great Wrestling Club Support Members

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