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Practices going on daily at our dedicated facility in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. See the schedule below.

Mean & Physical... 

Here at Southern Maryland Wrestling Club we expect HIGH INTENSITY!!! We ask that you never give up, always continue to move forward, let no obstacle stand in your way, and support your team. Some people dream of success, we work hard to make it happen. Long time contenders, SMWC Wrestling welcomes you and your youth wrestler as a member of one of the most successful and dynamic wrestling programs in the country over many years running with multiple state and national club titles under its belt. Thank you for choosing the SMWC Wrestling program.

The Legacy Continues

Steven Simpson - 2015 National Prep Champion, Division ! Wrestler and SMWC Assstant Coach

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Our Facility

Our program is currently located at our year around facility Please check for additional announcements on our FACEBOOK Page  

Regular Professional Staff

Our core coaching staff has numerous Maryland State High School titles; NCAA National Championship Tournament qualifiers, and multiple freestyle and Greco Roman championship titles.  Most importantly, many nationally recognized wrestlers who grew up in our program often show up to help coach at practice and on match days.

SMWC Director and Coach:  Jason Gabrielson (202) 386-4283 wrestlesmwc@hotmail.com

Assistant Coach:  SteveSimpson

Retired Hall of Fame Coach:  Bruce Gabrielson

Retired Hall of Fame Coach:  Jim Howard

Administrative Staff:  Jill Gabrielson

SMWC League Participation

The SMWC wrestling program accepts youth wrestlers at all levels.  SMWC competes in various freestyle events during the spring and summer seasons.

Normally multiple teams and individuals are entered in most events so everyone competes. Wrestle offs will be conducted, as necessary, for kids to earn the "Top Spot" when a single team is necessary.

Many of our advanced coaching staff are the original core Southern Maryland Wrestling Club program from the 1980s.   SMWC is an IRS not for profit organization.  Our wrestling coaches and staff donate their time to this program to improve wrestling opportunities in Southern Maryland.  We are focused and determined on delivering highly competitive wrestlers to our local high school programs. SMWC's fees are set as low as possible to pay for our operating expenses.

Please complete the necessary registration forms available at practice. If you have multiple wrestlers in your family please fill out one medical form for each wrestler.

There will be a clipboard(s) distributed requesting additional information (and in some cases the same) from SMWC.


Singlets are custom made for our program.  We will also offer Hooded Sweatshirts, T-Shirts and Shorts for both wrestlers and parents or other family members. Wrestling shoes and headgear are required for all wrestlers and are not provided by SMWC. You may wish to speak with the coach for headgear and shoe suggestions.

Open Mat

Open mat is also available at all practice. These practices often draw many former state champs and college wrestlers, plus high school wrestlers who need extra mat time preparing for major competitions.

  • The Maryland State Wrestling Association (MSWA) requires all wrestlers carry USA Wrestling membership to participate in their events. This membership provides wrestling insurance and a one year (SEP-AUG) subscription to USA Wrestler magazine.  A club code is not required to register. The SMWC club code is 1578501.   This membership can be purchased on line at http://www.usawmembership.com/.  Renewal is easy, if you have your card from last year.  To wrestle in the MSWA Youth Regional and State Tournaments USA Membership is required.
  • All activities require all wrestlers to carry either Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Membership or USAW membership.  The AAU provides different levels of membership to provide insurance at non-AAU sanctioned events.  A club code is not required to register; however, SMWC has a code and can be provided on request. This membership can be purchased on line at http://aausports.org/JoinNow.aspx.

  Other Sport Conflicts

Many Coaches at SMWC are aware of the impacts of the football season.  We realize your football season and playoffs overlap with our pre-season practice and tournament schedule.  We understand that your commitment to football may prevent you from attending some of our early season practices.

There are many pre-season open tournaments in Maryland that we recommend our wrestlers participate in and there are a few tournaments that we would like to enter a full team. This is voluntary; however we strongly encourage it to gain as much extra mat time as possible.  The more pre-season time your wrestler gets, the better the results at MD State and league end of season tournaments. 

Parent Volunteers

No youth non-profit organization can succeed without communication, parental involvement, and downright hard work. SMWC is no different.  To support a wide range of age and experience, a busy wrestling schedule, necessary travel, and host tournaments on scheduled weekends, we will ask parents to assist in many aspects of our teams development.

  • We are continuously in need of parent coaches to help translate the instructions our coaches will give to the often large wrestling group.  If you have coached previously or have wrestling experience and are interested, please let us know.
  • Hosting a wrestling tournament with as many as 300 wrestlers is a significant production.  SMWC often hosts wrestling tournaments for varying levels of competition.  We will ask for help to put up before and break down mats after events. If you have scored a match or kept time before and are interested, please let us know.  We will also be happy teach anyone wishing to learn.

We thank you for choosing SMWC Wrestling for your youth folkstyle season as well as our spring freestyle/Greco Roman season.  We look forward to an exciting and competitive team, and are confident your wrestler will have fun, significantly improve upon their wrestling skills, and may even step up on the podium at the MD state youth tournament and/or the end of the season CAWL tournaments.


SMWC's Great Wrestling Club Support Members

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