Kendall Cross

Kendall Cross, heroic gold medalist of the 26th Olympiad, is one of America's most celebrated athletes. His accomplishments in amateur and intercollegiate wrestling were dramatically punctuated by his dominating performance in Atlanta.

Flexibility and quickness, combined with uncommon mental toughness, brought him victory over far more powerful opponents.

His dramatic finish left an indelible impression on all who shared the moment with him. For Kendall, it was the reward for his commitment to excellence and to the hard work which goes with it.

This commemorative poster, available at Kendall Cross' appearances, is a composite of two pictures taken moments after his gold medal victory over Canada 's Gia Sissaouri, July 31, 1996. -- Priced at $10 each + $2.50 for postage.

Kendall is available for motivational speeches at schools, corporations, or any interested organization. He aids in developing plans for success by discussing goal-setting, committment, and dedication, dealing with failure, and creating positive support groups. In addition, Kendall presents a thrilling video displaying his gold medal victory.

For motivational speeches or posters contact Kendall at:

Shirts: White with 4 color print

Olympic Champion Kendall Cross with action shot
sizes: sm, m, l, xl---$10.00 + $2.50 postage.

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