1995 Potomac Valley All-Star Challenge Cup

The 11th annual Potomac Valley All-Star Challenge Cup was held June 10th at Bishop MacNamara High School in Forestville, Maryland. As usual, the 1995 Cup proved once again to be this region's premier all-star freestyle event. A total of 14 High School State Champions, seven Cadet All-Americans, five Junior All-Americans, and six junior age Eastern National Champions, plus several other NE regional winners and other top contenders met head-to-head. Suffering from beach week and other contending events which drew away some of its team, Maryland still managed to defeat a very tough Delaware team before loosing to Team New Jersey by a close 15-18 decision.

Some major matches for Maryland's juniors included little 55 lb Cameron Watkins' defeat of NJ State Champ Nick Bridge 12-6, Rudy Reuda's tech fall of NJ State Champ Chris Grusemeyer at 60 lbs, Nick Alley's 9-6 decision over 6 time NJ State Champ and FS Grand National Champ Ryan Wolverton at 80 lbs, young 12 year old Kevin Gabrielson's close 10-8 decision over NJ Cadet Champ and State Champ Greg Austin, and JJ Holmes' 11-5 victory over Grand National and State Champion Joey Galante. Nick Alley's tremendous win resulted in his OW award in the junior weight classes.

In the high school weights, virtually every match was a great one. For Maryland, both Tommy Kiler and Tyran Dungee had a great tournament. Kiler's biggest win was a fall against Delaware State Champ Joe Bond, thus assuring Tommy the OW award. In another great match, unsung Billy Phillips, Maryland's own giant killer, defeated by a score of 10- 7, Delaware's 2 time state champ and NE Regional Cadet Champ Jesse Savage. Probably the most surprising and exciting match featured Maryland's Aaron Chandler, a sophomore wrestler from Bowie in his first year of freestyle. He forced New Jersey's Cadet All-American heavyweight Lou Howell into a 1-1 overtime match which ended finally in a 4-1 victory for Howell.

Following the Cup competitions, 106 lb winner and USAW Cadet All-American Jason Gabrielson had an exciting exhibition match against 115 lb winner and USAW Cadet All- American Todd Mergenthaler. This was a crowd pleaser for those who had already been exposed to some tremendous matches. Todd won a 7-4 decision to conclude a memorable day of wrestling.

1995 Potomac Valley Challenge Cup Pool Winners

55-60     Rudy Rueda, MD
65-70     Bobby Ray Stinson, NJ
75-80     Nick Alley, MD
85-95     Kevin Gabrielson, MD
106       Jason Gabrielson, MD
115       Todd Mergenthaler, DE
123       Pat McGrath, NJ
132       Tommy Kiler, MD
143       John Forster, NJ
154       Tyran Dungee, MD
165-178   Deon Jenkins, DE
192       Damien Craighton, DE
Hwt       Lou Howell, NJ

Maryland's 1995 Potomac Valley Challenge Cup Team

55        Cameron Watkins
60        Rudy Rueda
75        William McKinney/Ryan Forman
80        Nick Alley
85        Kevin Gabrielson
90        JJ Holmes
106       Jason Gabrielson/Shawn Gehres
115       Jarred Zimmit
123       Nortin Pereira/Billy Valentine
132       Tommy Kiler/Randy Holmes
143       Billy Phillips/Tyrone Neal
154       Tyran Dungee/Larry King
165       Sean Stone
178       Forfeit
192       Shayne Tiffany
Hwt       Aaron Chandler/Billy Hildbold