1996 Potomac Valley Challenge Cup

June 12, 1996 - Forestville, Maryland

The 1996 Potomac Valley Challenge Cup was held June 8th at Bishop McNamara HS. It was a tremendous regional wrestling competition. Major teams from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio and Virginia battled Maryland's best for the coveted "Challenge Cup". Below is a rundown of the most visible of Maryland's outstanding team members plus the final results.

Starting with the smaller weights, Maryland pitted Eastern National Runner-up Lucas Black at 55 lbs against the field.

Rudy Reuda, the 1995 1995/96 Eastern National Champion and 1995 AAU Grand National Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Sombo Champion at 65 lbs carried Maryland's hopes.

At 85 lbs, Maryland's William McKinney, the 1995 AAU Grand National Freestyle Champion and the 1996 USAW NE Regional Champion, was challenged by a Ohio Super Tournament Champion.

At 90 lbs, Maryland featured two tough wrestlers, Bryan Santangelo and Ryan Herwig, both 1996 Beltway State Champions. Ryan is also this years USAW NE Regional FS Runner-up.

At 95 lbs, Maryland featured super star Nick Alley, the 1996 Beltway State Champion and 5th place finisher at the 1996 AAU Folkstyle Grand Nationals.

At 100 lbs was Kevin Gabrielson, the 1995 AAU Grand National Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Sombo Champion. Also at 100 lbs was William Filbert, the 1996 USAW NE Regional cadet FS Champ.

Another super star was 132 lb HS State Champ Scott Munsey. Scott recently won the 1996 Junior World Team Trials, and will represent the US at the Greco-Roman Junior World Championships this summer.

Mike Pecha, 5th place finisher at the 1996 National Preps, was Maryland's 154 lb representative.

At 178 lbs, Maryland was represented by Frank Glover, the 1996 HS state runner-up.

At 189 was HS 4th place finisher Sean Stone, last seasons PV and Maryland AAU FS state champ.

At heavyweight, Maryland featured JR Plines, the 1995 USAW Junior National Champion, Junior US World Team member, and 1996 National Prep Champion.

This was the last local high school age appearance for Pecha, Glover, Stone and Plines as they move on to the college ranks this fall.

96 Cup Results

As usual, the 1996 Cup proved once again to be this regions premier all-star freestyle event for high school age and under club wrestlers. Fighting beach week, senior graduations, and other contending regional activities, the event still drew 118 all-star competitors. A total of 8 High School State Champions, 9 Cadet or Junior All-Americans, 17 Tournament of Champions Winners and 11 junior age Eastern National Champions, plus several other NE regional winners and other top contenders met head-to-head.

Some major matches for smaller wrestlers included Maryland 85 lb. William McKinney's defeat of Ohio's DeWitt Driscoll by a tremendous back and forth 12-10 score after first defeating a field of 5 other wrestlers. William's match was watched by a large crowd of Ohio's younger wrestlers all looking for the upset which didn't happen.

NE Regional Champion Will Filbert of Maryland was also challenged, but still dominated his 100 lb. weight pool with five technical falls. Since each state is allowed two wrestlers at each weight, Maryland had also entered Kevin Gabrielson at 100 lbs. Kevin came out aggressively with a couple of takedowns and it looked like an upset was in the making. Then Will started to put on the pressure, catching Kevin in an ankle lace and finished out the match Will received the pre-hs OW award for his great wins.

In the high school weights, virtually every match was a great one. For Maryland, both Maryland's Junior Greco-Roman World Team member and two time state champ Scott Munsey and JR Plenis had a great tournament. For Ohio, Kayne Toukonen looked outstanding in his defeat of Pennsylvania's always tough Chris Zaza. For Pennsylvania, probably the most exciting matches of the tournament came from high school state champ Joey Killar, who virtually destroyed the entire field with a series of outstanding performances. Joey also won the high school OW award.

Pre High School Weight Competition Team Placement

1.   Ohio
2.   Maryland
3.   Pennsylvania
4.   Virginia
5.   Delaware

Championship Round

     Maryland       vs   Ohio                Score          Team

                                                            OH   MD

55   Lucus Black         Adam Frey           OH Fall  :53   5
60   Matt Jones          Ashtin Primus       OH Fall  :37   5
65   Forfeit             Jeff Cumpston                      5
70   Forfeit             Mark Throckmorton                  5
75   Eli Black           John Foster         MD 3-1              3
80   Forfeit             John Bedford                       5
85   William McKinney    DeWitt Driscoll     MD 12-10            3
90   Bryan Santangelo    Nick Spatola        MD 9-3              3
95   Nick Alley          Michael Parsons     MD Fall  2:49       5
100  William Filbert     John Spires         MD TF  1:13         5

                                                            25   19

HS Weight Competition Team Placement

1.   Maryland
2.   Ohio
3.   Pennsylvania
4.   Delaware
5.   Virginia

Championship Round

     Maryland       vs   Ohio                Score          Team

                                                            OH   MD

106  Garrett Black       Kayne Toukonen      OH Fall 2:56   5
115  Bryan Long          Shawn Ream          OH TF          5
123  Eric Miller         Tim Geiger          MD Fall 4:42        5
132  Scott Munsey        Richard Burns       MD TF               5
143  Forfeit             Daniel Grove        OH             5
154  Mike Pecha          Jimmy Wallace       OH Fall 1:48   5
165  EJ Sauls            James Wagers        OH 15-13       3
178  Frank Glover        Forfeit                                 5
192  Sean Stone          Forfeit                                 5
Hwt  JR Plenis           Alex Lammers        MD Fall 1:53        5

                                                            23   25

1996 PV Challenge Cup Pool Winners

55        Adam Frey           Ohio
60        Ashtin Primus       Ohio
65        Jeff Cumpston       Ohio
70        Eli Black           Maryland
75        John Foster         Ohio 
80        John Bedford        Ohio
85        William McKinney    Maryland
90        Bryan Santangelo    Maryland
95        Nick Alley          Maryland
100       William Filbert     Maryland (OW)
106       Kayne Toukonen      Ohio
115       Shawn Ream          Ohio
123       Eric Miller         Maryland
132       Scott Munsey        Maryland
143       Mike Collins        Delaware
154       Josh Boger          Pennsylvania
165       Joey Killar         Pennsylvania (OW)
178       Aaron Mitchell      Pennsylvania
192       Sean Stone          Maryland
Hwt       JR Plenis           Maryland