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SMWC Wrestling
--1996/97 NEWS--

Seasons over, see everyone in the fall.

The Potomac Valley Junior Olympic Team did well in Charolette. Jason Gabrielson took 1st, Benji Main took 3rd, Kevin Gabrielson finished 4th, and Nick Alley finished 5th. There were 24 teams entered with most wrestlers having 12-14 matches. Wrestling at the games lasted the week of Aug 7-11. Another interesting note on the JO Games. 1990 Challenge Cup member and long time SMWC member Mike Wick, a former LaPlata great who now lives near Charolette, stopped by a couple of days to visit/coach/etc. He said he knew wrestling would be one of the sports, so figured we would be there. Nice to see Mike again after so long.

We held a pre-JO Games training camp at Stonewall Jackson HS Aug 2-3. Quite a few people showed up

Bruce (Coach G), Jason and Kevin Gabrielson all took 1st at AAU Grand Nationals. Mike Waite took a 2nd.

SMWC's Buddy Lee gave a Greco-Roman and counter clinic at practice on July 1st. Only 16 members attended. Coach Wade Hughes was presented his Hall-of-Fame Award by Coach G and Coach Prue.

Coach G was interviewed by a national kids magazine about his opinions on Title IX and how it was effecting young males and minority sports on June 30th.

Jason got his cast off June 27th. Foot still looks blue.

Congratulations to SMWC's Jason Gabrielson for winning a National Wrestling Hall-of-Fame Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award June 18.

Very small practice June 17, only 16 wrestlers present. As we get close to nationals everyone should be working hard.

Members Kevin Gabrielson, Seth Cameron, Mike Rock, and Nick Alley all won at Virginia State Games. Evan Sola took 2nd.

Interesting news about the Friends tournament in Baltimore, SMWC members got all the most pins in least time awards; Brent Jones in kids, Kevin Gabrielson in cadets, and Benji Main in Juniors.

Tough loss by one point at the East Coast Club Championships June 14th. Only 13 members showed up. With three of our big guns out of the line-up from injuries, we really needed everyone there. Thanks to our winners Luke Palumbo, Mike Waite, Evan Sola, Kevin Gabrielson, and new member Gbenga Akinnagbe. The four seconds and three thirds we had helped in the team scoring as there were a lot of clubs entered. Coach G promises some changes in dues next year to accomodate those members who don't show up at big events for us.

After suffering through two weeks with practices split between Douglass and Northern Virginia, looks like we're at Douglass for the duration. Hall-of-Fame member Andre' Prue left for Hawaii for two weeks (must be nice) on June 13th, so can't get into the gym.

Troy Sunderland says he will be at practice regularly for the rest of the season. He was one of many open wrestlers at practice on Thursday night (June 10th) at Douglass. More open wrestlers than hs and under. Alphonso Taylor was also there, says he'll be working out the rest of the summer. We'll likely have quite a few of our open wrestlers training now that schools, etc. are out for summer. We also have a new open Hwt. Chuck Rollins, who just moved here from Europe where he wrestled with the German's. Looks like old "Hurrican" will get a break from pounding on the big guys.

1997 Potomac Valley All-Star Challenge Cup went well for Maryland, but was a close finish (21-20) between Virginia and Maryland HS age wrestlers. SMWC is really a regional club, so our team was represented on both sides. Pool winning members included Mike Rock, Danny Vucci, Nick Alley, Seth Cameron, Chip Allen, and Ivan Hardnett. One of the problems we had were when our own members wrestled each other in the pools. John Erickson and Mike Rock went to overtime in the final. Kevin Gabrielson wrestled Marty Erickson, Ryan Forman wrestled Reed Carpenter, Seth Cameron wrestled David Robinson, Ivan Hardnett wrestled Doug Clark, and Benji Main wrestled Chip Allen. SMWCs Jason Gabrielson was presented a Special Participation Award at the Cup for belonging to nine Cup teams over the years.

Some bad news June 5-6th. Rudy Rueda broke his finger 3 places roller skating. He'll be out 6 weeks. Ryan Herwig also broke his finger. Ryan Green's uncle died and he had to leave town. Jason Gabrielson sprained his ankle and is in a cast. What's going on? All were scheduled to be on Maryland's Challenge Cup Team.

Lots of problems with a practice site the first week of June. We thought we had Queen Anne, then graduations there spoiled our chances. Next we thought we had Frederick Douglass, but the insurance certificate didn't make it to the school in time to salvage practice for the week. Hope too many members didn't miss getting the messages.

SMWC winners at Friends School June 1st included Brent Jones, Mike Rock, Nick Alley, Kevin Gabrielson, Jason Gabrielson, and Benji Main. Nearly everyone pinned or tech falled their way through their pool.

The June Capital Area Wrestling News was published on May 30th.

Our SMWC web site was honored May 29th with its selection by Amateur Wrestling Guide's Web Site as one of the "Best of The Web" Wrestling Sites

Several members missed the Memorial Day party to attend the USAW SE Regionals. SMWC double winners (FS/GR) included Brent Jones, John Erickson, and Danny Vucci. We always seem to be "in there" no matter what the event.

The annual spring SMWC Memorial weekend party May 25 was another great success. Many members spent the day socializing, watching wrestling matches, eating crabs, hot dogs, and about everything else not good for diets. Although it was raining outside, those inside (and even those playing BASKETBALL in the rain) enjoyed the festivities. Member Jason Gabrielson held his high school graduation party the same time, and really liked the cake he received (in his face). Several Pennsylvania and Virginia members attended, as did several members who were in Baltimore for the East Coast Duals earlier in the day. Next morning, Coach G counted 17 heads of party goers who couldn't go home.

Real tough Maryland AAU Association Championships and Club Championships May 24 at Golden Ring. Team Maverick of Pennsylvania and Golden Ring WC both challenged SMWC's run for the team title. Freestyle winners included Rudy Rueda, Ryan Herwig, Nick Alley, Kevin Gabrielson, Jason Gabrielson, and Gari Miller. SMWC captured the team trophy with 38 over second place Maverick with 19. In a highlight match, SMWC's HS State Champ Nick Alley showed Virginia East Coast Duals Team Member Roger Stewart what some of Maryland's other 105.5 lb wrestlers were like, much to the Virginia wrestler's displeasure. Another great match featured Ryan Forman's hard fought 8-5 defeat of Kip Fields.

Congratulations to SMWC's Jason Gabrielson on his selection to this years Wrestling USA/Cliff Keen High-School Dream Team. That's the second year in a row we have had a member selected for this prestegious title.

SMWC's May 22 practice (last until gym fixed) featured a clinic by SMWC Patron Troy Sunderland. He showed some tilts and other freestyle techniques.

Another big news shocker locally on May 19. Popular wrestling coach Andre Kelly from Einstein HS was arrested due to his involvement with female students at the school. Andre has been a real asset to the wrestling community in Maryland for several years. He wrestled for Bullis HS, was a National Prep Champion, and was a member of Maryland's Potomac Valley Challenge Cup Team in 1988. Andre is the second local wrestling coach in recent years to face serious criminal actions.

Wrestling up an age group, SMWC's Kevin Gabrielson won in cadets at the US Sombo Nationals Festival May 17. He also won the Palmyra FS event held the same day. After the championships, the USSA board voted to hold the USSA Sombo Nationals in DC next year.

SMWC member Ryan Forman did well at Westminster on Sunday, May 11th. He not only won both FS and GR, but he won the OW for most falls. Mike Rock also won both styles. Ryan Herwig won FS.

Interesting northern VA tournament on May 10th. Several SMWC members entered and nearly everyone won. The pairers asked Coach G if he minded moving SMWC people up so they would get better matches. We must be getting a reputation around there. Big FS and GR winners were Scott MacAdoo, Jason Gabrielson, Brent Jones and Rudy Rueda (2 weight classes). FS winners included Chip Allen. William McKinney and Matt Jones won GR. When it was over, Coach G found out he had a flat tier, plus it was raining. 2 hours to get home after. The MacAdoo's had to follow Goach G's van to a tire changing place as driving was a little tough on the small utility tire they loaned him.

We are proud to announce our newest members selected to the SMWC Hall-of-Fame by the current membership on May 3rd. They are Anthony "Buddy" Lee, Wade Hughes, and Andre' Prue. These coaches and wrestlers have each contributed much to the success of wrestling and to our club.

American University Coach Jim Akerly presented an advanced freestyle tilts and power turning techniques clinic at practice May 8th. He wasn't paying attention and used Howard Univ. Coach Wade Hughes to demonstrate a real streeeength turn. Coach G mentioned that he shouldn't be doing that to his competition whereupon he noticed who he was working on. Good laugh for everyone.

SMWC winners at Damascus May 4 included Mike Rowe, Mike Rock, Matt Jones, Brent Jones, Eli Black, John Erickson, Ryan Herwig, Ryan Forman, Kevin Gabrielson, and Benjie Mane.

Marty Erickson, Jessie Keys, and Kevin Gabrielson won in Richmond, VA, on May 3rd.

Our seniors are nearly all signed. SMWC's Jason Gabrielson signed with Edinboro April 22. Chip Allen signed with James Madison as did Eric Miller. SMWC's Billy Phillips signed early with James Madison. Chris Lafebvre signed with Campbell University. Scott Munsey signed with Lockhaven. Premeille Pettaway signed at U of Maryland.

The May CAWN newsletter came out this week. Lots of nice stuff. All 75 copies went very fast.

Kevin Gabrielson won the Ohio Tournament of Champions April 19. The same day Derik and Evan Sola won Eastern Nationals.

Winners at MAWA Eastern Regionals in New Jersey included SMWC's Ryan Forman, Rudy Rueda, Steve Sargent and Joey Sargent.

Coach Gabrielson presented a freestyle technique clinic in April (6th) to the visiting South Africans before the NOVA II Herndon HS Freestyle/GR tournament. Only three SMWC members competed. Kevin Gabrielson was the only SMWC winner as most members were at MAWA East Regionals.

SMWC soundly defeated a touring South African freestyle team (Menlo Park) April 3rd at Laurel HS. Before the matches, SMWC Coach Buddy Lee put on a great jumprope clinic. Guest Golden Ring WC was also invited to wrestle the South Africans. The matches were informal and held mostly as a get to know us jesture.

SMWC Coach Buddy Lee was awarded the SMWC Patron Award by the SMWC Coaching Staff for his continued contributions to the club on April 3rd.

Practice was even more interesting than usual March 25th when SMWC Hall-of-Fame Member and current Thomas Stone HS coach Joe Higgs showed up. He hasn't been to a practice in several years, and it was great to see him there again.

SMWC Hall-of-Fame Member and coach Steve Arslanian moved to Colorado for a two year stint in March. Steve was a long time SMWC coach and wrestler. We'll look forward to his return.

Congratulations to SMWC member Quinn Foster who won the National HS Championships in Pittsburgh; Jason Gabrielson finished 5th.

Members Jason and Kevin Gabrielson won AAU Grand National titles in St Louis March 26/27. Eric Miller and David Mahan took seconds. Other placers were Brent Jones, Bruce Ross, Chris Rodregues, and Chip Allen. Although a team trophy was not awarded, SMWC would have done very well in both the schoolboy and the high school age-group competitions.

SMWC Hall-of-Fame Member and coach Jim Howard had his long put off knee operation in March.

SMWC had 17 individual champions and 5 -2nds at the Maryland Age/Wt Folkstyle State Championships on March 22-23 to win its 5th consecutive state folkstyle club championship title. Three individual titles were in the open division.

Members Rudy Rueda (75), Ryan Herwig (100), Kevin Gabrielson (110), and Joey Sargent (130) won the 1997 MD/VA Junior League States

SMWC's Jason Gabrielson and Scott Munsey represented Maryland at the Maryland/Virginia Senior All-Star Match held March 14.

Congratulations are in order for SMWC member Chip Allen who won the HS state title this year in Virginia, Kevin Mayer who won the HS state title this year in Pennsylvania, and to Nick Alley, Willie Harris, Drew Robertson, Jason Gabrielson, and Darin Black who won HS state titles in Maryland this year. Jason compleated his last two seasons with a 81-0 record and pinned his way through the state finals each year.

Members Eric Miller and Rudy Rueda were presented Maryland AAU Outstanding Wrestler Awards at the Maryland AAU banquet in Timonium in March.

National Prep titles this year were won by members Quinn Foster and Billy Phillips. Mike Toro lost his final match as did member Chris Rodregues.

SMWC spring practice started March 6th at Bishop MacNamara HS. About 40+ showed up the first night

SMWC's youth league CAWL team captured the Dual Meet Title and then won the League Championship Team Title on March 2. Individual Champions were Rudy Rueda, Luke Palumbo, Kevin Gabrielson, and Joey Sargent. Kevin and Joey got pins in the finals. SMWC members who wrestle for other folkstyle teams during the winter that also won titles included Ryan Herwig, Mike Reynolds, and Bruce Ross. Youth League Coaches were Bruce Gabrielson, Rick Jones, and Bill Mahan. Two weeks later QA finished 3rd at the state meet.

SMWC Patron Member and Coach Troy Sunderland put on a clinic for the Queen Anne Youth Team in February.

Ryan Forman won big at Spring Grove. Brought home one of the OW statues.

SMWC members Joey Sargent and Kevin Gabrielson represented Maryland at the Mason-Dixon Quad in January.

SMWC ended its regular fall folkstyle practices on Nov 14 with the start of HS seasons locally. Many SMWC youth wrestlers started the league season with the Capital Area Wrestling League Queen Anne Team.

SMWC entered its first Club competition for the season on November 16th at the McNamara Pre-Season Showdown. It won its first club title for the season at this event. Winners included Steve and Joe Sargent, Kevin and Jason Gabrielson, Luke Palumbo, and Chris Lefebvre.

SMWC's Billy Philips signed during the early signing period with James Madison

Two big events weekend of 19 & 20th. On the 19th, members Buddy Lee, Kim and Jason Gabrielson, and Brian Long attended the Olympic Luncheon in Chantilly VA, while on the 20th a large number of members attended the Dave Schultz Memorial Clinic in Baltimore.

October 12th Chris Lefebvre won at Lower Dauphin.

Two tournaments were supported October 5th. Kevin Gabrielson and Jason Gabrielson won at the Chocolate Town Open high school tournament in Hershey, PA, while Rudy Rueda and Ryan Herwig won at the junior age tournament in Lockhaven, PA.

The 1996 - 97 Season started out at William Penn September 29th. Only a small number of members attended. Kevin Gabrielson was our only champion.


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