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--1997/98 NEWS--

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About 30 members at practice March 23, our last night at Gwynn Park HS for the season. Some members didn't get the word and practiced at Douglass instead. Some also showed up at MacNamara. The reason we went to our web site announcements back in 1994 (the first wrestling web site) was so we could get the word out immediately to our many members all over. Since 1994 our club has likely become the most computer literate wrestling club in the world.

Four current/past SMWC wrestlers had very successful matches at the NCAA Championships at Cleavland State this past weekend. One, Eric Siebert, is the newly crowned 150 lb National Champ. Eric is not from this area but joined SMWC in the 7th grade when our club was preparing for AAU Grand Nationals several years ago. He is shown in the team picture when we subsequently won the club title that year. Coach G followed his career since that time, and was very happy that Eric did so well this year. Great job Eric.

Bad news Thursday night. MacNamara's busness manager decided our USAW insurance wasn't "good enough" for their school. Time to leave. Although it may be inconvenient for some, the only gym we can get for spring is at Frederick Douglass HS. See you there.

SMWC All-Stars had a rough go Saturday. Five finalists at the Beltway St Ch but no champions. Club finished fourth. The big match was really between two SMWC wrestlers, Jason Kiessling who was wrestling for Westlake, and Mike Vashone, who wrestled for SMWC. Jason won in a close exciting match.

Maryland's HS Senior All-Star Team had it rough Friday, March 13th. Virginia did some serious recruiting and caught them sleeping in their dual match.

Congratulations to SMWCs Jason Gabrielson for placing second at the EWLs and qualifying for a birth at the NCAA Chs. Coach G was right at home during the EWL Chs. Here is is pictured with Olympic great Bruce Baumgardner and Edinboro Coach Tim Flynn.

Lots of politics at the CAWL Chs Mar 7-8. Rudy and Mike rock showed up late (typical Rudy) for the weighins and couldn't compete. Caused the team to drop to second in team scoring. Then we found out that we couldn't get the dual meet award because we had to forfeit all the make-up matches.

Both SMWCs Nick Alley and Kevin Gabrielson were unable to enter the Maryland HS State Championships.

Large number of hs wrestlers at the All-Star practice Wed night. Good to see Billy Valentine working hard after his great Nat Prep tournament. Interesting how many defending state champs and contenders show up for our junior league team practice the week before hs states. Is it an indication of how strong our kids and their workouts are?

Rumor has it that Coach Prue will be stepping down at MacNamara as head coach for next season so he can spend more time at home. Coach G is helping the school to find a new coach.

The Washington Post is finally starting to give wrestling great coverage, especially coverage for SMWC members. Gari Miller got a nice feature story in the Southern Maryland section Monday and Kevin Gabrielson will be featured Thursday.

Feb 28th was a big day for SMWC. So many members were in the finals at the state regionals that it looked like practice. SMWC members won every weight up to 167 lbs at the South Region, plus we also had many finalists in other regions around the state, and we did well with our out of state members PA Derik and Evan Sola, and Kevin Maier.

Congrads to SMWC's Chris Rodrigues and Willie Harris on winning at National Preps

Congrads to SMWC's Benjie Main and Jason Gabrielson, two nationally ranked college freshman.

Congrads to SMWC's Kevin Gabrielson, #1 freshman in the nation at 119lbs - his opponents might think so too. Also getting a WUSA national ranking were SMWC's Joey Sargent and Ryan Herwig.

Coach G is finally back is his office. He was in Hampton for a week and then on a special project for 3 weeks.

SMWC All-Stars have been very active in recent weeks - Placed 4th at Norristown with 8 wrestlers - Placed 3rd at Oxford

Congrads are due to SMWC's Matt Jones who won at Tulsa Nationals Jan 17

Coach G watched the James Madison/Howard/Coppin State match Sunday night. First time he had a chance to see so many SMWC members in action at one event. Coppin State featured SMWC's Sidney Billups, EJ Sauls, and Keith Patterson, James Madison featured Billy Phillips, Eric Miller, and Chip Allen, while Howard had Alphonso Taylor, Ledon Robinson, and Jason Guyton. Not all members got to wrestle, but Coach G really enjoyed the visit anyway.

The All-Stars were on a roll Sunday in their tri-meet, defeating one team with a club record 98-6 score.

Despite great controversey, the SMWC All-Stars crushed all opponents, including Berkely Springs, to capture the tournament title Jan 10. We recommend quality teams stay away from their local oriented event in the future as they really don't like outsiders.

The latest NAIA rankings are out. SMWC's Benji Main, wrestling for Lindenwood Univ., is ranked #8 at 150 lbs.

SMWC's Mike Rock is finally back at practice after a long layup due to a broken finger. SMWC's Joey Sargent is also back and wrestling for DeMatha after his knee operation.

Great weekend tourney for the SMWC All-Stars. 14 entered at Laurel on the 4th, 13 placed with 7 firsts, 2 seconds, 3 thirds, and 1 fourth. Winners were Steve Sargent, Rudy Rueda, Brent Jones, Danny Yates, Ryan Lowder, Ryan Forman, and Jesse Keyes

SMWC's Kevin Gabrielson won at the Northern Patriot HS Classic

SMWC's Sidney Billups, wrestling for Coppin State, won the Wilks Open Dec 29-30th - He also won the OW Award

SMWC's Derik Sola and Evan Sola have been tearing up the HS ranks in PA this season. Derik, who won at Carlile, Brandywine, and the Donegal Christmas Tournament, currently sports a #5 Keystone State Ranking. Evan, not to be out done by his older brother, won at both Carlile and Donegal, plus took home the OW at Donegal.

SMWC's Ryan Forman and Walt Hoffman each won at Walkersville Dec 28th.

SMWC's Ryan Lowder and Ryan Forman each won at Golden Ring Dec 27th.

SMWC's Hall-of-Fame Member and Edinboro University wrestler Jason Gabrielson put on a short drills clinic before the SMWC All-Stars practice December 22.

SMWC's Joe Hinshaw and Zane Harshman won at the Damascus HS Classic

Despite several members under the weather and missing, the SMWC All-Stars won the team title at the Frederick Douglass Youth Open Dec 20th. Individual winners were Steve Sargent, Mike Rowe, Dirk Herin, Ryan Lowder, and Ryan Forman. Coach G only planned to referee the tournament, but because of delays had to jump in early and help organize. Once it got going the event went well with lots of great matches.

Coach G has the feature article in Wrestling USA Magazine this month, Contributing Factors to Youth Violence - A Position Paper Opposing Further Title IX Implementation

Three SMWC members received #1 National Rankings among all prep school wrestlers in the Dec 15 rankings - Chris Rodrigues (112), Chris Hanlon (119), and Tyrone Neal (160). Other ranked members include Ryan Herwig, Luke Palumbo, Reed Carpenter, Willie Harris, Eric Sheffield, Anthony Powell, Bill Valentine, Bobby Fulton, Joey Sargent, Drew Robertson, Kyle Woods, and Matt Pecha.

SMWC's Quinn Foster, wrestling for Arizona State, placed third at the Las Vegas Open

SMWC All-Stars defeated the Warriors (70-12) and South River 61-36 before loosing to Golden Ring 51-33 Sunday. The All-Stars still have four holes in their roster, but should win the CAWL again this season.

Scott MacAdoo won convincingly at Chopticon.

SMWC All-Star youth practices are getting interesting. Last practice had a large number of HS kids, including a state champ. And even more interesting, we had some younger kids who could compete.

Dundalk Optimists did one of their usuals on us. Didn't seed any of our wrestlers first (unlike every other tournament we attend) but we still ended up with 6 (out of 9 entered) individual champions. A few of hot shot kids to watch this season (besides the regular Rueda, Forman, Jones crew) are Jonathan Faringer, Lee Trohanis, Ryan Lowder and Steve Sargent.

Bad news for SMWC's Joey Sargent. Injured his knee and now needs surgery.

Big turnout for the Steven Welsch on Nov 24. This event is annually the first real test of how strong the youth teams in this area will be during the winter season. We will be tough this season. The SMWC All-Stars took 8 wrestlers and had 6 finalists. Winners were Jonathan Faringer, Steve Sargent, Lee Trohanis, and Ryan Forman. The day before this tournament Ryan Forman won at Manassas as did Jason Kiessling. Jason wrestled SMWC's Mike Vachon in the 112 schoolboy finals.

Great practice for the SMWC All-Stars Nov 20th. Should easily be a contender again this season. The SMWC All-Stars Youth Team started practicing this week after some scheduling delays at Gwynn Park HS in Brandywine.

The November issue of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Newsletter mentions SMWC's Jason Gabrielson as one of the winners of the Dave Schultz High School Excellence Awards.

Not many SMWC members attended the tournament or the Dave Schultz Memorial Clinic held at Gillman School November 16. The picture shows Coach G with Olympians Rob Eider and Lou Rosselli at the clinic. Ryan Forman and Steve Sargent won at the Rising Sun Tournament held the same day.

Rumor had it right for one of SMWC's college freshmen. Benji Main is starting at 150 at Lindenwood University. He made his college debut winning the Missouri Showcase Open on Nov. 8, 1997. He finished 4 & 0 on the day.

Scott McAdoo looked back in form at Damascus Nov 2. Beat everyone by significant scores. SMWC's Lee Trohanis, Ryan Lowder and Ryan Forman also won.

Jason Gabrielson hurt his knee at the UWVA Open Nov 2. May require draining before his first dual meet match against Penn State Nov 19.

Five SMWC prep wrestlers recieved pre-season national rankings: Chris Rodregues, Willie Harris, Chris Hanlon, Joey Sargent, and Anthony Powell.

Last MacNamara practice for the pre-season Nov 6 was both tough and well attended. SMWC Hall-of-Fame Member and Coach Jim Howard worked a drill of several sholder and arm throws. Coach G went through 22 different take-down moves. Next Mac practice will be after national preps. However, any SMWC member can show up and work out with the SMWC All-Star junior league team at their practices during the winter months.

Tough break for Mike Rock. He broke his finger at practice Nov 4. Will be out 4-6 weeks.

Scott McAdoo missed practice last week. He received a mild concussion at William Penn Nov 2. Hope he recovers quickly and is back soon.

Kim Gabrielson just returned from a national AAU wrestling committee meeting in Memphis this weekend. She (was) volunteered as the new AAU Region II Chairman for wrestling. She reports that there will likely be some changes in national wrestling activities, etc. very soon.

Ryan Forman won at William Penn Nov 2nd.

Boiling Springs had an interesting tournament Nov 1. The officials who did a poor job compensated by being belligerent as well. SMWC winners were Marchello Nucci, Kevin Gabrielson, and Rudy Rueda. Marchello brought home the fastest pin trophy with a 19 sec pin.

Seven local HS coaches at practice Oct 30th. It's interesting to see how many coaches Coach G coaches.

Bad news for the junior wrestling league team. Queen Anne School has decided to not support wrestling this winter. They must not be too interested considering that we won the league last season. Coach G is busy looking for another location for the team to practice at.

Had our first serious injury Oct 28th at practice. Matt Horlacher injured his elbow during takedown drills. Specifically, the growth plate on the joint was dislocated. Really points out the need for wrestlers to make sure they work out regular, are ready for the level of our practices when they show up, and be serious about warmups before starting to drill. Our practice starts September 1st, and by now they have become very intense. Those who waite until now to start really need to spend the time getting their body ready before they jump into a tournament or hard practice. Late word is that Matt need an operation but will be able to compete this season starting in about 6 weeks.

West Norristown Wrestling Club, which always holds one of the toughest tournaments around for our younger wrestlers, now has a web site up. On their Site they have an extensive collection of wrestling stamps from around the world.

UGLY was how Coach G describes the Mid-Atlantic Fall Chs held Sat and Sun at Newark HS. The Delaware Wrestling Alliance was quick to point out that this was not one of their scheduled events. Many delays on both days with no matches going on any of the 5 mats for over 20 minutes or more. A tournament that could have ended by 3:30 pm was stretched out until 7:00pm. SMWC had only two winners, Mike Rock and Rudy Rueda. Many other members looked good but lost along the way. Next year we plan to schedule Lockhaven again. One interesting note from the tournament was that Kanamti Solomon was coaching some kids on Saturday and had a chance to socialize with the club members present.

Good turnout Oct 20 for intensive takedown clinic and session put on by Coach G and SMWC's Hall-of-Fame Member and Coach Jim Howard. Jim put the "spin" on his slick takedown moves from upper body positions. Jim also showed his under arm spin (of course) that helped him place 2nd in the World Cup years back.

Local HS coaches are starting to show up at practice again. A coach from Southern HS and one from Douglass HS were there Oct 16th. Must be getting close to the season again.

Wrestling USA has their pre-season best sophomores and freshman picks out in this months issue. Antwaun Lide form Golden Ring is ranked. So is Kyle Beckerman. We had several members (8th graders) rock last year. Coach G was very surprised we didn't get any recognition for them. Just goes to show what pre-season rankings mean.

Sad day for local wrestling Oct 16. Einstein HS Wrestling Coach Andre Kelley pled guilty to a series of charges relating to his involvement with several female students at his school. Andre, who practiced with us many times over the years could get a long jail term.

Scott McAdoo missed practice lately because he has a cauliflower ear that has been drained twice this season. Really points out why Coach insists on cleaning the mats, wearing headgear and knee pads, and warming up before practicing. Just too many during the season get hurt otherwise.

The Title IX National Review Article about problems with Clinton's misguided implementation is well worth reading.

56 at practice Oct 15th. We need to put out all three mats. For those interested there is now an Internet Prep Page on the web with lots of our members listed. Take a look on ourlinks page.

Lower Dauphin was a tough tourney. SMWC only took 4 seconds. Coach G wasn't happy and doesn't think anyone at practice the next two weeks will be happy either.

Coach G has been selected Maryland's Head Coach for the Cadet and Schoolboy Freestyle Team Duals to be held at the Peddy School in New Jersey during June next year. Coach G has selected SMWC Coach Craig Herwig as his assistant. Maryland's Team will not be finalized until May.

Tremendous practice Oct 7th. Several members showed up by 7:00pm for picture taking by SMWC's Team Photog. Kim Gabrielson of Mirror Image. Shots were for the new wrestling catalog being published by Bill Mahan of the Ultimate Athlete. Bill is also one of SMWC's All-Stars CAWL junior league team coaches. Bill brought his son David to practice. David will be living in Bowie this year with his Grand Parents so he can attend Riverdale Baptist and compete for their new wrestling team. After Coach G got everyone warmed up, a good size turnout (49 wrestlers) participated in a takedown and riding clinic put on by SMWC Patron Member and Asst. Navy Wrestling Coach Troy Sunderland. As has been the case with past clinics, Troy held the mix of kids through masters captive with a variety of upper and lower body throwing type attacks and power control moves once there is a takedown. Among those participating was SMWC's Hall-of-Fame Member Jim Howard, finally back after two operations to repair knee damage suffered in the 1996 regional Olympic Trial in Pittsburgh. Another member who hasn't been active since last spring was Mike Waite, driving down from York, PA, with his dad Bill for a good workout. One item kept quiet until after practice was that it was also Coach Gs birthday. He's mid-50esh now, and enjoyed not having to yell at everyone for an evening.

Troy Sunderland at the Clinic

The Coaching Crew

Lots of pounding at practice Thursday night. Our resident medic, Rudy Rueda was busy all practice long with various bumps and contusions. We really couldn't make it without him working.

Couple of new articles added to our collection this week. SMWC's Patron Kendall Cross has a tip on Pre-Season Conditioning while Coach G added a heavy research article Female Participation - Surfing/Wrestling Sociological Comparison - Title IX Aspects. Said it was heavy.

Maryland AAU has announced Outstanding Athlete Awards will be given to Keith Patterson, Jason Gabrielson, Nick Alley, and Kevin Gabrielson for thier tremendous seasons in AAU competition within the state and nationally this past spring. Jason and Kevin were AAU Triple Crown Award winners, while Keith placed 3rd and Nick placed 5th at the National Junior Olympics.

The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports has an article in their September 97 Digest on YOUTH SPORTS IN AMERICA - An Overview It's an article worth reading, particularly their claim about Title IX.

SMWC did very well at the season's first tournament Sep 26th at William Penn in Delaware. Rudy Rueda won in midgets, Kevin Gabrielson and Scot MacAdoo won in senior HS. Coach G sold 5 copies of the movie "One Last Shot" while sitting around during weigh-ins. Gave him something to do.

According to the grapevine, SMWC's college freshman Eric Miller, Billy Phillips, Benji Main, Chip Allen, Chris Lefebvre, and Jason Gabrielson have all done well at their schools this year. Jason, Billy, and Benji will start. Five of our seniors from last year will start, not bad. No word from any other SMWC freshman yet.

Practices are starting to get large. 37 showed up on Sep 23rd. Surprising number of open and little wrestlers.

Rob Nusum has announced that due to the date conflict with the Sunkist Open, his Dave Schultz Memorial Clinic will now be held November 16th.

Practices back to normal Sep 16, close to 30 with all sizes and ages. Bruce's high school practice partner and cousin Roy from Portland, Oregon showed up this week. Says Coach G really used to pound on him at Madison HS.

Coach G and His HS Practice Partner

According to several people at practice, DeMatha lost some of their big gun wrestlers this year. Kyle Beckerman and Tony Rodregiues have transferred.

The September issue of Wrestling USA lists those who signed at the various colleges around. SMWC seniors from last year were listed throughout. Anyone notice Chris Lefebvre's picture. Looked a little long haired for our old Chris. Also noticed that Jimmy foster ended up at Maryland, and that SMWC is taking over at James Madison Univ.

New wrestler George Marrs showed up at practice Sep 11. Wrestled for Edinboro Univ. before joining the Army. Will be a tough 220 to practice with.

Large practice by the first night, Sep 11. Big turnout of open wrestlers. Also looks like our All-Stars youth team will be strong this season.

SMWC member Seth Cameron will have his knee operation on September 15th. We all wish you well and will be expecting you back by time the season starts.

SMWC's Kevin Gabrielson was slide tackled during a soccer game and is out for two weeks with his foot in an aircast. "Shades of Jason"

Same old story. The US Mail lost our USAW sanction application and it held us up from starting practice on the 9th. Coach G made a special trip to Will Filbert's home Friday the 5th to drop off a new application. Word still got out too late to holp get kids there.

Congrads to SMWC's Jason and Kevin Gabrielson for winning AAU Triple Crown Awards on Aug 28th. According to Wade Schalles, they were two of only four AAU wrestlers from all over the US to receive the awards for last season.

Congrads to SMWC's Willie Harris for receiving an Intermat pre-season top senior ranking.

Our annual pre-season potluck August 23 was lots of fun. Nice seeing some of those who have been gone since folkstyle. Coach G put out the crabs about 6:00pm, just about the time Sean and Jimmy Stone showed up (interestingly). Marchello Nucci noted that he was told ahead of time to be there by 6:00pm. Maybe we should put them out by 5:00pm next year. The Rock's and Jones's had a surprise when they left about 8:00pm. Seems that all the younger crew had decided to start another party in the driveway and parking area. What a shock when about 40-50 "friends" greeted them on leaving.

Was a shock to hear that long time local wrestling dealer, Mat Corner, has closed its doors.

Matt Pecha did well in summer school and got a high score on his SATs. Is currently practicing with DeMatha football team. Also understand that DeMatha will have some serious changes (losses) in their wrestling team from last year. They picked up SMWC's Joey Sargent, but lost Kyle Beckerman and Tony Rodregues. Several SMWC members wrestle for DeMatha

Ryan Forman's sholder must finally be getting better. He's playing football and getting BIG. Speaking of football, we have smaller several wrestlers that have told Coach that they are planning to pass on other fall sports and concentrate on their wrestling.

Reminder to wrestling clubs/wrestlers that USAW/AAU/etc. insurance expires on Sep. 1st. Need to get dues for season before practice starts. Athlete dies should be paid when you attend. Club members should be expected to pay starting Sep. 9th.

Nice write-up mentioning our JO Games Team members in the Washington Post sports section on August 11th.

1997 JO Games Results

Coach G was mentioned in the Big Stick Surf Club Newsletter recently about his trip to Grand Nationals. Turns out he was refing a masters match and discovered that he knew the guy he was refing. Was Jim Lucas, former president of BSSC and also a wrestling coach in Northern California. Bruce happened to have his BSSC shirt along on the trip.

Annual SMWC Pre-Season get together at Coach G's on Saturday, Aug 23rd. Pot Luck (bring dish food etc) + BYOB. This will also be a going away party for all our graduated seniors who can make it. Bayfest will be on the North Beach waterfront starting around noon. Look for our members there if you arrive early. North Beach is a left turn at the Bay when you reach the end of Hwy 260. The party will last from around 3:00 to about 7:00 pm. Crabs should be gone by 5:30 so don't show up late.

Good luck to all our graduated Seniors who report this week to college. How about this stat. Every active SMWC senior from last season received a wrestling scholarship, many near full rides. We must be doing something right.

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