Maryland State Age/Weight Folkstyle Championships
1998 MSWA Folkstyle Club Championships

River Hill High School
March 28-29, 1998

By Roger Chang - Tournament Director

Over 650 wrestlers participated from as far away as New York at River Hill High School on March 28-29 Our folkstyle district qualifier pitted some of the best wrestlers in Maryland against each other in head to head competition. Due to our multiple divisions, small schools, larger schools, and private/parochial schools, many wrestlers only meet each other in open tournaments.

In an exciting match pitting Maryland #1 Chris Combs of Old Mill High school versus Maryland #3 Vaymond Dennis of Hammond High School/Headhunters-Vipers Club, Vaymond upset Chris in the finals by a score of 4-2. Both wrestlers are State Champions, Chris is from the large public school division and Vaymond is from the small public school division.

In the Club Team competition, consistently strong Southern Maryland Wrestling Club recaptured the first place crown with a maximum score for the top 15 wrestlers. As long as I have been running this tournament, Coach Bruce Gabrielson only came in second once to the HeadhuntersVipers club in 1997 with 18 first place finishers. Congratulations for a fine effort and participation Bruce and the Southern Maryland Wrestlers. We will present the Team Plaques at the East Coast Club Championships.

Team Scores

Southern Maryland WC		90
Golden Ring			70
Owings Mills			67
Headhunters/Vipers		51
Arundel Jr			34
Calvert				28
Mt Airy Mustangs		27
Northwest			20
Severn				12

Age/Wt	Wrestler	Club		Age/Wt	Wrestler	Club
Bantam					78	M Lewnes
40	A Friedman	Owings Mills		Z Jones
	Q Leadbeter	Calvert		  	J Woodland
	B Clark- Ames   Severn		82	E Black		SMWC
44	J Bressler	ArundelJr		M Kessler	Owings Mills
	D Putnam				A Binder
	L Thatcher	Calvert		86	N Bachman
48	R Jacob		ArundelJr	  	D Ventura
	M Magaha			90	S Ratley	SMWC
	E Filipowicz			  	B Aguirre
52	S McCarty				S Baughman
	K Bohiman			98	R Tippett	Golden Ring
	J Dempsey				D Carr
56	C Holmes				M Taylor
	J Ringold	MtAiry Mustangs	105	K Richards
	W Nelson				P Riley		Calvert
60	BI Nichols				W Henderson
	A Arias				115	Z Adomanis
	D Rice		Calvert		Unl	J Neal		Headhunters/Vipers
65	R Pittillo	Golden Ring		J Walsh
	A Pagnotta				J Sawarese
73	R Creek	Severn			Intermediate
Midget					70	D Jacovsky	Owings Mills
50	J Faust	Golden Ring			M Christopher
	J Faringer	SMWC		75	A Schlaffer	Golden Ring
	M Cuevas				M Rock		SMWC
54	P McMahon				J Plasse
	C Laidley			80	R Rueda		SMWC
	R Buff		SMWC			M Cooper	Owings Mills
58	G Gold		MtAiry Mustangs		J Hanks
	M Fleming			85	R Davis
	J Bowser	ArundelJr		D Nash		Owings Mills
62	J Breen					J Baynham
	S Sargent	SMWC		90	S Sims		Owings Mills
	C Leadbeter	Calvert			F Monday
66	B Katzenberger  MtAiry Mustangs		K Jackson
	L Black		SMWC		95	M Weber		Owings Mills
	G Gamble	Owings Mills		M Harvey	Severn
70	E Civan					B Smith
	T Green	  Headhunters/Vipers	100	B Kahl		Golden Ring
	B Harvey	Severn
75	M Bressler	ArundelJr		D Yates		SMWC
	M Esposito				C Roland
	A Carr				105	M Buff		SMWC
80	S Miller				S Portney	Owings Mills
85	N Hughes	MtAiry Mustangs		D Sita
	F Gamble	Owings Mills	tie	S Lewnes
	J Simmons				R Roberts	Golden Ring
93	S Peterson				L Russo
	M Bierley			115	J Kiessling	SMWC
	C Healy					T Holmes
105	B Anderson	Calvert			Z Hines
Junior					128	N Myers
58	E Robinson	Owings Mills		G Miller	Mt Airy Mustangs
	R Mills					M Lawrence	Owings Mills
	C Beware	Golden Ring	136	J Bressler	Arundellr
62	J Jacovsky	Owings Mills		S Vitorino	Southern MD
	C Bowers				F Hill
	A Gold		MtAiry Mustangs	146	T Boettcher	Golden Ring
66	RM Rowe		SMWC			J Fawcett	HeadhuntersNipers
	A Prezenchuk	Owings Mills		J Cherry	Severn
	Joshua Frazier	Golden Ring	160	J Liptrap
70	B Holmes			unl	M Bovich
	B Sanders		
	T Wheeler	Mt Airy Mustangs	
74	M Cranston	ArundelJr		
	Jeffers Frazier	Calvert		
	J Duke
125	P Schleifer
	G Mayno				Advanced (cont.)
	D Liberto
135	B York		SMWC		135	R Roose
	R Palaez				J Laubach
	G Mosco					R Osterberg
142	B Pendles			140	K Gabrielson	SMWC
	N Pereira				A Roth
	M Mehl					C Fries
150	B Royer				145	S Mays
	R Mann					D Miller	SMWC
	R Garcia				B McKenzie	MtAiry Mustangs
158	M Margolis	SMWC		152	TJ Salb
	R Muir					P Kirhagisi	Golden Ring
	S Stauber				T Hultgren
167	K Shaefer			160	M Carbone
	B Page		SMWC		  	J Bowman	Northwest
	M Fleming				D King
177	K Salvo				171	J Fawcett	HeadhuntersNipers
	G Schaefer				M Augustin	Headhunters/Vipers
	S Cook			  		J Tortella	Headhunters/Vipers
190	C Poling    Headbunters/Vipers	189	C Williams	Calvert
	R Rix	    HeadhunterstVipers		A DiGiovanni
	K Norris				S Wallace
215	T Reese	  	Owings Mills	unl	M Hayes		SMWC
	M Parks			  		J Schumacher
	J Flemming				S Cannon
unl	M Spencer   Headhunters/Vipers	Elite
	J Rubush	Arundel Jr	108	BJ Treadway
	D Harris				C Tucker
Masters						G Dennis	SMWC
155	M Merae				117	N Alley		SMWC
	M Brannon				E Hill		Northwest
	D Powell				L Ratley
165	J Dodge		SMWC		125	V Dennis     HeadhuntersNipers
	R Taylor				C Combs		Northwest
	L Brown					B Surgent	Calvert
180	F Gamble	Owings Mills	130	K Bryant
	A Wesson				C Zag
	R Fischer				J Clark	     Headhunters/Vipers
200	E Bulgin			135	G Miller	SMWC
	H Frazier	Golden Ring		B Couch		Northwest
	H Mohlhenrich				M Frey		Golden Ring
unl	C Herwig	SMWC		140	C Dewees
	W Dent					J Hinshaw       SMWC
	M Clemens				D Robinson
Advanced				145	P Boettcher	Golden Ring
93	M Meltzer				E Reynolds	SMWC
	K Artis		Golden Ring		M Charvat	Golden Ring
	D Natterman			152	D Robertson	SMWC
100	M Palmer				B McDermott
	C York					S Calhoun	Golden Ring
	M Dauberman  Headhunters/Vipers	160	J Fuss
105	L Palumbo	SMWC			S McAdoo	SMWC
	S Wagner				R Leonard
	R Green				171	W Cummings	
110	B Lauer	     Headhunters/Vipers		M McKinney
	B Johnson				K Woods
	B Harrison			189	B Turza
115	A DeCosmo	Northwest		TJ Patton
	K Fields				C Ditch		Northwest
	B Hemler		   	215	M Faust		Golden Ring
120	A Lide		Golden Ring		M Pecha		SMWC
	S Lanciotti     SMWC			J Taylor	Northwest
	R Herwig	SMWC		unl	M Smith		SMWC
125	J Cuevas				B Charvat	Golden Ring
	J Ratliff	Calvert			J Lorenzetti	SMWC
	M Reynolds	SMWC
130	B King		SMWC
	A Thomas
	J Peters	SMWC