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Congratulations are in order for SMWC Hall-of-Fame Member Troy Sunderland. He has been named the new Head Coach at Penn State University.

The 1998 Washington Metro Junior Olympic Games Team was finalized with wrestle-offs at practice on July 29th.

Our club was notified July 22nd that we have been bounced from the Frederick Douglass cafeteria for the remainder of the season. Coach G moved us to Gwynn Park HS for our last week of practice.

SMWC's Seth Cameron was at practice on the 21st. Coach G plans to hold formal wrestle-offs for the Potomac Valley Junior Olympic Team on Wednesday, July 29th.

Big news for local wrestling. Due to efforts of Coach G and SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Andre Prue', recent Penn State All-American and USAW National Champ Rob Pribish will be moving here to coach at Bishop MacNamara in the fall. Rob will also be an asset to our club and its coaching staff.

SMWC's Joe Hinshaw signed with Emery-Riddle Aeronautical University in Arizona

Coach G has a new article out on Freestyle Procedures

Small practice July 6th. The mats were moved to the cafateria where we will practice for the remainder of the season.

SMWC members did fantastic at the AAU Grand Nationals in Florida. Wrestlers who won national titles include Brandyn Hardnett, Jason Gabrielson, Nick Alley, Brent Jones, Chris Rodregues, Mike Rowe, Rudy Rueda, Mike Vashon, Jeff Rusak, and Walt Hoffman. Jason also set a new Grand National Win Record and captured the OW Award in Sombo for Seniors since it was considered a World Zone competition. On the way back from Florida, Coach G stopped in Savanah and had a chance to check out the downtown tree folage .

SMWC won the state and overall Club Title at the East Coast Club Championships June 21st in Columbia. By time the finals started for most classes, it was mainly our club left, often wrestling each other. The picture shows many of the members still present when the tournament was over. SMWC thus finished the 1998 season as the top folkstyle and freestyle club in Maryland, and also the top overall club on the East Coast.

SMWC Hall-of-Fame Member Jim Howard had his sholder operation with mixed results. Take a look at his Letter.

Strange practice June 15. The lights went out at Douglass during a major storm about 30 minutes after practice started. We had to vacate the building. fortunately, the coach from Gwynn Park was there and invited everyone to his school (about 10 minutes away). We got the mats rolled out and carried on with a tough practice until after 9:00pm. Worked out well for all. GP is where our junior league folkstyle team, the SMWC All-Stars practice.

SMWC Coaches Craig Herwig and Bruce Gabrielson took the Maryland State Cadet and Schoolboy Teams to New Jersey for dual meet competition on Saturday, June 13. SMWC members who made the team included Matt Eveleth, Mike Vachon, Clint Parker, Luke Palumbo, Ryan Herwig, Ryan Forman, Kevin Gabrielson, and Chip Williams. The team did very well, particularly against Virginia (results) . Coach G was dissappointed with Rudy Rueda who committed to attend but pulled out that morning.

Practices are getting too tough again. Problem is that if you don't work hard a practice you get hurt easier. We've had lots of injuries. Jason Kiessling is still suffering from his sholder injury, Lucas Black has a pulled neck muscle, Kevin Gabrielson can't shake his back injury.

Virginia Coach Roy Hill brought a good group of VA wrestlers to the SMWC practice on Monday night, June 8. We had about 45 at practice. We had to move practice from Frederick Douglass HS to Gwynn Park HS. Gwynn Park is where our junior league folkstyle team, the SMWC All-Stars practice. We had to move practice from Frederick Douglass HS to Gwynn Park HS. Gwynn Park is where our junior league folkstyle team, the SMWC All-Stars practice. Their wrestling room works on a short term basis but is a little to small for big practices. Several people got lost trying to find Gwynn Park.

Super Club Party Sunday at Coach Gs. SMWC Hall-of-Fame members who attended included (L to R in the picture except for Ryan) Troy Sunderland, Bruce Gabrielson, Buddy Lee, and Rick Jones. Coach G donated his BIG 33 inch Rockfish for the cookout. Several of the crew walked down to the beach for a stroll. About 1/3 of the club attended to shindig. Among the highlights was LouAnn's fiance giving Kim a "real" bike ride (wow and she didn't kill herself). Jonathan Ferringer spent his day with puppy's. SMWC's junior league member Ryan Forman received an award for his supurb season. Ryan was the CAWL Champion plus finished 2nd in the Maryland Beltway State Chs.

The 1998 Potomac Valley Challenge Cup was a hugh success. Maryland lost the Pre-HS Team title by 1 point (19-20) to Pennsylvania, but did well against the their HS team winning 25-16. For some reason Virginia looked a little flat this year.

We also hear that Matt Eveleth has contracted ringworm. Besides cleaning our mats every practice, we have a strict policy of no wrestling when you have a ringworm, plus Coach G encourages practicing with sweat suites.

SMWC's Jonathan Ferringer reports he has contracted a skin condition (not ringworm or anything contageous) that is causing serious problems.

We had word SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Willie Harris was in a car wreck.

Practice down to 28 on Wed, June 3. About the biggest group still going strong is the team from Sarattsville HS. A real surprise was seeing Ivan Hardnett show up after a long layoff. Smaller brother Brandyn took care of him in the takedown line.

Some bad news (again) for SMWC Hall-of-Fame member and coach Jim Howard. He had an MRI and needs to have surgery right away.

Maryland's PV Challenge Cup Team has been selected

SMWC's Seth Cameron (VA HS St CH) is finally back on the mat after his long injury.

Great tournament at Douglass on Sat, May 30. The toughest events were at the open weights with the US Marine Corps entering a full team.

Thanks to SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Troy Sunderland for running practice May 27th when Coach G was unexpectedly called out of town.

We understand that the Calvert Wrestling Club has ended practice for the season.

SMWC received a nice letter from the Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse, Inc. about our participation in their Community Awareness Fair on May 8th.

SMWC's Billy Phillips was at practice on Monday, May 18th. Good to see him beating on everyone again.

SMWC got some great publicity in this past month's Maryland Wrestler.

Although several members won at Mcdonough on Sunday the 17th, the big winner was SMWC's Chip Williams, he has consistently won every tournament this season at 189 lbs, and he's only a junior.

Troy Sunderland, nursing a back injury, received his Hall-of-Fame award at practice May 18.

SMWC's Brent and Matt Jones, Mike Vaschon, Kevin Gabrielson, and Brandyn Hardnet all won at West Potomac on May 16th.

The votes are in - Maryland's congressmen voted to allow colleges the ability to not notify incoming freshman that their sport might be eliminated. These individuals are part of the Title IX PRO-QUOTA group. PLEASE hold them accountable for their anti-men's minor sports stand when they are next up for election. Reps Bartlett, Cardin, Cummings, Hoyer, and Morella. By the way, Hoyer represents Southern Maryland, and has been pro-Title IX for a long time. We need a change. By the way, many Virginia legislators also made bad decisions.

Bad news for SMWC's Hall-of-Fame member Jim Howard. After nearly a year layoff due to his knee surgery, he now has to go in for sholder surgery.

SMWC's Kevin Gabrielson is still out with his back injury - over one month.

SMWC's Bryan Long has signed with George Mason.

Practices are starting to build up again after a short slump. We had 42 at practice May 11th.

Some of our college members are back from school and tearing up everyone. We had a takedown line at practice May 11. For the older members, Jason Gabrielson met Eric Miller in the finals. Jason won. For the high school kids, Scott McAdoo met Brandyn Hardnett in the finals. Brandyn won. The competitors put on an exciting show for all.

SMWC participated in a youth fair on May 8th to promote community activities that keep kids off drugs. We had the banner, handouts, and videos of kids wrestling. The event was at Patuxent HS in Calvert County Our booth was one of the most popular.

SMWC had several winners at the Damascus HS FS May 3

SMWC's Bobby Fulton signed with the University of Pittsburgh

SMWC is pleased to announce its three newest members of the SMWC Hall-of-Fame. They are Troy Sunderland, Willie Harris, and Rick Jones. Troy just returned from the US Freestyles over the weekend. He finished in 7th place with his consolation win against Pat Smith.

SMWC's Prep National Champion and HS All-American Willie Harris signed with American University.

SMWC's Ron McAdoo will soon be the new editor of the MSWA Newsletter

Practices are down lately with so many injuries. Aaron Chandler, Kevin Gabrielson, Mike Rock, Rudy Rueda, William McKinney just to name a few.

Several SMWC members will attend the Ohio Tournament of Champions this coming weekend. The tournament has only been won in past years by two Maryland wrestlers we know of, both from SMWC.

Some good and bad news from Eastern Nationals. All eleven SMWC members who qualified for the final championships placed. The bad news was that they all placed between 2nd and 5th. SMWC All-Stars, especially Jonathan Ferringer, did the best.

SMWC's Aaron Chandler won the Open class at Severna Park but injured his knee in the process. Will be out a couple of weeks.

The NCAA has issued its recommendation regarding weight rules for next year. Take a look.

Sorry to report SMWC's Kevin Gabrielson injured his back again at the Cadet World Team Trials and will be out for several weeks

Congradulations to SMWC's Matt Jones for winning the 1998 AAU Folkstyle Grand Nationals

Navy Asst. Coach Troy Sunderland put on a clinic at practice April 8th, then Navy Asst. Coach Pat Flynn put on a clinic April 13th. Two great clinics for our membership.

Jim Howard ran practice April 6th. Provided a combination of freestyle, Greco-Roman, and folkstyle moves and drills.

Members - you need to contact your congressman again. Please read this Important Title IX Related Announcement.

Keep your eyes open, SMWC Coach Troy Sunderland reports someone walked off with his Navy Wrestling jacket at the tournament last weekend.

SMWC qualified 8 wrestlers to go on to Eastern Nationals from the MAWA South Regional tournament in New Jersey this weekend. Only Matt Jones brought home a win but lots of seconds.

Small freestyle tournament at Naval Academy. SMWC winners included Kevin Gabrielson, Ryan Herwig, Luke Palumbo, Aaron Chandler, and Scott MacAdoo. It was also interesting that 3 pairers and 5 officials were SMWC members. What would the local events do without us.

SMWC's William McKinney broke his finger at the Age-Wt States

In case you havent looked at SMWC's Jason Gabrielson's home page lately, we updated it with some NCAA Championships pictures - We should also note that Jason finally broke into the top 20 in the national collegiate rankings this week...#16.

The President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports is at it again. Their March Research Digest promotes their Title IX position once more without regard to its negative aspects.

Several members will be on the road next week. Coach G will be in Chicago for the Cadet World Team Trials with Kevin Gabrielson and Ryan Herwig. Many of the SMWC All-Stars will be in Michigan for AAU Folkstyle Nationals with Coach Jones. Some of SMWC's other top coaches will be running practice during the week. These coaches include Jim Howard, Andre Prue, John Dodge, Craig Herwig, Troy Sunderland, Wade Hughes and Bill Swink. How many other clubs can call on that level of talent to run practice.

SMWC practices are way down (April Fools). Coach G has decided to lock the doors into the gym after 8:00 to keep all the late arrivers out. It seems not enough members show up early to help put the mats out (9 sections lately) and it makes practice start late. Everyone needs to help. Also, we are in need of one or two more sections.

SMWC's Competition Team is starting to become finalized as we prepare for upcoming FS events. Not only do we have a number of local teams to dual this spring, but we will leave the state for a couple of big matchups as well. The touring Russian HS team hasn't contacted us yet, but we'll consider them for a dual also. The SMWC competition team consists of one pre-hs wrestler at each weight from 45 lbs up. The HS and Open teams use USAW Junior weight classes. If you are interested in one of the teams, you must attend practice on a regular basis.

Congratulations to SMWC's Willie Harris who placed 3rd at High School Nationals

March 28 & 29 great weekend for SMWC members. Saturday we blasted our way through the kids and open divisions of the Maryland Age\Wt State Championships and Club Championships. We had 9 firsts, plus many 2nds and 3rds. The big highlight was Mike Row defeating the beltway state champ in style. The low point was Mike Rock's loss in the final with a broken sholder. He may be out for several weeks. Sunday we were back with the HS kids. We won another 10 titles. The highlight was Nick Alley's win against always tough Luke Rackley. No one injured except for Kevin Gabrielson's continued problem with the chipped bone in his thumb. Hs still finished with all pins.

SMWC member Marty Margolis sends word that he will be dropping by practice on a regular basis this season. He also says Thomas Stone has an open mat on Tues and Thurs. Calvert HS has club practice Tues and Thurs as well. Should find open mats all aver the area this spring. Thurs night Gwynn Park HS has a structured practice with smaller kids until May.

58 members showed up for the first official SMWC spring practice March 26th at Frederick Douglass HS. This was also the annual meeting for the club as an official non-profit orginization. Coach G was elected as SMWC President with Craig Herwig Vice President. After the meeting, Coach G explained what he expects from members and the general format for practices. Then it was on to the mat for serious work. Two freestyle moves were shown. At least two more will be shown each night for the next several weeks. One point everyone commented on was the large number of heavyweights at practice. Coach Herwig had 7 big kids to work with.

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