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Good luck Brandon York, Marc Hoffer, Marty Kusick, Quinn Foster, Jeff Rusak, and Jason Gabrielson at this weeks NCAA Div I Wrestling Chs. Live on-line at:

Congrads to SMWC members who finished the season with #1 metro rankings by the Washington Post. Wrestlers included: Kevin Gabrielson (135), Drew Robertson (145), Jeremy Rankin (152), and Joey Sargent/Scott McAdoo (160).

Last issue of 1998/99 (Fall/Winter) Club News. This will be our last issue of the Fall/Winter News. Starting next week we will have spring events coverage. Stay tuned for exciting results and interesting notes as our all-age crew swings into action.

PG Schools closed early Wed so after school activities were also cancelled. The weather was fine.

Maryland got pounded 40-20 Saturday at the Virginia vs Maryland Senior Challenge. It was unfortunate that Maryland's team had a long night of matches the night before at the Maryland Senior Classic as we lost several matches in the 3rd period or OT when our senior's simply ran out of gas. One bright spot was SMWC's Drew Robertson's major decision against 3x Virginia state champ Andrew Shuler (match pictured at left). The match will be televised March 16th at 8:30 pm on Channel 53. Match Pictures. Maryland's 1999 Senior All-Star Team represented Maryland in the match.

Congrads to SMWC's Rudy Rueda for winning the 1999 MD/VA Beltway States. SMWC finished 3rd after some very unusual upsets.

The Calvert Independent for March 11 has a large article on the Gabrielson's and also a large article on Scott McAdoo.

Congrads to SMWC's and University of Maryland's Brandon York for winning ACC. There is a nice article about Brandon on the U. of MD web page.

SMWC VP Dave Rock made an appearance at practice on Monday night. We were all very happy to see him. He couldn't waite to show up as he stopped directly on his way home from the hospital.

Joe Main sent a short note about Benji. "I will be at the NAIA Nationals in St. Louis, MO next weekend. Benji finished first in the midwest region National Qualifier this past weekend winning (about) 10 to 2 against a wrestler ranked most of the year ahead of him." Gongrads to Benji.

SMWC's Bobby Fulton, now a redshirt freshman at Pitt, sent a short updat on what he has been doing. He reports he will be back the week before age weight states for a short visit, then will be at practice once school is out for summer.

Official Notice - Members are reminded the SMWC's Annual Meeting and elections will be the first night of spring practice, March 15th, at Gwynn Park HS. This will also be the first time members can nominate for this year's SMWC Hall-of-Fame Awards.

Must read article on Skin Disease in Wrestling by Rob Lawton ATC that appears on Intermat today. Coach G printed the article and took it to practice. He caught Herpes Simplex I while in high school and just happened to have an outbreak that night. He showed everyone what it looks like and what they were to do if they were asked to wrestle someone with an active case.

Congrads to the SMWC All-Stars (left) for winning the CAWL Championships tournament March 7th. Several former All-Stars were on hand (crew on right) to watch us win it all. Individual champions included Jonathan Ferringer, Rudy Rueda (shown in the finals at left), Ely Black, Steve Ratley, and Mike Vashon. Mike also went home with the OW Award. He distroyed everyone in the process. The team dedicated their team trophy to SMWC's Dave Rock, who is on the road to recovery and will be out of the hospital soon.

Congrads to SMWC's Jason Gabrielson for winning the EWL Championships March 7th. He now heads into the NCAAs next week with a good seed.

Congrads to SMWC wrestlers Jeff Evelith, Scott McAdoo, and Zane Harshman for winning MD Public HS states March 6th. Zane wrestled on our great 1991 youth league championship team.

Congrads to Derrik and Evan Sola for winning PA Regionals March 6th.

SMWC's Mike Rowe had a nice article with picture in the Calvert Recorder March 5th.

Members are reminded that only those HS wrestlers who competed for the SMWC All-Stars will be allowed to practice with the team the week of Mar 8-12. The regular practices don't start until the following week.

As many of you know, a large contingent (19) of SMWC members will be traveling to Penn State March 18th for the NCAA Chs. We will be cheering our college members on as they go for the gold. Most of us will be sitting with the Edinboro Univ. crew. Look for us there.

Coach Mike Free of DuVal sent an email seeking info. on the new district alignment. Anyone have information on this?

Several SMWC college wrestlers have notified Coach G that they will be back in town for spring break. The MD Age/Wt States and Club Chs for college and kids ages will be March 27th. We need the team points so everyone: even Jason, Matt, the Hardnett's, etc. (plus the local college members) is expected to enter.

Some time back we mentioned that SMWC's Dave Rodrigues had received a reply from Mt. St. Joe about their decision on SMWC's Ryan Herwig. Here it is for all interested.

The MSWA Newsletter must not be interested in state events any more. Numerous articles have been submitted but failed to be printer over the past two years. Now they have really missed one. The Maryland/Virginia Senior All-Star Match scheduled for next Friday not only did not appear on the state schedule, but the announcement including how the team will be selected did not appear. We really need another way to get the word out.

Congrads are due to SMWC's Matt Gallagher, (145-Herndon) and Jeremy Rankin, (152-Stonewall Jackson) for pinning their opponents in the Virginia State AAA Championships. Congrads are also due to Reed Carpenter (pictured right) for winning the VA Private School State Chs.

Ed Masood, the head of athletics for Montgomery County public schools, made a terrible comment about wrestling being "boring" in a Post article on February 26th. All readers of this newsletter are urged to send letters to the editor of the Post (to my letter) letting them know that wrestling (regardless of weight class) is NOT BORING. I believe Ed should step down if he can't promote all sports.

Congrads to Scott McAdoo, Chris Sheldon, Jeff and Matt Evilith, Max Buff, William McKinney, Matt Smith, Zane Harshman, and Nick Alley for winning MD HS regionals. Congrads to Evan and Derrik Sola for winning PA Districts. Congrads to Drew Robinson, Chris Rodrigues and Chris Knox (pictured left) for winning National Preps. Chris Rodrigues was wearing his SMWC club shirt before his final match. Coach G (pictured right) ran into Penn State Coach (and SMWC Hall-of-Fame Member) Troy Sunderland and Edinboro Coach Tim Flynn as he was leaving Preps. They were buisy recruiting.

Congrads to Chris Knox, Drew Robinson, and Joey Sargent for winning 1999 Maryland Independent School State Championships. Congrads to Scott McAdoo (pictured with a big lift right in a match against Northern HS) and Matt Smith for winning SMAC and to Nick Alley for winning Counties. Joey (pictured left) is only our second ever 160 lb. HS State Champ. The last was clear back in 1985 when Norm Brown won 3A/4A while at Bowie.

Congrads to the SMWC All-Stars, 1999 CAWL Duel Meet Champions.

Nice article in the Reading Times Feb 25th about SMWC's Derik Sola.

If anyone was reading "Letters to the Editor" in the Sunday, Feb 21st Washington Times, they saw a note from Coach G "Coach liked Coverage." It reads as follows: "My congradulations to the Washington Times sports editor and to writer Thom Loverro (Down for the Count, Sports, Feb 17). Not only did wrestling finally get some coverage in your paper, but another looming, hugh problem for all minor men's sports, Title IX, got an airing. I also would like to point out that wrestling is a very large and growing sport among both the young and high school age boys in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland."

In the sports section of the Feb. 17 Washington Times, there was a very good article about wrestling and how Title IX is causing a serious decline in the sport at the college level. The article was written by Thom Loverro. Not only did the article fairly represent the concerns of wrestlers, but there was a big picture of SMWC's Brandon York included.

SMWC's Jason Gabrielson had a short article about his win at the PSACs in the Calvert Recorder.

Our spring practice flyer is out. Members should provide copies to potential members at their league, regional, state championships, or other events this weekend.

If you have followed the Washington Post High School Sports web site recently, you noticed that gymnastics gets better coverage than wrestling. The following email note was sent by Coach G to the Post's sports feedback section:

Why does your HS sports web site have links to the basketball section and gymnastics section, but no link to the wrestling section? You didn't cover the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference Wrestling Championships last week and did a poor job on St Albans, one of the nation's toughest tournaments this past weekend. Wrestling happens to be one of the most popular US high school sports. Get it together.
Members are encouraged to send their own email messages to and let the editors know what we think.

Coach G had a bit of nostalgia on Feb 15th. He put his shoes on and helped run DeMatha's practice. Hadn't done that since he was a coach there in the 1993/94 season. Was interesting that although several SMWC members are on DeMatha's team, many wrestlers had problems with our "intensive" style of drills. Our members held in there and only one bloody nose was reported.

SMWC members going to the NCAAs learned this weekend that the hotel (shame on the Ramada Inn) had overbooked and that we have been bounced. Fortunately, SMWC's Bill Waite was at the St Albans tournament and let us know about a lodge we can rent close to State College. Guess we'll go together, stay together, and still get a good deal on costs ($25 each/night). The lodge sleeps many, so there is plenty of room for all members, even those who weren't staying at the hotel with us.

Blast from the past. Obviously Craig Herwig (Ryan and Kevin in front) was the first to identify this picture. It was from the AAU Grand Nationals held at Hershey Park in Hershey, PA on June 23-26 1993. Notice that's Ryan Forman holding the sign on Royal Howard's sholders.

SMWC's Dave Rodrigues reports that Chris won his 3rd Georgia High School state championships this past weekend at 119 lbs.

The SMWC All-Stars pounded Bull Run 89-6 on Sunday before downing always tough Gaithersburg 58-23. While our big guns came through as expected, we got some great wins from Jonathan Ferringer (pictured left) and Edwin Randall (right). The Gaithersburg win should about cinch up the CAWL duel meet crown for the All-Stars. Only Arden remains as the last outside threat. Arden had a close win against one of the teams we beat soundly earlier in the season. Our final league matches are scheduled for February 20th. We face Arden.

St Albans held a terrific tournament Feb. 12 and 13. As usual there were tons of SMWC Hall-of-Fame members (6) present as well as a whole bunch of SMWC members and former SMWC All-Star members in competition. Pictured at left are three HoF members, John Allman, Omar Malik, and Coach G. Pictured on the right are St Albans place finishers, several who were finalists. A couple of interest notes: Eric Sheffield, who was a member of our 1991 SMWC All-Star Championship team and is in line to becomes PA's second ever 4 time private high school state champ was there as was former SMWC All-Star Mike Waite, who broke into Blair's starting lineup this year as a freshman. Reed Carpenter (pictured left) looked super in winning his championship match as did Drew Robinson. Another member who showed up to watch was Mike Reynolds (pictured on the right). As you all know, Mike recently lost his father but continues to have a great season at Laurel HS.

SMWC members were sorry to hear that SMWC JO Games Coach Bill Cameron has announced his retirement after the end of this season. Bill has long been a supporter of our club.

Nearly all SMWC members know how our coaches feel about bringing a basketball to practice. Several All-Stars got a verbal lashing last week about playing basketball while the match against Olney was going on. There was an interesting post on the wrestling newsgroup today:
"The only sight I adore on a basketball floor.... is wrestling mats from door to door."
John Martucci - Blazer Mat Club

As some of you may have noticed, SMWC keeps showing up on individual profile pages for our various college members. American University has both Willie Harris' (pictured right) and Aaron Chandler's profiles mentioning us (Hoffer's doesn't for some reason). George Mason has Eric Miller's (pictured left) profile mentioning us, but doesn't have SMWC on Billy Phillips' or Seth Cameron's profile. Todd Beckerman's profile doesn't mention us, nor do the profiles of our several members at Univ. of Maryland. Our college members should remember to mention their SMWC background on profile pages so we can get the publicity and recognition we diserve.

Members of SMWC do indeed have a legacy to maintain. It seems SMWC has been around for so long now that you can't go anywhere for wrestling without running into some of our former club stars. At the SMWC All-Star league matches last Sunday at Old Mill HS, there were 5 members of the SMWC Hall-of-Fame present in the gym. Coach G and Coach Jones were of course coaching our team on one of the two mats. There was also an interesting duel match on the other mat. Coaching one of the two teams was Jeff Rosenberg, the match was being officiated by Martino Seppi (pictured left), and Craig Herwig was there for his son Aaron on the oposing team.

The Research Digest for the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports has an interesting article on Physical Activity for Young People that's well written and worth reading. It's also important to note that this is the first article in several issues not endorsing or mentioning Title IX.

Although most SMWC wrestlers enjoy being ranked in their state or in the nation on a regular basis, we normally only cover #1 rankings. However, six members have had very good seasons and deserve a mention here. SMWC's Evan Sola is having tremendous success in Pennsylvania. He is currently ranked 3rd. Another SMWC member, Scott McAdoo has moved to 2nd in the Washington Post rankings. In NCAA Division I, SMWC's Jason Gabrielson is currently 14th in one pole while ranked #1 in the EWL at 125 lbs. SMWC's Todd Beckerman is ranked 13th at 133 lbs. SMWC's Quinn Foster is ranked 16th and Marc Hoffer 19th at 149 lbs.

The story is out about SMWC's Ryan Herwig, one of Maryland's top wrestlers. As reported in the Baltimore Sun's article, Mt St Joe Coach Brian Murphy dropped Ryan from the team when he could no longer make his 121 lb weight class. He would not let Ryan wrestle off for the next weight up. Wrestle-offs are the only fair and acceptable way to determine a team starter. Sounds like this coach had other motives. Rumor has it that Ryan may move on to another school next season.

Walt Hoffman Sr. reports that his wife had a new SMWC member baby boy on Feb 5th.

SMWC's Greg Dennis (pictured at left), Reed Carpenter, Kevin Gabrielson (pictured on the right), Drew Robinson, Joe Sargent, and Marc Hayes won WCAC Championships Feb 6th. The SMWC All-Stars pounded the Knights (73-13) and Prince William (81-15) on Saturday. Then on Sunday they really got going beating Frederick 86-5 and the Olney Outlaws 95-0.

There have been many comments among the wrestling community about the Baltimore SUN's weight cutting and wrestling article. Coach G recently sent a Letter to the Sports Editor about the article.

Good weekend for us "AGAIN". SMWC members Chris Knox, Kevin Gabrielson, and Joe Sargent won all their matches at the Gilman Duels on Jan 29th. Jason Gabrielson (Edinboro) won the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) Championships, and Matt Jones, Mike Rowe, Ryan Buff, Mike Vashon, and Julian Lane won at Williamsport. The SMWC All-Stars also crushed their duel opponents again dispite having to forfeit 4 weights due to no-shows.

SMWC's Dave Rodregues called to say Chris' broken hand is healed now and he is wrestling again. He also said Chris will visit with Jason at Edinboro before returning home after National Preps.

SMWC's Mat Pecha sends word that he has transferred to West Virginia and will wrestle either 197 or hwt for them next year. His words were "Coach my life is totally dedicated to wrestling now. I am going to be at your practice and on the days you don't have one I will go to other open mats around my house." We all know Mat and we'll have to see on this one.

SMWC's Walt Hoffman, Wess Jones and Steve Sargent won at Laurel, DE January 23rd. The next day the SMWC All-Stars smoked all three of their dual meet opponents. They defeated Westlake (86-7), Bandits (85-4), and Chantilly (67-24).

In case you're wondering why Coach G has missed practice and tournaments lately, he has two cars in the shop for serious work and his third car doesn't run well when it rains. He also has to trade off with his wife. Won't get his cars from the garage for a couple of weeks yet, but will be back after that.

Very big write-up Jan 21st in The SUN by Lem Satterfield about wrestlers and weight cutting. Several pictures of SMWC's Ryan Herwig (one from the article shown at right), plus even his mom Sharon got in one. Couldn't really tell how negative on wrestling the article was, but not sure it helped much. All members should take a look.

Nice article on SMWC's Jeremy Rankin in the Washington Post this week. Jeremy is currently on pace to repeat as a VA State Champ this season.

Coach G found out about another over the counter skin infection cure (besides Blue Star Ointment) this past weekend from one of the Golden Ring Coaches. It's supposed to work in 3 days but will stain skin and can't be used on the face. It's called Genteen Violet, and is used in combination with Vultrex pills.

Brett Penager wrote an interesting article "Wrestle for Your Life" in the Fall 1998 edition of The Complete Coach. Here is something he said that's worth repeating to all: "What is it about our sport that draws the best out of its participants? I believe it's because wrestling is probably the last pure sport. Think about it. We're not going to be millionaires in it; we're not on the front page of every newspaper; we don't get a lot of recognition; we can't blame anybody else if we win or lose; we don't have to be athletic freaks of nature to succeed; and during the two most celebrated holidays of the year (Thanksgiving and Christmas) we can't eat. Enough said!"

Wrestling is finally getting some great coverage in the Washington Post HS Sports section thanks to Greg Brice. You might want to take a look at local articles on a regular basis there. The Post also has a local ranking list. Kevin Gabrielson and Drew Robertson have #1 rankings this week. The Baltimore Sun also continues to give our sport great coverage thanks to Lem Satterfield. The Sun covers most Maryland HS tournament events.

A large number of SMWC wrestlers won this past weekend. In the South River tournament, Nick Alley finally started to get into good shape (and the best weight) again, plus Scott McAdoo continued his win streak. At Hammond, Joey Sargent and Drew Robinson won. Watching at Hammond and shown on the right is Jim Young (father of SMWC's twins Jeremy and Josh) and SMWC Hall-of-Fame Member Robert Alexander who now wrestles for Navy. Among the younger members, Julian Lane won a Pennsylvania tournament.

The All-Stars returned this past weekend from Tulsa without an individual champion. First time in three years no members won.

Lots of ice and snow lately. Causing problems with our All-Star practices. Remember that when schools or after school activities in PG county are cancelled, we are cancelled.

Coach G's continuing car saga part 5 - The motor on the blue car decided to blow up on the way back from Virginia Duals. Two hour waite before someone could get there. It was colder than last time.

Due to the traveling nature of our team, we are constantly exposed to skin problems. We just had a bout with ringworm and now Impetigo is croping its ugly head up again. Jonathan Ferringer has an acute case and Coach G found a suspicious looking sore on another wrestler last night at practice. All members are advised to immediately disinfect all practice clothing, headgear, knee pads, and shoes. Also, as another check on the spread, all wrestlers must wear sweat suits and notify coach of any skin infection if they wish to practice.

Coach G recently asked about a promotion we might do for SMWC wrestlers who win over 100 matches in a single season. This is one of several replies. - SMWC 's wrestlers...

don't have nicknames
don't wear Safety pins up and down their arms
don't flash signs showing # of wins

do travel all over the U.S. looking for the best competition
win now and in high school and in college
and all along the way, they give back to younger wrestlers what was given to them

SMWC wrestlers are known wherever they go to be the toughest, smartest, and best coached kids around and that's classy. -- Just my opinion, Lisa Rock

Many SMWC wrestlers won tournaments this past weekend, both in kids and in HS. Rudy Rueda, Mike Vashon, Brent and Matt Jones, William McKinney, Luke Palumbo, Kevin Gabrielson, Steve Sargent, Joey Sargent, Mike Reynolds, Drew Robertson, Scott McAdoo, and Mark Hayes. Luke won OW at the Northern tournament and got a nice write-up in the Capital Newspaper.

The SMWC All-Stars finished second to top ranked Golden Ring Saturday, Jan 2nd, at the Bandit Invitational. GR has an exceptionally strong team this season and it looks like they will be our biggest challenger throughout the year. We did get some good wins out of Steve Sargent (pictured), Mike Rowe, Rudy Rueda (shown at right wrestling SMWCs Mike Rock in the finals again), and Mike Vashon. Julian Lane is also starting to come on strong in only his second wrestling season. There were a number of delays in the tournament which caused it to run well into the major storm that hit the area later in the afternoon. The drive home in ice conditions was really tough on some members..

The Capitol Challenge is one of the toughest regional tournaments in the Washington DC area. This year it was a great night for SMWC wrestlers, particularly SMWC's Joey Sargent. Joey (pictured) won his first high school age tournament at the Capitol Challenge December 29th and 30th. Other SMWC winners included Kevin Gabrielson, Drew Robinson, and Jeremy Rankin. Jeremy (pictured) is the defending VA State Champion. Drew won the OW title defeating SMWC's Matt Gallagher in a tough final (pictured). Drew is ranked #1 in Maryland while Matt is ranked #1 in Virginia. An interesting side note was Kevin's final against Blake Rushing. The last time they met in a final was at the CAWL Championships when they were 55 lbs. Payback is hell. By the way, a large number of spectators in the stands were also there the last time Blake and Kevin wrestled. The older youth league wrestlers dominate the HS scene now. Click for Full Results.

If you have been following the Bowie Bulldog web page, you notice that Patrick "The Animal" McMahon is nearing the 100 wins (career) mark. There seems to be a local area big promotion on this. Since we usually have several youth wrestlers win 100 or more each year, is there any interest in doing a similar promotion in our club and the local news for who can break the 100 mark?

PG Journal Article on our Walkersville Win

SMWC's Jason Gabrielson (pictured), wrestling for Edinboro, is seeded 7th at the prestegious Midlands Tournament which starts today.

CONGRADS - The SMWC All-Stars won the team title at Walkersville on Dec 27th. Nearly 700 entries and over 50 entered teams made this a major win for us. Individual winners were Mike Vashone, Steve Sargent, Rudy Rueda (pictured), Eli Black, and Julian Lane. We had 18 members place with many seconds and thirds. SMWC entered and won this event two years ago but entered the Golden Ring Invitational last year.

Two SMWC wrestlers, Chris Rodrigues and Kevin Gabrielson finished 1st and 2nd respectively in a poll conducted by the Prep Web Page. The pole was to pick the nations top prep school underclassmen wrestlers.

The Rock's gave Coach G a T-shirt for Christmas. It has a big G circled on the front. Watch out for Super G at practice.

Coach G has been trying to establish a permanent wrestling school at a location along the DC Beltway for many years. We are closer to making this happen. Within two years, a long time member is planning to build a wearhouse for his company near the Redskins stadium. We have been told recently that our needs will likely be accomodated. Let's hope this happens as the vast majority of PG County schools are giving significantly more support to other after school programs than they do wrestling. This has resulted in reduced quality of our wrestlers despite the fact that wrestling is one of the most popular boys HS sports.

The Hardnet twins (left) were at practice Thursday night. All is going well at college. We also understand Nathan Ludke may make a surprise visit. Expect to see a number of SMWC college wrestlers at practice this week.

Ron McAdoo sends word that Scott recently defeated the MSWA's #3 ranked wrestler by a major decision. He also sent a note to let us know that in order to obtain a coach's floor pass at USA Wrestling Junior Division and below events, you must have completed at a minimum, the National Coaches Education Program (NCEP) Copper level. This should have little effect on SMWC coaches who are certified at this level already.

SMWC member Brandon York, who now wrestles for Maryland, defeated Rob Loper at the Penn State Open.

The SMWC All-Stars had it rough this past weekend. The top 6 youth teams in Maryland and Virginia met head on at Archbishop Curley Sunday, with Golden Ring emerging as the regions top youth team this season. Golden Ring was able to stop SMWC 54-27 in the thrilling conclusion to a day of action packed duals. SMWC defeated Oakland Mills in an earlier match by a score of 43-25. SMWC's Edwin Randall, Mike Rowe, Rudy Rueda, and Mike Vashon were our only undefeated wrestlers.

SMWC's Kevin Gabrielson re-injured his back at the Maryland Catholic tournament and has missed several matches since that time. Based on how it felt after the Great Bridge Duals, he will likely be out for another few weeks.

The Maryland State Wrestling Association Home Page is now up thanks to SMWC's Ron McAdoo.

Article on SMWC wrestlers at the Ohio Tournament of Champions

A Christmas Wrestling Story

SMWC Member and Laurel High Head Coach Mike Reynolds died suddenly last week of a heart attack. Mike was a long time member of our club, often bringing numerous kids to practice. He also helped our club by providing a school for various events over the years. All SMWC members express their condolances to Mike's family.

For a change, uniforms and club T-shirts finally showed up before our first duals. They were given out on Dec. 8th to all members at practice. Check with Coach G if you need a shirt or uniform.

As promised, Coach G has issued his own Maryland's Best picks to Wrestling USA Magazine. Check out who he thinks are the best in our state

The Washington Post issued its pre-season top picks as of December 4th. SMWCs Kevin Gabrielson and Drew Robinson received first place selections.

Kevin Hazard mentioned that Coach Bruce Gabrielson "Coach G" is phasing out of SMWC's kids programs on his regular Channel 57 tele show. Guess Kevin doesn't read this news section. Coach has only missed two practices since September.

So many members won tournaments this past weekend that it would fill the page up to list everyone. However, some highlights were: SMWC's Jason Keisseling, Mat Smith, the Eveleth brothers, and Marchelo Nucci all winning at Chopticon, and Luke Palumbo, Chris Knox, Drew Robinson, and Ryan Herwig winning at the Arrundel tournament. Ryan Forman also had a good showing in his first HS event.

Nice to see SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Jim Howard at practice Dec 3 after a 6 month layup from his sholder operation. Jim says he is fine and will start dropping by on a regular basis again.

Big week of wrestling over the Thanksgiving holidays. On Friday, about 9 SMWC All-Stars attended Dundalk. Most did very well with Steve Sargent, Rudy Rueda, Steve Ratley winning gold. Rudy wrestled SMWC's Mike Rock in the finals for a 1-0 decision. On Saturday, two tournaments were going on. Coach G and Coach Herwig drove back and forth from Dundalk to Curley. SMWC's Jason Keisling won at Dundalk. The finals at Curley featured several SMWC members. Luke Palumbo won first (shown with a single leg), then Chris Knox (Calvert Hall) wrestled another SMWC member Greg Dennis for the victory (pictured on the left). Other winners included Ryan Herwig (pictured above) and Drew Robinson. Both Ryan and Drew have really had great streaks this season so far. Kevin Gabrielson hurt his back again in his finals loss. A few of older SMWC members, Ben Dyer, now wrestling for the University of Maryland, Jason Gabrielson, now at Edinboro, and Matt Pecha, now at Williamsport, dropped by to visit. (pictured are Matt and Ben) After the tournament Coach G was a little surprised to find a party at his house set up by Jason, Ryan, Kevin, Drew, and Wes Cummings. There seemed to be wrestlers "all over the place".

Coach G is trying to beat out Rudy for this years "trip from Hell". Coach and Kim drove to Slippry Rock (all night) to watch Jason, SMWC's Kevin Maier, the Hardnett twins, and Matt Pecha compete in the Slippry Rock open. Shown on the left are Jason and Kevin who have wrestled together since our great 1990/91 youth league team. The pictures below are Kevin on the left and Jason on the right.

It managed to snow on the trip and they arrived early, so coach and Ms G had to sit in the car for three hours before the doors opened, they were generally misserable. The tournament finally got going, but the only other SMWC member to show up was Josh Munsey from Gannon. Josh said that Scott is in the Marines and might be headed for the Persian Gulf. We hope not. Matt and the Hardnett's didn't make it to the tournament while the rest of their team did. Since the Edinboro coaches weren't allowed to be in the corner for their team members at pre-season matches, Coach G got to coach Kevin in his very first college match. Sort of like the old days when Kevin was on the All-Stars team. Kevin wrestles for Edinboro. The meet ended late and on the way back (another all night drive) Coach's car managed to break a fan belt. Another disaster, keeping coach from sleeping, from making the Steven Welsh tournament on Sunday, and making sure his cold settled in real good.

As we mentioned earlier, SMWC did super at the Damascus tournament. Winners included Edwin Randall, Lucus Black, Walt Hoffman, Clint Parker, Jon Peters, Kevin Gabrielson, Joel Lorenzetti, Brandon York, Marty Margolis, and Todd Margolis. Damascus Results

Some of the new members couldn't believe how tough practice was the 19th. A few bloody noses plus at one time coach G saw a couple of kids running down the hall towards the restroom while holding their stomach.

Rudy has the flu, Chad has a ringworm, Eli and Mik V still have football, and Wes and Hunter can't decide if they want to practice or play. What's going on?

SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Andre' Prue was at the SMWC All-Star practice on Nov 19 along with SMWC Coach and Bishop MacNamara Head Coach Rob Pribish. They were doing a little recruiting for their school from our youth league team. Speaking of Andre', he is now a dad, Skilar Andre' born two weeks ago. Already been measured for a SMWC singlet.

SMWC's Sidney Billups won the Colonial Open.

SMWC's Mike Rowe and Scott McAdoo won at the Ohio Fall Tournament of Champions November 14th.

29 at practice Nov 12, the last regular club practice before the SMWC All-Stars start next week. Coach G sprained his ankle playing tennis so SMWC Coach Steve Arslanian (pictured) demonstrated moves, particularly the cross body ride series. As some of the newer members may not know, Steve was one of the first SMWC wrestlers, and also one of the first SMWC Hall-of-Fame members. A former MD State Champ, Steve had a great career at the University of Maryland. He is one of those SMWC members who is giving back what he was given. Practice was tough as there were many bloody noses.

The 1998/99 SMWC fees schedule is now available.

Some SMWC college wrestlers have been doing very well of late. SMWC's Sidney Billups, Brandon York, and Marty Kusick each won their respective weight classes at the Coppin State Open.

Very big practice on Tuesday, Nov 9th. Everyone is getting ready, especially our youth team which officially starts practice on M/T/Th next week.

Interesting picture showed up this week. Three of the SMWC notables showing off at AAU Grand Nationals last summer in Florida.

Rudy attended a "nightmare" tournament from Hell this past weekend. On his way to Lockhaven he had a flat tire, couldn't find a new one that fit, had to spend the night along the road somewhere, got sick, and had to withdraw from the tournament the next day. Should have entered Damascus.

Funny note on Gwynn Park's Wrestling Coach, Cortez Hayes (on right) and SMWC's Coach Steve Arslanian (pictured together on left). Seems they were comparing notes at practice the other night and found out they were in grade school together. They have practiced with each other a number of times and Cortez even told Coach G one time that he sort of recognized Steve. Cortez didn't look to bad on the mat against Steve either.

On Sunday, Nov 8th, the big team showed up for our first local tournament at Damascus. Lots of members had tremendous wins, plus it was great to see some of the older SMWC members doing well. One of the great ones there was SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Carl Martin (pictured on right) who hadn't been on the mat in a few years. Coach had to point out who Carl was to some of the newer members of the club after they started asking who the heck the smooth thrower was. Carl was also reffing for the first time. Another old time SMWC great member to show up and wrestle for the first time in 4 years was Todd Margolis (pictured on left). Todd, a former Maryland State Champ, has been practicing martial arts of late and almost put an arm submission on one of his opponents until Coach G yelled to remind him it was wrestling, not grappling. Todd dominated several opponents until he faced Maryland's top high school wrestler, Wes Commings, in the open final. The match was tight until Todd put Wes on his back in the third round. The final SMWC "oldie but goodie" to show up was Todd's brother Marty (pictured on right). Marty is always showing up lately to beat on everyone. Marty was a three time Maryland State Champ and currently is the assistant coach at Westlake. Another SMWC college wrestler looked very tough in the open, Brandon York, now a starter at Maryland. So many SMWC wrestlers won at Damascus that we'll wait for full results before posting. Also, we did have one injury, Nick Alley hyper-extended his elbow in the first round against Brandon Lauer. Against Coach G's recommendation, Nick continued the match and ended up loosing in sudden death overtime. Nick's arm doesn't look too good and will probably keep Nick out of the room for a few weeks.

The local season is in full swing as of Nov 7th. On Sat, a small contingent of our youth team traveled to Edgewood. We got several 2nds but not a single first. One bit of excitement was the first tournament and first match (a win) by one of SMWC's youngest, little Seth Nagle (pictured). Seth's dad is head coach at LaPlata HS. Coach G says his dad really got into the match more than he usually gets into his school matches.

Only a few wrestlers attended practice on Monday, Nov 2nd. We had to change practice nights because of the elections and school closure. Members are reminded that we will try to change practice whenever schools are closed.

SMWC has been informed by the Calvert Alliance Against Drug Abuse that they are unable to make a donation to our club this year.

SMWC's Pennsylvania wrestlers. We're preparing an article on all the PA wrestlers wh competed for SMWC over the years. If you have an email address, please let Coach G know.

Dave Rock had another operation (brain surgery) over the weekend but is recovering now.

SMWC's Mike Rowe (right) was accepted to compete with next summer's Ohio All-Stars wrestling team.

SMWC's Ryan Lowder was seriously hurt in football and may be out for the season. We also understand that he moved to Gambrells. Don't have his new number yet.

SMWC did well at Rising Sun. Ryan Herwig beat Chris Combs, Nick Alley pinned Luke Rackley. Other winners were Rudy Rueda, Jason Kiessling, Brent Jones, Ryan Forman, Nick Alley, and Marty Margolis. Will update further after tonights practice.

Angi Wates, Washington Post reporter, continues to write about Title IX effects without covering the number of mens programs being lost in the Post's southern Maryland Supplement. Members are urged to send letters to the editor about her coverage. Emails can be sent. If you need some numbers, look at our latest Title IX Task Force Media Note Information.

First Tuesday night practice on Oct 27th went well. 27 wrestlers plus 3 coaches and a large number of visitors made for a great practice. Coach G noted that if the mats have not been moved to the gym because of low numbers of people showing up early, then he will enforce that no more than 35 wrestlers can practice on a given night. If you show up late and practices get much larger, plan to turn around and go home. We need people to help set up mats, not help practice.

Anyone watching Channel 7 news on Saturday during the sports segment saw SMWC's Matt Smith being interviewed. Matt plays football at Thomas Stone.

Practices slowly picking up in numbers. Former prep wrestler Kit Linton was at practice on Mon Oct 19th.

Several SMWC members, many from PA, attended the tournament at Hershey HS Oct 17th. Very interesting that the finals and consols there looked much like our local events down here. We had finalists in six of the senior HS weight classes, with at least one class members wrestling each other. Rudy Rueda, Nick Alley, and Ryan McCullum took first. Kevin Gabrielson received a broken hand and strained back (again) in his second place finish. All classes were at least 16 entries or more. Kevin will be out 6 weeks with his hand.

Problem with deer after practice Monday, Oct 12th. First Dave Sargent hit a deer driving home on rt 260. Then coach G and Kevin came along about a minute later and hit the deer as it was crawling off the road. Coach's van went airborn but stayed on the road until it stopped. Coach broke a tire and had to hike to a friends house to call home for a ride. Didn't get home until real late and the van didn't get a new tire until the next day.

SMWC's Mike Waite is attending Blair Academy this year. Mike is the youngest (asn last) of the original PA youth wrestlers on our junior league teams. We've had a large number of young wrestlers over the years make the long drive from PA to here for practice on a regular basis. Good luck Mike.

A SMWC All-Star sign-up notice was released to area news papers today.

Good turnout at practice Oct. 7th. SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Eric Lewis attended for the first time in two years. Nice to see him there. This years SMWC All-Stars youth team looks to be real tough, especially in the lighter weights. Oct. 7th was also Coach G's birthday. Rudy gave coach an icecream cake .

Updated the SMWC Coaching Staff page Oct 7th with the inclusion of information on our newest coach, Rob Prebish.

SMWC's Garret Black injured his knee in the football game Friday night Oct 2nd at Lackey. The emergency room doctor thought it was ligament damage and not cartiledge. Garret is seeing an orthopedic type doctor this morning and we'll know more of what's damaged.

The latest AWN ranking of the top college Division I wrestlers lists SMWC's Jason Gabrielson as #10.

Lots of interesting news about members returning on Oct 6th. SMWC's Hall-of-Fame member and coach Steve Arslanian is back home after a couple of years in Colorado on a work assignment. As most of the older membership knows, Steve was one of our original coaches, an early day member of our youth team years back, and also one of our first members in the SMWC HofF. Another member back is Scott McAdoo. Scott had some eligibility issues come up with his participation in Pennsylvania and will be back at Calvert before their wrestling season starts.

SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Buddy Lee has minor surgery scheduled. We wish you well Buddy.

Some time back we mentioned that Coach G's team pictures haven't been coming out too great. However, we still manage to find something to print. Pam Palumbo sent a darkened team picture from our winning the East Coast Club Championships. After a little Coral Photo House re-work, the picture doesn't look too bad.

Take a look at the PG Journal Article on SMWC Senior Success Stories - There is a reason and goal in practicing so hard.

Doug Farrringer, Coach G, Kevin Gabrielson, and Garrett Black moved SMWC's yellow mats into storage in Rudy's garage after practice the 28th. Big Rudy (gimpy) tried to help but stepped on Coach Gs foot instead. For a while there were two "gimpys".

Congradulations to SMWC's Rudy Rueda for winning the MAWA Fall Classic at Glassgow on the 27th.

First practice of the season Sep 21st drew 19 wrestlers. Coach Rob Pribish helped run the practice. We stayed in the wrestling room.

Sep 16th SMWC Vice-President Dave Rock suffered multiple aneurysms in his head and is in very serious condition at Georgetown Hospital.

Coach G and Rudy Rueda Completed negotiations with Gwynn Park HS for a practice site. We start practice the week of Sep 21st in the school's small gym. We will use 2 to 3 mats to accomodate our large numbers. Wrestlers will need to pay their dues to practice with us.

A letter has been sent to all PG County SMWC members concerning our sub-standard treatement and descrimination by Mr. Rose at Frederick Douglass HS. Members are urged to send their own letter to the school principal concerning this matter.

51 Senior Successes for SMWC - SMWC wrestlers continue to receive scholarships.

Philip Stamper, formally with Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse, sent word that our request for sponsorship funding from CAASA looks very good. We may get our requested funding after all.

Bill Valentine called to report that Billy has moved to Southern Indiana for his senior year. This was a last minute switch as we thought he was going to Riverdale for his senior year.

Word on Monday from Dave Rock was that Frederick Douglass "Had too many requests for their small gym and couldn't make room for us." Our FD HS members should let Mr Rose know what they think about this.

Big Rudy called to say his leg will be in a cast for 4 more weeks. He also says that SMWC's Mike Torro has left Bloomsberg Univ. and is enrolled at Charles County CC for the semester. Mike plans to work with the club this season.

SMWC's Hall-of-Fame Member and Coach Buddy Lee sent us an update on his activities since we last saw him at the JO Games the beginning of August. About the fourth day of the JO Games he left for Europe to do some promotions. Then, immediately after his return, he went to the 1998 World Swim Clinic held in Atlanta, just getting back home today (Sep 10th). This upcoming Saturday he takes off again to Dallas for a figure skating clinic with 300 participating skaters. Ever wonder why we don't see Buddy on a regular basis. We did hear that Kim and Coach G will be helping Buddy with his youth program against drug abuse.

Anyone notice the "Maryland's Best" picks in the Sep issue of Wrestling USA Magazine. Brandon Laur is our best according to the magazine. Maybe we should start doing our own rankings. Brandon wasn't in a very tough weight class and certainly didn't win or even compete in any of our best post season or off-season events. Maybe this was another of those strange offerings like last year. Coach G is compiling a list of who he thinks are Maryland's top wrestlers. Might level the field a little. ---note: Coach G sent his comments on this issue back to WUSA Magazine.

Received word from Joe Main that Benji is back in school and able to work out again. He was out for 5 months with his injury. Lindenwood has a new coach plus the school was able to recruit several new wrestlers. One of those new wrestlers is Donnie Morgan, a 2x state champ at 154 from Oklahoma.

Congrads to the following SMWC wrestlers who received pre-season national prep school rankings: Chris Knox, Luke Palumbo, Chris Rodrigues, Ryan Herwig, Chris Hanlon, Steve Lanciotti, Reed Carpenter, Eric Sheffield, Kevin Gabrielson, Joe Sargent, Drew Robertson.

Congrads to the following SMWC freshman and sophmores for receiving Wrestling USA national rankings: Mark Rusak (HM), Reed Carpenter (6), Kevin Gabrielson (8), Joey Sargent (3)

Congrads to the following SMWC juniors for receiving Wrestling USA national rankings: Chris Rodrigues (4), Bill Valentine (HM), JJ Holmes (6)

Congrads to the following SMWC seniors for receiving Wrestling USA national rankings: Chris Knox (6), Drew Robertson (6), Jeremy Rankin (17)

Andre' Prue called to say he is staying on as a teacher at MacNamara.

Member Updates: Scott McAdoo called. Said he is getting used to his new school. He is a starting linebacker on the football team and will start wrestling practice with Lebanon Valley right away. Brandyn Hardnett also called. Seems he, and of course classmates Ivan Hardnett and Matt Pecha, are imtimidating the local wrestlers on his new college team. Jason Gabrielson called as well. He is enrolled at Edinboro but will not compete in the fall. Will waite to see about spring college team competition.

Here is an update on our fall practice troubles as of Sep. 4th. Regarding USAW, Bill Filbert has received from USAW and mailed to us our USAW club application. When we receive it, it will immediately be returned with the required dues. We have already completed our PVAAU application and it will be delivered this week. Due to requests from PG County schools and PVAAU representatives, Dave Rock, who lives in Brandywine, has been appointed by Coach G as SMWC's new Vice President. Dave will be our PG County interface with local schools to obtain permits, etc. Craig Herwig, SMWC's assistant head coach, will remain our USAW state representative. However, Dave will also submit our sanction material for both USAW and AAU. Hopefully, Dave's appointment, allowed under SMWC's Constitution and Bylaws, will allow us to schedule facility space so we can start fall practices.

SMWC members on the Internet should look at the WUSA Voting Page We have several club members who show up on the ballots that should be voted for by all current members of our club. Todd Beckerman (96 Dream Team ) and Jason Gabrielson (97 Dream Team) should both receive our support. Also SMWC Coach Wade Hughes is listed under Top College Wrestlers of all Time. SMWC Associate Member Kendall Cross shows up in the Olympic Wrestler category. Coach G tends towards Myron Roderick as the top contributor and either Vaughn Hitchcock or Dan Gable as the top college coach. Please take the time to send in your vote right away.

Can't believe big Rudy's luck. He is still waiting to hear if he needs a back operation as a result of the wreck he got in. Now he was walking into the front door of the hospital and a cab decided to hit him. Seems the driver let a passenger off at the front door and pulled out without looking in front. Rudy received knee and ankle injuries.

We are having some serious problems with getting the small gym at Frederick Douglass. We need a PG County person who lives near the school to sign our application. Currently, we have been accused of (1) not being a PG county organization, (2) requireing tryouts to join our club, and (3) not being a non-profit organization by the school's athletic director. We can respond to each of these false charges, but it will be much easier if a county resident is our spokesperson. PG County club members should contact Coach G now.

SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Steve Arslanian (right) sends word that his assignment in Colorado is ending and he should be back in September. Says he learned some "new" stuff while coaching there.

Rob Pribish has moved to Forestville now. Is ready to start practicing with the club.

Big news story on Aug 23. SMWC's Scott McAdoo is leaving our area and will be attending Annville/Cleona High School in PA next week. We knew Scott's dad was considering a job in Minnisota, but this came as a surprise. Don't think Scott will be leaving the club though. As nearly everyone knows, his new coach, Dave Boger, is a very long time SMWC club member and coach. He coaches one of our sister clubs in PA. Scott's just working out at a different SMWC location next year. It's interesting how much local change has taken place in Southern Maryland wrestling, particularly in Calvert County this past summer. Both of the county's top returning wrestlers left for greener pastures, one head coach left, one principal (who didn't support wrestling) left and was replaced by a former wrestling coach, and Ryan Forman dicided to wrestle in the county.

Gary Murphy, a former wrestler at Lackey HS, sent an interesting email August 21st. He wondered why some successful Lackey wrestlers didn't have their names mentioned in our news section. For his benefit and others who may follow this page, our editorial policy, as described in our constitution and bylaws, is as follows: This site is owned and maintained by and for SMWC members exclusively. Only members of SMWC are mentioned in these pages unless the individual provides something of direct or significant interest to the club. Only seniors or juniors who are "active" club members (pay dues and attend practice) are eligable to have a college recruiting profile placed on this site. Those who provide other club benefits, who are our Hall-of-Fame Members, or who are associate members, such as Kendall Cross, Lou Rosselli, Buddy Lee, and Mirror Image Photography are more than welcome to host individual sites here.

Philip Stamper of the Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse sends word August 20th that SMWC may be eligable to apply for sponsorship from their organization because of our alternative to drug abuse involvement.

Received word that the Mahan's have left the area and moved to Oklahoma.

Bayfest was Saturday, Aug 22 in North Beach. Coach G and Kim had a booth again. Sola's visited from PA as did many other wrestlers and coaches at the "booth". Alley and crew (Nick has his own gremlin wrestling followers lately) were busy, as was Ryan Forman, with all the girls. Looked like Ryan did all the talking. Did see Chris Shelton break off from the crew one time..

Nice articles in the Frederick News and the Calvert Independent about local wrestlers who participated in the JO Games.

The Potomac Valley (Washington Metro Region) Junior Olympic Team returned home after a tremendous showing at the 1998 games. Check the results out.

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