Comments on My First SMWC Visit

by Joe Lareau
Founder of "The Mat" Hompage of Amateur Wrestling
April 20, 1999

My first visit to the SMWC was filled with both curiosity and anticipation. I had always heard great things as to the quality of the coaches and athletes, from the dedicated youth wrestlers to the world-class coaches. Now I had the chance to see for myself.

This visit definitely lived up to its billing as I watched the intensity and desires of the wrestlers battle it out. It was clear that these young athletes truly enjoy learning the techniques that will enable them to reach their goals. Coming from North Carolina, I was amazed at both the quantity and quality of top wrestlers competing in the same room. By testing themselves against the best competition around, the SMWC wrestlers will continue to improve, whether their partner is a state champion, college all-American or an experienced coach. All wrestlers should enjoy this opportunity of practicing with such top-level competition.

The wrestling room seemed to be filled with real quality athletes who shared a common goal of becoming champions, whether it be a state champion, NCAA Champion or an Olympic Champion. From the dedicated and knowledgeable coaches to the intense work ethic of the wrestlers, it seems the SMWC will continue to produce the champions of tomorrow.

See you at the next practice.