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--1999 SPRING NEWS--

So long for summer from the open crew
Ivan Hardnett, Pat Howard, Bernard Nimmons, Jason Gabrielson, Brandyn Hardnett

In spite of heavy recruiting efforts, local Jeff Fowler was hired as the new Head Coach for Northern HS. We will see if Jeff changes his current support for off season events.

Big congradulations are due to SMWC's Chris Rodrigues and Ryan Herwig who not only recently won big events, but were selected as 1999 inductees into the SMWC Hall-of-Fame.

Someone opened a fire extinguisher in the GP wrestling/weight room on Aug 10 causing a mess that put us out of the room for a few nights. Because of the problem, we can't get into the school until after Sep 13th.

As anyone who has attended summer practices knows, SMWC's Bernard Nimmons (left) worked very hard to prepare for the State Games of America, the "Nationals" of state game competitions. The games took place Aug 7-8 in St Louis. Bernard lost the finals match pictured 3-3 in OT but still had some great wins. Congrads Bernard.

Several organizations have posted an announcement that Steve Forbes, presidential candidate, has signed the petition calling for the abolition of the quota proportionality in Title IX. Members are reminded that SMWC has a petition we have been circulating at practice which everyone needs to sign.

Potomac Valley goes 3 wins and 5 losses to finish 20th at National Junior Olympic Games. Full Results.

Some interesting statistics on college teams from NCAA

Coach G had minor surgery Aug 4th. Everything went well. Jason ran practice and reports a good turnout.

SMWC's Kevin Gabrielson was named the Washington Post Athlete of the Week on August 1st.

Coach G is circulating a Petition against the improper interpretation of Title IX by the Department of Education. All members should sign or download the petition and circulate it among their friends.

SMWC's Buddy Lee sent an email about his many travels all over the World of late. He will be in Japan for the next month, then a quick trip to perform at the US Open in tennis, then back to japan, then finally home for awhile (he hopes).

A big congrads to SMWC's Ryan Herwig (right) for winning USAW Cadet Nationals and Chris Rodrigues for winning USAW Junior Nationals. Chris also picked up the OW Award. It wasn't too many years ago when Chris, Ryan, and Kevin all trained together for AAU Grand Nationals.

Of Maryland's Freestyle National Team, only SMWC's Ryan Herwig and Kevin Gabrielson have survived to the All-American round at Cadet Nationals.

Very large turnout for practice July 21. Things are really starting to pick up again.

No Maryland wrestlers placed in GR at nationals. However, SMWC'c Floyd Wright from Virginia did take 6th in cadet GR. After the first day of cadet freestyle, SMWC's Kevin Gabrielson, Ryan Herwig, and Ryan Forman were all 4-0.

Coach G had the unfortunate duty at practice July 19th to inform everyone that due to personal problems, he will be forced to retire as Head Coach of SMWC for the spring season next year. He promised to still be around at practice ocasionally and also to actively find someone to take over. Bruce founded SMWC in 1985 and has been Head Coach since that time.

Send your request in now for the lottery to get tickets for the 2000 Olympics. Tickets are hard to win so get your name in early. The only US source for tickets is at Cartan Travel (800) 841-1994. Freestyle wrestling will take place Sep 28-Oct 1, GR is the week before. Don't plan on a cheap trip as both tickets and air fares are expensive. Coach G sent in his application already.

Good luck to all the SMWC wrestlers competing at Cad/Jr Nationals in Fargo. Members include Darian Kess, Ryan Herwig, Ryan Forman, Kevin Gabrielson, Mike Faust, Chris Rodrigues, Jaun Sanchez, Antuan Lide, Luke Palumbo, Flynn Ficker, William McKinney, Jose Martinez, Reed Carpenter, Matt/Jeff Evelith, Jerome Villanvueva, Thomas O'Valle, Scott McAdoo, Floyd Wright, and Marvin Albright.

Congrads to SMWC's Bernard Nimmons for winning the Virginia Commonwealth Games

Jason Kiessling has decided not to enroll at DeMatha this fall.

Rudy Rueda has a hairline fracture in his heel. May be out for some time. He did show up Wed night at practice but didn't wrestle.

Kyle Parker got his cast off but his arm still bothers him some. Clint still has a sore back as well.

Finally got our mat moved this past week. Its new home until spring is at Nelson Russell's house. Thanks those who helped.

Updated Challenge Cup article with pictures

Surprise - anyone who was at practice on July 7 saw something they hadn't seen in almost two years, Coach G on the mat wrestling with the kids. Pennsylvania wrestler Marvin Albright was also at practice on Wed.

Congrads to SMWC's Ryan Herwig for winning the 1999 AAU GR and FS Grand National Championships.

Nice practice June 30. SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Todd Beckerman came by for a visit and workout. Some serious practicing was going on.

Congrads to SMWC's Mike Faust, Brent Jones, and Matt Jones for winning the 1999 NHSCA Open Wrestling Championships.

Some bad news from Debbi Boettcher June 24: Tom was in an unfortunate accident on Monday. He cut his hand pretty badly; was in surgery at Union Memorial for 3 hours. He cut tendons and fractured some bones in a couple of his fingers. Will be fine with time and physical therapy. As long as all goes well, he will wrestle again this winter.

Ivan Hardnett showed up in a wrist brace at practice Wed. Seems he hurt it at Monday's practice.

Great practice June 23. Coach Jones and Coach Gabrielson (right) were each given a nice plaque by the SMWC All-Stars for their successful 1998/99 CAWL campaign. We won both the duel meet and the league championships titles. About 25 wrestlers were at practice.

Coach G is currently helping Northern HS to find a new head coach. He would like someone who is active in wrestling both in and out of the regular season. If you know someone with strong credentials and is active in our sport, contact Coach G. There are also some teaching positions available.

Gari Miller reports that he will attend Howard Univ.

SMWC Hall-of-Fame member and coach Steve Arslanian had minor surgery this week.

SMWC won the 1999 East Coast Club Championships at River Hill HS June 19th with class. Fourteen members took home gold, with many others finishing in the top three in their weight classes. Our club was dominate in all age groups, kids, cadets, juniors, and open. SMWC's Jaun Sanchez (shown at right) was one of our champions.

The MSWA National Team camp and WSAW Cad/Jr Nationals will run July 5 through July 17. Since the National Junior Olympic Games are scheduled Aug 1-6 in Cleveland, Coach Hill will be setting up the challenge schedule after nationals. We may have a sponsor for our team this year so costs will be lower than usual. Contact Coach Hill if you want a spot. High school age wrestlers only.

Big turnout for practice June 16. Everyone is gearing up for nationals.

Anyone notice the guy working the table where SMWC Coach Jim Howard was refing at the PV Cup. It was Jim's brother, also an old time wrestler.

The Maryland AAU Chs June 13 at Calvert HS went well. Several SMWC members won including Ryan Forman, Kevin Gabrielson (bottom right), Jason Gabrielson, Chris Rodrigues (our Georgia member shown above left on way to pinning Brandon Laur), Walt Hoffman (above right), and Flynn Ficker. Not many wrestlers attended, but those who did had some great matches. Chris was visiting after the Challenge Cup on Saturday and decided to enter on Sunday. There was an article about the tournament on Thursday in the Washington Post Southern Maryland Section. Jason Gabrielson and Matt Jones got nice color pictures.

Maryland Wins 1999 PV Challenge Cup. Previous results had incorrect scores. Shame on Maryland's Cummings, Robertson, Ruda and Rowe for being no shows. Very rough tournament, McDermott, Gabrielson, and Gioffre injured. Gabrielson went up weight class to cover 165 when Drew didn't show, Gioffre went up to cover for Wes. They made the sacrafice for our state to win while others went to the beach or played baseball. 27 HS state champs or runner-ups participate June 12th. Rodrigues & Smith win OW awards. Several college coaches were there. This was the toughest freestyle tournament in MD or VA this year as usual.

SMWC All-Star Coach Rick Jones is currently in the running for the head coaching job at Lake Braddock Secondary. Members who would like to write a recommendation letter should address their letter to: John Scott, AD, Lake Braddock Secondary School, 9200 Burke Lake Road, Burke, VA 22015

Late word is we may have stopped this for now. Coach G sent a Letter to the Editor of the Journal about the activities. Terrible news by way of Mark Stephens, Bowie HS coach on June 9th:
"Did you hear about the proposal to cut all JV sports in PG county or cut wrestling, tennis & golf? One of the proposals will be decided on Friday to then be presented to the Board of Education".

Large turnout for practice June 7th. 34 wrestler with a large crew of college age. Wrestlers from American, Edinboro, Duke, Howard, U of Maryland, US Naval Academy, Williamsport, and West Virginia. Lots of heavy action but not many injuries for a change.

SMWC's Nick Alley has signed a letter of intent for Western Maryland College.

Interesting but very small practice on June 3rd. Only 26 members showed up. There was a terrible traffic mess over on 95 in Virginia, causing many trucks to use 301 as an alternate around DC. Getting to practice was a real challenge. Duke wrestler Tom Case did attend. Coach G met Tom at a camp he attended in California two years ago. Tom is from Nevada and was listed on our SMWC senior profiles page in 1996 as a senior to watch. Tom should be a regular for the remainder of the season.

Call for kids pictures - We are currently preparing a club article on small kids who became SMWC wrestlers. If you have a picture of a member when they were 3-5 years old, particularly in a swim suit or wrestling gear, email it. We already have some good pictures of older members.

Note: If you don't mind wrestling folkstyle, there is a tournament on Sunday at Osborn HS in VA

SMWC's Chris Rodrigues won the Ironman, held in Michigan, this past weekend winning all 3 styles. Several other SMWC members who would rather wrestle than party placed. Andre Kelley, who visited here last week, also won. The group picture at left shows our wrestlers who competed. Chris is missing from the picture.

Mike Vashon, pictured at right with members of the SMWC Hall-of-Fame who attended the party, received this season's outstanding SMWC All-Star Award. Mike was 20-1 in league matches winning the CAWL and taking second at the MD/VA Belway States. Mike also had over 100 wins for the season.

Great is all we can say about SMWC's Potluck and All-Stars Awards Party at the Herwig's on Memorial Day. Many members showed up to party, swim, sit in the jacuzi, eat, drink, and be merry. The party started about noon and was still going strong at 8pm. Complete coverage with more pictures.

SMWC's Julian Lane and Brent Jones were big winners at the USAW Southeast Regionals this past weekend. Julian won both FS and GR and has been on a real win streak all spring. Look for big things out of Julian next season.

America Needs Sports Day on May 27th was well attended by various wrestling greats, but also didn't appear as well organized as was expected. Changing the date, time and location, plus having the mats show up late caused several problems. Coach G and Mike Vashon did get to meet the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert (left). SMWC was well represented (along with Gunston), both by coaches and by participants. SMWC Patron Member Kendall Cross (pictured with team on right) was there and was given a club shirt by Coach G. A couple of minutes later, SMWC Hall-of-Fame Member Kahlil Malik, a former workout partner of Kendall's, asked about a shirt for him. We haven't seen Kahlil in several years and of course Coach had a shirt for him. Several club members also presented a shirt to Dan Gable. We can thank Mike and Diane Rowe for making sure we had some shirts available to present to these individuals.

Very tough practice May 26th. Jason Gabrielson and Marc Hoffer (left above and on right) showed the Edinboro Univ. versions and the American Univ. versions of the snap down series. Marc mentioned that he leaves soon for a wrestling tour out of the country. Good luck Marc.

Andre Kelley (left) gave a short clinic on wrist traps and arm traps at practice May 24th. Andre was a 2x National Prep Champ and former coach from this area. He was surprised when he discovered that we have several open wrestlers his size to practice with. It looked like he got a very good workout while here.

Club members were saddened to learn that former SMWC member Scott Bond died in a boating accident this past weekend.

SMWC's Chris Rodregues will be out from Georgia for the Challenge Cup and for the AAU State Chs the next day. Look for SMWC's Evan Sola to also be here the following week. He plans to stay through the summer.

SMWC's Chris Knox reports that he still can't walk following his knee operation and will likely miss the remainder of the season.

American University Coach Jim Akerly gave an interesting freestyle clinic at SMWC's practice on Wednesday, May 19th. UVA Asst. Coach Don Reyes also attended (with Jim on left) as did SMWC Member and AU wrestler Marc Hoffer (on right with SMWC's Jason Gabrielson). Jim showed a number of power turns from on the mat. The clinic was well attended.

Good day Sunday, May 16th, for several SMWC members. Winners at McDonough included Ryan Buff, Julian Lane, Kevin Gabrielson, and Jason Gabrielson. Julian got the OW for kids by getting the most falls. There seems to be a problem lately with getting enough officials. If it wasn't for SMWC members, there wouldn't be enough officials to hold tournaments. One thing to consider is that not only are officials better paid in DC area events, but they do not pay an entry fee if they chose to enter. We have plenty of officials in our area. Something MSWA needs to seriously consider.

NEWS FLASH - SMWC wins Seagull Duels May 15th Garrett Black shown at left during the Duels. Our team is pictured at right with coaches Roy Hill and Bruce Gabrielson.

SMWC's Jon Peters had surgery recently but will be back at practice soon.

Continuing Saga - Part 7 & 8 - Garage can't find problem with car. Then Coach G's truck died on the way to practice Mon. He ended up hitching a ride. Walt Hoffman helped him start the truck and followed him home after. Truck only died once along the way. Now it's in the garage to. Coach is reduced to a rental car.

SMWC's Ryan Herwig was in a serious auto accident on May 9th. He was air lifted to shock trauma and needed staples to pull his scalp together. He is at home recovering now, and will likely miss all remaining spring/summer events.

SMWC defeated Madison WC 34-13 in a great scrimmage match May 5th. Read all about it here.

Take a look at SMWC's Great Pennsylvania Wrestlers. Good story about some of Pennsylvania's finest and their roots.

The club thanks SMWC member Mike Boettcher for getting our broken mat dolley welded

It's official - SMWC's Scott McAdoo will attend Blair as a PG next season.

Continuing Saga - Part 6: Coach G's car is up to its usual tricks. The electric radiator fan and wireing harness caught on fire on his way to practice. He plans to give up and buy a new one (car or fan???).

SMWC's Scott Munsey was competing at US Nationals this past weekend as was SMWC's Jason Gabrielson (both shown at left in Las Vegas). Neither did well. Scott now wrestles for the USMC team at Quantico, VA. He was one of two wrestlers selected out of over 40 who tried out for the team. Scott doesn't have a car, but we will likely start seeing him around at local events soon.

Nice tournament May 1st at Hayfield. Most classes had several entries. SMWC winners included Ryan Buff (kids), Rudy Rueda (kids and cadets), Walt Hoffman (schoolboy), Mike Vachone (cadet), and Kevin Gabrielson (HS). SMWC didn't have enough entries to do well in team scoring. Several kids members went to the Virginia State Kids FS/GR Championships. SMWC winners included Jamie Clark (FS/GR), Julian Lane (FS), and Brent Jones (GR).

Mike Boettcher let us know that son Paul signed with U of Maryland this past weekend.

Ivan and Brandyn Hardnett send word that they should be home for summer and at practice Wednesday night.

SMWC member Brandon York sends word that he is taking a break from "hard core wrestling" for a while. Just lifting and keeping his weight in check.

SMWC member Chris Knox reports that he had surgery on his knee this month.

The MSWA Kids and Cadets FS/GR State Championships at Damascus Sunday wasn't well attended. Probably due to so many other major events going on around the country. MSWA really needs to look at the big schedule when they set up their tournament dates as this wasn't the only MSWA event to have a conflict this year. The SMWC members that were there did well. Winners included Clint Parker in GR, Mike Rock (left) in kids FS, Kevin Gabrielson (right) in HS FS, and Bernard Nimmons (bottom left) in FS Open. Kevin had one of the largest HS weight classes and still won handily with one TF and 3 pins. Coach G started training new officials at the tournament. Mike Rock and Jessie McKeever got their chance to start, plus Jason Kiessling will take the plunge at the next tournament. Let coach G know if you are interested.

DeMatha HS held their wrestling awards banquet Saturday night. Head Coach Dick Messier held up a plaque with names of the school's 14 high school wrestling All-Americans. It was amaizing to see how many SMWC members have become All-Americans while at DeMatha.

Received word from SMWC's Bobby Fulton, now wrestling at Pitt, that he will be back at SMWC practices in 3 weeks. Pitt is an EWL school.

Received word that Mike Copperthite, who wrestled at Woodbridge, is now the head of NCAE. Congrads Mike.

Received word from Chris Lefebvre and also from Eric Miller that both will be back from college in early May.

A large number of late arriving "stragglers" at practice April 20th. Makes a lot of work for those who must set the mats and room up before practice. Coach Pribish showed two of his drop knee sholder throws, a slack arm and a drop sieonegi. Coach G mentioned that since we have now shown over 40 FS and GR moves in the last month, we will cut back on teaching new moves and concentrate on conditioning for the next couple of weeks. We also had a guest at practice, Joe Lareau, founder of "The Mat - the Home Page of Amateur Wrestling" on the Internet. The Mat was the second Internet web site for wrestling. SMWC's web site was the first "of course". Joe has now moved to this area. Read about Joe's comments on his first SMWC practice.

The March 1999 USWOA NEWS has some new rules changes for 1999 in both FS and GR. Might be a little confusing until we get used to them.

Dave Rock went in for another operation and is home now. He seems to be doing well.

Ron McAdoo reports that two pictures of Scott showed up in the 1999 Brute equipment catalog.

More entries showed for the USSA Sombo Nationals at Quantico Saturday than any USSA Sombo National Coach G can remember. Lots of competition in both sport and combat styles. SMWC's Mark Lafond was one or our two National Champions. Mark, pictured at left, won the Masters Sport style and Overall Masters in Sport. In Combat Style he was caught twice by the same opponent in the same ankle submission. SMWC's Jeff Rusak (at right), now competing at Old Dominion, looked very tough winning his Open Sport class as well as officiating with Coach G all day.

American University "NCAA sensation" (we always knew it) and SMWC member Marc Hoffer (pictured at right) sends word that he will plans to spend this summer in DC and will make practice some nights. Besides a great folkstyle wrestler, Marc is outstanding in FS so we should have some real head banging going on. As a tidbit of information, Coach G was at Marc's very first tournament when he was much younger. Marc, a sophomore at American, is SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Steve Hoffer's cousin.

Speaking of American University, SMWC's Drew Robertson signed there yesterday. Before long SMWC members will dominate their team. We already have Marc, Aaron Chandler, and Willie Harris on the team.

SMWC Hall-of-Fame member and former World Cup Runner-up Jim Howard (left) put on a throwing clinic at practice April 14th. Good turnout-particularly in the mid-140 lb classes. The group with Kevin Gabrielson, Bryan McDermott, and Coach Bernard was particularly tough with some college wrestlers that are beginning to show up. Bryan and Kevin, who finished 1-2 at this years Maryland Independent School State Championships (pictured at right), gave the older wrestlers all they could handle and then some. Coach G continued with Sombo technique work after the regular practice ended.

Ron McAdoo (left) has an interesting article in this month's issue of The Complete Coach titled "Promotion of Wrestling - Promotion at the State Level". Coach G has an article in WUSA Magazine this month titled "The Champions Ladder to Success".

Word from Bill Cameron, Coach at Stonewall Jackson HS, that SMWC's Jeremy Rankin had a knee operation April 13th. Seems to be a continuing issue at Stonewall.

Practice April 12 was down some, only 45 members showed up. Kevin Gabrielson had his cast off and was able to work out again. Coach G continued with freestyle counters, plus started Greco-Roman and held a clinic on Sombo. Between last week and this week, Coach G and Coach Hill have shown 19 new freestyle moves, 2 GR moves, and 5 Sombo techniques. Members who missed practice have missed a significant part of the training season.

Congrads to Rudy Rueda (pictured) and Ryan Forman for winning the MAWA South Regional for Eastern Nationals April 11th. We also took 5 second places and 5 thirds. SMWC now has 12 members advancing to Eastern Nationals. We also did well at the Glenn Burnie FS Tournament Sunday. Winners were Adam Palumbo, Ryan Herwig, William McKinney, and Scott McAdoo. Besides winners, we had 6 officials working at the tournament, the largest number from any group.

Several SMWC members made the Washington Post's All-Met Wrestling Team. Congrads are do to SMWC's Greg Dennis (103), Jeff Eveleth (112), Reed Carpenter (130), Kevin Gabrielson (135), Drew Robertson (145), Matt Gallagher (145), Jeremy Rankin (152), Scott McAdoo (160), and Joey Sargent (160). All were first team selections. We also had a large number of second team and honorable mention selections. For the first time in three years a club member didn't win OW.

April 8th, SMWC practiced with the Virginia club at Hayfield HS. Coach Roy Hill (pictured left), who attends SMWC practices on a regular basis, runs a nice club in his large "two mat" wrestling room. He spent some time showing several FS finishes to low and high singles. There were also quite a few smaller kids at practice. SMWC's Russell Nelson (shown at right) had 5 in his group to work with.

SMWC members who are Mormon should immediately write their church about Brigham Young University and the decision to drop mens wrestling from its athletic programs.

Gongrads to SMWC's Steve Sargent, 1999 AAU Folkstyle National Champion. SMWC sent a small team of nine wrestlers and had seven members place, but Steve is our only champ this year.

Coach G, known far and wide as a non-gambler, just couldn't pass up a bet on the Foley Dowd vs. Matt Gallagher match results at the 99 Dream Team Classic. Matt is the only SMWC member selected on the Virginia team. Who did Coach G pick? He guessed right and will collect.

Here is a poem from Ivan Hardnett:

"We are one, one goal one dream one reality that we will soon face. One thing that compels us to do our absolute best. What? Our goal is to be the future Olympic and NCAA Champions. With different backgrounds, that's funny we are all one with the same goal." "Whatever It Takes" "SMWC I have found the place to be, With Dr.G he makes us be all that we can be. "

Big turnouts for practices both March 29 and March 31. We have the partition open plus were able to move into the cafeteria one night.

Congrads to SMWC's Drew Robertson who placed 3rd at the National High School Championships this weekend. SMWC's Chris Knox lost the round before placing.

SMWC dominated the Maryland Age-Wt States and MSWA Club Championships at River Hill HS March 27 and 28. Our club captured 16 first place titles. Read all about how our members did, including SMWC's Walt Hoffman (pictured at left).

Lots of room at practice March 24. Only 46 members showed up. Coach G showed two more FS moves, the front headlock and the ankle lace. Members who don't know FS are reminded that the longer they miss practice, the more they will be behind when it comes to new moves.

Practice March 22nd drew well into the 50s again. It was crowded and the current plan is to open the partition on Wednesday. Kids should also remember that there is a kids only practice some Tuesdays in Virginia plus every Thursday night at GP. Coach Roy Hill (Hayfield HS) showed up with some of his Virginia team. Another face who hasn't been to practice since early last year was big Mark LaFond. Coach Rob Pribish showed his gut wrench, a little different than Coach Gs, but just as effective. Everyone has their own best approach. Coach G reminded everyone to get their names on our roster to the Club Chs this weekend. He also reminded everyone that our club gets group discounts because they travel and usually stay as a group. Those who go on their own aren't entitled to receive club sponsorship. At the end of practice we had a takedown line to see who really is toughest. There were some intense matches. When Kevin and Scott met each other, we had a chance to see some tremendous action. Coach G also mentioned that he plans to hold a couple of Sombo only practices in the next week or so to get ready for Sombo Nationals.

The All-PG County wrestling team appeared in the Wednesday, March 24 issue of the PG Journal. We had lots of members on the team.

SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Jake Scott (shown in a "1993" HS photo) called to say he plans to enter the Age-Wt States and Club Chs this weekend at River Hill. Jake, who wrestled at American University, is married now and says he is ready to wrestle again. He hasn't been to practice yet but we expect to see him before long. We can also certainly use his team points at the club chs.

Congrads to SMWC's Benji Main (Lindenwood, Mo.) who placed 7th at the NAIA Championships.

Not everyone went to NCAAs. Mike Vachon got on a team and headed to Schaumburg, IL, for Middle School Nationals. Julian Lane won a tournament in Newark, DE. He had to wrestle up a weight class but still defeated a full field.

The 1999 NCAAs are over and our club members, while failing to come home with a place, still did well. Marc Hoffer did the best. He lost in the round of 16, one short of all-American status. Jeff Rusak and Brandon York also did well, but failed to get past the round of 32. Coach G enjoyed the trip. He had the chance to visit with his college coach, Dale Deffner (pictured on left) who still coaches at Golden West College in Southern California. Dale is himself a former NCAA Champ and attends NCAAs every year. His assistant coach is Raul Duarte, the wrestler at the weight below Coach G on his Cal-State Long Beach team back in the 60s. The club members who attended also had a bit of fun where they stayed. We rented a hunting lodge about 15 minutes from Penn State that as you can see looked more like a ski resort. Only had one problem with the landlord. Bill Cameron and son Seth, the McAdoo's and some others didn't show until the second night. Rudy slept late and didn't get to the arena on Sat. until just as the morning session was ending. He missed some great matches. Mike Rock came home with the best souvenier. His program was signed by just about every Olympian and famous wrestler that was there. By the way, our club had tremendous seats, right on the mats almost. As shown in the picture, the SMWC section (part of Edinboro Univ) had the first 3 rows at Portal 18.

After a delayed start due to snow, our spring season started off with a bang March 17th at Gwynn Park HS. We had 51 members the first night with many very good wrestlers of all ages present. The big problem was that we couldn't get the partition opened, resulting in a tight practice room. The club held its annual non-profit meeting. Coach G was elected again. Following the meeting, some intense work was the order of the day.

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