1999 SMWC
Memorial Day Potluck and Awards Party

The annual SMWC Potluck and All-Star Awards Party was as usual a big success. This was our 8th year for the party, and for the first time the Herwig's hosted the affair. There was plenty of food and refreshments, plus lots of activities for those who attended. The beef sandwitches were tremendous, the pool warm, the weather accomodating, the trampoline jumpers crazy, the horseshoes and badmitten teams hot (Royer is real "hot"), plus great music for all. We even had a few guests (like Will Filbert) show up to enjoy the festivities. The party started about noon and the crew was still going strong at 8pm. Some people got sunburned, but most just had a great time. SMWC's Dave Rock and Ryan Herwig looked well on the way to recovery.

SMWC's Mike Vashon (shown at left with SMWC Hall-of-Fame members Jason Gabrielson, Rick Jones, Bruce Gabrielson, and Craig Herwig) received the SMWC All-Star Award for the youth league team's outstanding 8th grader. Mike has over 100 wins so far this season. He went 20-1 in league matches, was the CAWL Champion, and placed 2nd in the MD/VA Beltway States.

Below are various highlights from the party.

Line at the Diving Board (left) - Jason Gabrielson and Craig Herwig Discuss Politics (center) - Wes Jones Takes the "Big Slide" Plunge (right)

Heavy "Poolball" Match (left) - Mike Rock and Rudy Rueda Stayed Cool (center) - The Lanciotti's Stayed in the Corners (right)

Ryan Herwig had a Bad Day (left) - Kevin Gabrielson gave Sharon Herwig a Cool Down (center) - Ryan Forman had a Worse Day (right) (notice the flowers)

The Badmitten was Sometimes Furious (left) - Crew in the Hot Tub (right)(Some Never Got Out)

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