Knox runs career wins to 118 at all-star meet
Calvert Hall wrestler rallies late in first bout

By Lem Satterfield
Sun Staff

Chris Knox, Calvert Hall's National Preps champ at 112 pounds, ran his career total of wins to 118 last night in the 16th annual Senior All-Star Classic at River Hill HS.

Knox used four near-fall points to overcome a 5-4 third-period deficit in a 10-5 win over Meade's state champ Matt Pandullo, then won by technical fall over North Caroline's John Rhodes, 20-5.

Knox was among several gold medalists in last night's triangular meet featuring the highest placing seniors from the private school and public school Class 1A-2A and Class 3A-4A state tournaments.

Curley's state champ Paul Boettcher (152) was an 8-4 winner over Northern-Garrett's Nick Dolan and pinned Annapolis' Andrew Hemminger. Arundel's state champ Jeff Blachly (heavyweight) beat Joppatowne's Tony Zeller, 10-5, and St. Paul's Nick Alevrogiannis, 12-4.


103--Narlis (T) p. Levine (Q), 2: 30; 112- Pandullo (MD) p. Rhodes (NCA), 4: 27; 119--Stine (MAR) mj. McKinney (PA), 11-3; 125--Burger (WM) d. McKeever (LA), 7- 4; 130--Dennis (HA) d. Dorsey (Q), 10-8, OT.; 135--Kehne (WK) d. Surgent (CAL), 10-6; 140--Gigliotti (SH) p. Myers (OW), 2: 33; 145--Poore (CAL) d. Oxendine (OV) , 7-4; 152--Hemminger (AN) d. Dolan (SG), 5-1, OT; 160--McAdoo (CAL) by df. over Kauffmann (NG).; 171--Myers (WM) d. Fofana (SH), 4-3; 189--Sheran (CAL) d. Schuster (FK), 11-6; Hwt--Blachly (AR) d. Zeller (JP), 10-5.


103--Levine (Q) by f; 112- Knox (CH) d. Pandullo (MD), 10-5; 119--McKinney (PAT) d. Michaloski (CH), 1-0; 125--Burger (WS) d. Bricker (CU), 4-3; 130--McDermott ( MSJ) d. Dorsey (Q), 9-6; 135--Surgent (CAL) d. Calhoun (CU), 5-4; 140--Gigliotti (SH) d. Glanden (DEM), 13-7; 145--Robertson (DEM) mj. Poore (CAL), 17-6; 152--Boettcher (CU) p. Hemminger (AN), 5: 23; 160--McAdoo (CAL) d. Arnold (BL), 4-1; 171--Cummings (DEM) p. Fofana (SH), 1: 36; 189--Sheran (CAL) d. Matthews (MCN), 21-14; Hwt-Blachly (AR) mj Alevrogiannis (STP).


103--Narlis (T) by faaa; 112- Knox (CH) tf. Rhodes (NCA), 20-5; 119--Stine (MAR) mj. Michaloski (CH), 13-5; 125--McKeever (LA) d. Bricker (CU), 7-3; 130--McDermott (MSJ) d. Dennis (HA), 11-8; 135--Kehne (WK) p. Calhoun (CU), 3: 37; 140--Glanden (DEM) d. Myers (OW), 7-5; 145--Robertson (DEM) p. Oxendine (OV), 5: 36; 152--Boettcher (CUR) d. Dolan (SG), 8-4; 160- Arnold (BL) d. Kauffmann (NG), 9- 6; 171--Cummings (DEM) d. Myers (WM), 10-5; 189--Matthews (MC) d. Schuster (FK), 14-12; Hwt--Alevrogiannis (STP) d. Zeller (JP), 9-4.

Originally published in Baltimore Sun on Mar 13, 1999