September 15, 1998

Dear member,

This letter is to inform you of a problem we have encountered with the Athletic Director at Frederick Douglass HS. Mr. Rose, on his own, has decided that we (1) are not a PG county organization, (2) we require tryouts to join our club (we are a select team), and (3) we are not a non-profit organization. Although we have members from many areas, we have been based in PG County for the past 15 years, allow anyone who wants to join our club, and have always been a non-profit AAU youth organization. The charges are false.

To allow the school an easy way out of our formal permit request, Mr. Rose has informed our club that there are too many other activities wanting to use the small gym and that he can't accommodate our facility use request. Although our Board of Directors has decided that Frederick Douglass is now on an anti-wrestling campaign and has given up using the school for future activities, the charges above are false and Mr. Rose should be held accountable for his decision. Therefore, we are requesting all members living in the Frederick Douglass HS District to write the school principal immediately and make their feelings about this decision known.

There are currently many schools in PG County that discriminate against minor sports such as wrestling. SMWC has been able to not only develop high quality wrestlers despite this lack of support, but has also been responsible for the acquisition of 51 college scholarships for club seniors during the past six years. Without the active support of our membership, including political support, we would never have been able to accomplish this impressive record.


Head Coach, SMWC
Southern Maryland Wrestling Club