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--2000 SPRING NEWS--

Our deepest sympathy goes out to member Nick Alley and family on their recent loss.

Congrads to SMWC's Akil Patterson for winning at the Junior Olympics. Akil also reports that he has verbally committed to the University of MD for next year.

Congrads to SMWC's Mike Faust (right) for winning both FS and GR at the USAW Junior Nationals

Senior recruiting - Since Coach G is no longer going to be active in obtaining scholarships for SMWC members, particularly Maryland wrestlers and PG County wrestlers who were not heavily involved in SMWC programs, he would like to have someone else take over this function as well as his extensive and productive contacts list. This has long been the most successful service our club has offered, and to let it go would be another real blow to local wrestling. Anyone interested should email Coach G will continue to answer college coach's emails and help kids from SMWC's programs when asked, but only on a limited basis. However, he will no longer write recommendation letters for members. At least for this next season, members who wish to put profiles on the SMWC home page should contact whoever is running SMWC practices.

SMWC's AAU National Championship Team

SMWC did very well at Grand Nationals June 27 to July 2. Individual champions in either GR or FS included Eric Hoffman, Brent Jones, Jason Kiessling, Evan Sola, Kevin Gabrielson, Tomas Ovalle, Flynn Ficker, Scott McAdoo, and Mike Faust. SMWC placed 2nd in GR in overall team scoring but won tots, elite and espoir in freestyle. Brent Jones became SMWC's 3rd ever Triple-Crown winner. For the entire story with pictures of our champions check here.

SMWC practices ended with a good turnout on Monday, June 26th, at Gwynn Park. They will pick up again the first Monday after school starts. Hayfield practices will continue on Tues and Thurs for the remainder of the summer.

Coach Hill brought along a couple of good grip experts (left) to practice June 21st. Coach had these two snakes in the back of his van. When he pulled them out some members took off while others had a chance to find out how strong boas can be.

Note: - If you plan to enter Sombo at Grand Nationals, we are having clinics this week and next at practice. Also, SMWC will not bring club jackets this year so members will need to borrow them at the tournament.

We need your help. Long time SMWC supporter Howard University is in danger of dropping its wrestling program. All members are urged to write and send emails to Howard University officials immediately. A copy of Coach Gs letter to Mr. Hank Ford, Athletic Director at Howard, can be found HERE. Note that Howard has had numerous problems with all its athletic programs of late.

The SMWC All-Stars held an awards party and pool party at the William's home in Owings on June 16th. The William's live almost directly accross the street from Northern HS. A large group of members attended the affair. Although it rained, many members and guests took advantage of the pool including Coach Jason who policed the affair. Because of the rain, a big yellow tent (left) had been put up outside. Everyone was able to stay dry (except those in the pool and Coaches Jones and G who both sat on a wet chair at different times) and a good time was had by all. Coach Jones and Coach G also received very nice decorated SMWC jackets from the team (pictured). Unfortunately, only two of the five awardees, Steve Ratley and Eli Black, were able to attend. The picture shows Steve and Eli with their coaches and parents. Following the party, the club held a meeting to discuss plans for next season. One thing that will change is dues will increase.

SMWC announced its 2000 inductees for the SMWC Hall-of-Fame Awards at the club picnic. This year's winners include:
Mike Faust - Mike joined SMWC in 1997. Since that time he has actively participated with the club in events from New Jersey to Florida. Mike finished this year's season with a #1 national ranking.
Quinn Foster - Quinn Foster joined SMWC his freshman year in HS. Quinn was most active during the years when we practiced at MacNamara HS. Quinn became an NCAA Div. I All-American this season wrestling at Arizona State.
Evan Sola - Evan joined SMWC in 1986. He wrestled for our youth teams both before and during our years at Bowie Boy's and Girls Club. Always active each year in our summer programs as well, Evan is one of our few Pennsylvania wrestlers to make the long trip down here on a regular basis. Evan won the Pennsylvania State HS Championships this year.
Mike Sola - Mike became an SMWC Coach in 1986 and helped coach our youth teams for several years. He has coached our touring and national teams from Texas to Missouri and many places in between. Mike is also head coach of the Road Warriors youth team in Pennsylvania.

Coach G now has the complete Kendall Cross "Cross of Gold" techniiques training video available for any interested member to check out. Kendall is a patron member of SMWC.

Those responsible for running the All-MD Forum are trying their best to keep a certain poster (who we all know) under control. They have stated that they try to delete the negative posts whenever they show up. As such, we can't blaim them for what is posted on a regular basis. So long as they try to keep things contained this site will not blaim them for what others write.

Good practice June 14th. Coach Jason is back wrestling from his knee operation.

Entry forms for the AAU Grand Nationals can be picked up at practice. You must submit them by June 20th. There are no walk-ins allowed.

For the second time in the club's history, a power outage caused us to cancel practice June 12th. A hugh rain storm hit Brandywine, causing widespread power outages and plenty of traffic problems. After waiting an hour with no power in the dark school gym, practice was cancelled at 7:24pm. Wouldn't you know it, as the last cars pulled out of the parking lot at 7:29 the power came back on.

SMWC's annual picnic and potluck was held Sunday, June 11th at Rudy Rueda's. What a great party. Click for a full write-up with pictures. Plenty of good food, music, and lots of activities. One of the highlights was Coach Gs showing of his wrestling movies including the US GR Olympic Trials and the NCAA Championships. Some pretty impressive stuff. Afterwards he commented how unimpressed he was with the bashers and crashers on the Maryland kids forum.

Although there were a number of clubs entered at the East Coast Club Championships June 10, SMWC members did very well. We had numerous champs plus Ryan Buff won the most falls award in kids.

Large practice June 7th. Even though we're not running formal practices now it looked like everyone got a tough work-out.

SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Chris Rodrigues has a nice article in the Sunday Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Congrads to SMWC's Ryan Herwig for winning the OW award at the PV Challenge Cup. Full results on the Cup with pictures can be found HERE.

With the end of school, SMWC now reverts to open mat practices for the summer. This has been the best year in recent history for our club. We've won about everything, maintained large practices with lots of top talent, and we've drawn wrestlers to practice with us from all over Maryland and Northern Virginia. We still draw 40+ at practice and they seem to be getting larger lately. Keep up the good work.

Congrads to SMWC's Tom Boettcher for winning both Folkstyle and Freestyle at the Ironman. One of Tom's matches was against fellow SMWC member Mike Vashon. Eric Hoffman also won folkstyle.

Terrible news about SMWC Hall-of-Fame Member Chris Rodrigues - Got the following note from Dave Rodrigues this morning. "Chris broke his jaw at the Junior World Team trials. He was beating Zach Allen 10-5 when they both went to the mat and Chris got up with a broken jaw. Doc says that he may be OK by the Olympic trails but we shouldn't bet on it. Most likely he will have to sit out."

A note about the practice held after Marc's clinic. If you watched Gladiator you "ain't seen nothing". Of the 40+ members on hand, try this out: In one corner, Gabrielson, Herwig, and Boettcher plus a few other poor soles who ventured to close. In the opposite corner, Palumbo and Kess in their usual hammer match. Next to them Ruda and Artis trying to kill each other. In still another corner, Nick Alley and Willie Harris beating on whoever wanted a piece of the action. In the middle, Marc Hoffer and Brandyn Hardnett trying to win mini-NCAA's. And in the last corner, John Allman and the post college crew making their comeback. On the kids mat, Mike Rowe got the urge after throwing Russell Nelson on his head and decided to work over all the small kids. Just a few of the crew on hand. To top it off, Coach Jason, trying to work his knee out after his operation, decided to beat on Darian for a few minutes just for fun.

American University wrestling standout and SMWC member Marc Hoffer presented a well attended clinic at SMWC's practice on Wednesday, May 24th. Mark showed several of the turns and takedowns he used in international competitions this past year. Marc was helped by his team mate and SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Willie Harris.

Congrads to SMWC's Brent and Matt Jones for winning at Solanco.

Congrads to SMWC's Tomas Ovalle and Michael Vachon for winning at VA FS/GR States.

This is the season. Reg Wicks announced this week that he is retiring after 26 years of coaching at the Naval Academy. Wicks has been the head coach for the past 14 years. He will remain at the Academy as a physical education instructor. Good luck to you Reg.

Attention members wanting a coaches certification. Coach G is working with Phil Cronin in Virginia to promote a Bronze coaches clinic and also set up an advancement to silver program. Talk to him if you're interested.

Coach Hill is putting together a team for the JO Games in Florida this summer. The Games take place one day after the Cadet and Junior Nationals in Fargo. Anyone interested in attending should contact Coach Hill.

The Maryland AAU Championships held May 14th at Calvert HS looked like a SMWC practice. Most members who entered did very well. Those officials who want to officiate at Grand Nationals got in a good day of practice. Walt Hoffman and Brandon Hardnett had an easy initiation into the officiating ranks. Mike Rowe received his award (right) for the Outstanding Maryland AAU wrestler from Ron McAdoo.

Two time MD HS State Champion and two time ACC Champion Brandon York (left), now wrestling at Maryland, presented a takedown clinic at the SMWC practice on Wed, May 10th. Among the moves Brandon showed were a slick inside trip and a deceptive fake single leg. About 40 members were there, including SMWC Hall-of-Fame Member Steve Arslanian, also a former Univ. of Maryland wrestler, to benefit from Brandon's visit.

Speaking of Coach G, he got a very nice and unexpected call from MSWA State Chairman Haswell Franklin informing him that he had been selected to receive Maryland's 2000 Johnny Erickson Memorial Award. Coach Jones won the top kids coach honors. Coach Jones has developed tremendous kids teams over the past few years while Coach G has put in a lot of time and energy over the past 17 years building Maryland wrestling into the visible national powerhouse it is today. Both will receive their awards next fall at the MSWA Annual Bull Rost.

New format for competition teams. Coach Jason has decided to no longer allow members who do not practice with us to compete on our club teams. In the past we have allowed any members who belonged to our club the right to challenge for positions on the various tournament and dual meet teams we put together. This decision will effect many members who live long distances from our club but who compete with us on a regular basis. Coach has yet to work out details or how many times a member must show up to be considered practicing with us. It will not effect those who join our club to take advantage of the club's other benefits.

Coach Jason underwent knee surgery April 2nd at Calvert Memorial Hospital. He was back at practice the next day but wasn't walking. The picture is of him just as he was waking up.

SMWC's Jon Peters injured his neck during the duals Sunday at Hayfield and will be out for a week.

SMWC won big April 30 at Hayfield HS. The HS age team (right) finished on top of nine other teams winning the first annual Virginia Club Freestyle Duals. SMWC selected its team from members who challenged for the team, one member at each weight. Complete information with more pictures can be found here.

The SMWC Constitution and Bylaws was officially ammended on April 26 by unanimous vote of the 46 wrestlers and members present. The amendment is as follows:

Appendix C - Head Coach Support
A. The SMWC Head Coach will receive $10 per week to help defray costs for activities associated with club support. Reimbursement shall be paid on a monthly basis during the period when regular practices are being held. No receipts or other invoices will be required from the coach.
B. USAW Coaching Cards will be purchased for the SMWC Head Coach and the SMWC youth team head coach each year.

Big practice Wednesday April 26. Coach Jason and Coach Ivan worked everyone over good. Several members were recognized for winning and placing in big events recently. Brent and Tom won in Tulsa plus Matt took 5th. Floyd won and Kevin took 2nd in Las Vegas. Little Kyle took second and Julian 5th at Eastern Nationals. Ryan Buff won in Toms River. Final wrestle-offs for the SMWC team entered in the duals took place. Kyle Parker and Derek McDermott had an intense and close challenge match going until Kyle broke his elbow and was taken to the hospital. He will be out for 6 weeks.

New web link policy - Due to negative comments about our club on unmoderated web sites, we will no longer provide links to sites where bashing is allowed. Our sport has enough problems without constant negativeism on uncontrolled sites.

Big congrads to SMWC's Brent Jones and Tom Boettcher (shown in 154 cadet finals at right) for winning AAU Folkstyle Nationals in Tulsa.

Dakada Sports in Severna Park Maryland is going out of business. Headgears, singlets, and kneepads are all on sale at large savings (about 1/3 off). If interested, 410-544-7888.

Rumor has it that Mike Rock's sister has now been seen with Ryan Herwig. It does pay to hang around our practices.

Big congrads to SMWC's Floyd Wright (left) for winning Greco-Roman in Juniors at the Western Regionals in Las Vegas. Floyd got a pin in the finals of this major event. Floyd was part of our team Coached by Roy Hill.

Congrads to SMWC's Ryan Buff, Luke Palumbo (left), Ryan Herwig (right), Kevin Gabrielson, Tom Boettcher, Walt Hoffman, Matt and Jeff Evelith, and Mike Faust (below right against SMWC member Akil Patterson) for winning Damascus. MSWA Chairman Haswell Franklin presented the first place team award to us for winning the MSWA Maryland folkstyle club championships title earlier this season before freestyle bouts started for the day. The members present then got together for a nice team picture taken by Mrs. Palumbo (which she had to re-shoot when the straglers, Ryan H and Kevin G, showed up). Everyone in the gym had the opportunity to see who belongs to SMWC..

It's clinic season. As we do every year, our club is in process of inviting a number of individuals to present clinics at regular practices. Some clinicians invited this spring include: Troy Sunderland, Shorty Hitchcock, Lenny Bernstein, Brian Shaffer, Paul Cotton, Brandon York, and Marc Hoffer. There are a few others as well. Basically, any coach or recognized wrestler passing through DC is welcome to stop by for a short clinic. This is another way our club members get to know college coaches in the region and the local coaches get to know them. One item for our members to remember, put something back into your club if you make it someday.

Lebanon Valley College is having problems with their program. You may remember that Dave Boger's Lebanon Valley Wrestling Club is one of our sister clubs from Pennsylvania. Let's hope the problems can be resolved and the program remains intact.

Over 60 at practice April 12. Coach Bernard Nimmons, Coach Hill and retired Coach G all helped run the practice in Coach Jason's absence. Some of the new moves worked on included several front head lock reversals plus three different Merkels from standing and down. Coach Nimmons had the team do 10 "simple" push-ups (left) during the warm-down which were just too much for most members. Notice how well the push-ups looked on the side of the room where Mike Rock's sister watched (right).

Very good article by Susan Reimer in the Baltimore Sun on Title IX in sports misapplied.

Very good tournament weekend for SMWC wrestlers April 8-9. Rudy Rueda, Eli Black, and Jonathan Farrenger were winners at Salesbury. Mike Rowe, Walt Hoffman, Luke Palumbo, Ryan Herwig, Kevin Gabrielson, and Mike Faust were winners at Severna Park.

Tough on HS Wrestlers - Anyone notice the effect Mike Rock's sister and her friend have had on all the high school age wrestlers at practice. The intensity has really picked up lately. Anyone practicing in the 140 lb to 180 lb groups better be ready for a pounding.

Coach Jason has returned to Edinboro for a few weeks. Coach Hardnett ran a good practice April 5 for the 60+ members that showed up.

SMWC member Mat Pecha, who recently had a knee operation, is going to take the rest of the semester off from West Virginia. He has joined the Marine Corp. Reserve and will soon be gone to basic. He says he plans to go back to WVA in the fall.

Very large practice April 3rd. We had a guest coach, Jim Eddy, visiting from Highland, Michigan, working with the larger members.

Attention seniors - Besides our club profile, there is another site where you can have your profile available to college scouts. It is located here. Our club sends your profile to over 100 wrestling coaches who are regularly interested in our members. This new site offers free profiles but doesn't necessarily have the same contacts we do. They charge to send your profile to coaches.

Congrads to Tom Boettcher and Darian Kess for winning at Hammond.

2000 Maryland Folkstyle Club Champions

SMWC had a fantastic tournament again at the Maryland Age-Wt State Championships and Club Championships March 25 & 26. This is one of our two events each year where nearly every member shows up for serious work. It is also one of the two events, the East Coast Club Championships is the other, where we expect all members, win or loose, to represent our club with dignity. This year, except for clown and clown jr. Ryan and Ryan, was no exception. Coach Jason was busy running back and forth between rooms both days. Despite hugh entries in each class on Sat. several of the All-Stars came through with solid showings including 6 champions. Winners included Jamie Clark, Jonathan Farrenger, Lucus Black, Sonnie Nucci, Eli Black, and a big surprise champion Edwin Randall. Edwin was inspired and managed some tremendous wins. On Sunday the big guns came out to play. SMWC was well represented in the advanced through open catagories. We're not sure who won the last final matches, but SMWC had 12 champions when the final bouts were posted. Some of the winners include Jason Kiessling, Clint Parker, Kevin Bryant, Luke Palumbo, Kevin Gabrielson (above left), Rudy Rueda, Tom Boettcher, Mike Boettcher, Bill Royer, Darian Kess, and Jason Lanciotti. It is interesting to note that Bill Royer, after many years not joining our club, despite nearly all of his charges wrestling for us, finally broke down. Bill, you should come by practice more often. The picture above right shows ex-Coach G receiving the club award from Haswell Franklin.

Sorry to report that SMWC's 3 DAPPER DAN WRESTLERS, 119 Chris Rodrigues (USA), 130 Ryan McCallum (PA), and Hwt Mike Faust (USA) all lost tough matches. At least we're proud you represented us with the best of the best.

SMWC's three Senior Nationals wrestlers, Steve Lanciotti, Garrett Black, and Jeff Eveleth had a tough weekend. Steve and Jeff went 2-2, but Garrett ran into a rough opponent right off and didn't have a good showing.

In January, the SMWC Hall-of-Fame Committee (1999 members: Herwig, Gabrielson, Jones, Howard, Arslanian) discussed the possibility of providing a weekly stipend for the head coach in order to defray costs for telephone calls, meeting attendance, and travel to practices and tournaments. The feeling was that our head coaching job is too demanding and finding a replacement when there is a vacancy is a very difficult task our membership could be faced with. Additionally, other successful major clubs privide similar benefits to their coaches. It was determined that so long as the club has funding, we should provide this benefit to our head coach. Therefore, as required in the SMWC Constitution & Bylaws, this notice serves as the formal announcement to add the following ammendment to the SMWC Bylaws. Appendix C Head Coach Support "The Head Coach for SMWC will receive $10 per week to help defray costs for activities associated with club support. The reimbursement shall be paid on a monthly basis during the period when regular practices are being held. No receipts or other invoices will be required from the coach.". This ammendment will be retroactive to the date of our annual meeting and will be voted on by members present at a regular practice 30 days from this date: 24 March 2000. This will be the April 20 practice. Additionally, the head coach will not be able to vote on this ammendment.

A real surprise showed up March 23rd. SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Earl Norman came to practice for the first time in at least 10 years. He had 5 new Normans with him, all grandsons. They had started wrestling this fall in the junior leagues and are now ready to step up to the big leagues. Earl competed years ago with Coach G and SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Omar Malik in national events.

A big congrads to SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Khalil abdul-Malik (at left with Coach G). He was named Coach of the Year in his two private school conferences, the Tidewater Conference of Independent School's and the Virginia Prep League.

Reminder - Members should make sure they put SMWC on their entry form for the Maryland Age/Wt State Chs and Club Chs this coming weekend. Also, make sure your name is on the roster submitted for team points each morning.

Very large practice March 20. Everyone was surprised to see old coach Bruce in there wrestling with the crew. Trainers Rudy and crew were busy. One of our big open wrestlers, Sean Stone (shown at left in a 1995 hs match) got both barrels in the nose. Ran out holding his nose with blood running all over the place. He came back in with two plugs after we cleaned up the mess. Jason Kiesling, Ryan Herwig and Kevin Gabrielson were all red faced, out of shape, but looking very strong in their groups. Coach Jason showed his unique ankle lace plus his special version of an effective gut wrench. Ryan Forman started using it right after that on everyone he wrestled. The Hardnett's and Mat Pecha helped with practice. Matt says he is taking the semester off from West Virginia to go into the Marine Corps reserves. He needs money to help pay for college.

The annual meeting of SMWC was held March 13th at Gwynn Park HS. SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Jason Gabrielson was voted in as the new Head Coach.

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