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--1999/2000 NEWS--

SMWC All-Stars Youth Team Schedule
2000 Spring/Summer Announcement

This ends our fall/winter newsletter coverage. Please go to Spring 2000 News to continue coverage.

Congrads to SMWC's newest NCAA Div I All-Americans, Todd Beckerman and Quinn Foster

At least 100 wrestlers and guests attended Coach G's retirement practice and cerimony Monday, March 13th, at Gwynn Park HS. Coach retired after 31 years of coaching and over 40 years involvement in the sport. During the shoe cerimony he recognized many individuals who he coached and worked with over the years, as well as other coaches and successful wrestlers who helped and inspired him during his long involvement. After the cerimony, many former members of his numerous teams thanked him for what he had done for them. There was even one person there who was wrestling with Coach during his early competition years. Here is a copy of his retirement speech and some pictures. Coach's son Jason, who came home from school this past weekend to have his knee operated on, was voted in as the new SMWC coach. Jason is almost the same age as his dad was when he first started coaching an elite team. Good luck Jason for coming forward to accept a difficult job.

With our outstanding youth team this year, there is now speculation about which team will eventually produce the most high school champions and placewinners. Our greatest former team was the 1991 All-Stars so far. It will be interesting to find out in 10 years how our current team matches up.

Tough loss again for Maryland at the 2000 MD-VA HS Senior Match. Not many of Maryland's top wrestlers showed. SMWC member Ron McAdoo was the Maryland Coach.

Congrads to long time SMWC members Evan Sola and Ryan McCallum for winning at the Pennsylvania HS State Championships.

SMWC All-Stars Capture MD/VA Beltway State Championships

Final team standings: SMWC (200.5 pts) 1st, Golden Ring (176 pts) 2nd, 3rd place three way tie between Gaithersburg, Owings Mills, and Mountain Road Wrestling (MRW) all with 141 points. SMWC Champions Jonathan Farringer, Eli Black, and Steve Ratley. After the tournament ended, the team went to a local pizza resturant for a big party.

It is with great sadness we report the untimely death of Virginia wrestler Kevin Littly. While not a SMWC member, many remember the intense competitions between the Robinson Rams and SMWC during the early years of our club. One of the greatest freestyle matches Coach G often describes was at the Challenge Cup between Kevin and SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Khalil Malik. We will miss you Kevin.

Congrads to SMWC member Brandon York for winning the ACC.

SMWC members Kevin Gabrielson and Scott McAdoo got their pictures plus a few words in the Recorder Newspaper Thursday for winning National Preps.

Congrads to SMWC's Jeff Eveleth and Matt Eveleth for winning Maryland Public HS State Championships.

Congrads to the 2000 CAWL Team Champions, the SMWC All-Stars. The All-Stars won the team title March 5th with a score of 301.5 pts over runner-up Gaithersberg with 237 pts and 3rd place Damascus with 235 pts.

SMWC member Max Buff got a nice writeup and picture in the Washington Post Southern Maryland Section this weekend.

Big practice March 2. The high school wrestlers are starting to work out with us. Clint Parker was back wrestling with Danny Yates, Rudy, Eli, and crew. The Hardnett's are back for a week during their semester break. They went at it with Allman for some heavy practice work. We're also starting to get some junior league wrestlers from other teams.

SMWC Hall-of-Fame member and DeMatha Asst. Coach John Allman was helping at the All-Star practice Monday, Feb 28. John's roots go back to our youth team where he first stepped on the mat for Kettering when he was very small. Coach G also mentioned about when he first saw John around the 8th grade. John (and his brother Mat) worked with our team through high school and is planning to work with us off-season in the future.

SMWC's Jon Peters had his piture in the Washington Post Southern Section along with a nice write-up. Jon has had a very good season so far.

While at National Preps, SMWC's two most recent Hall-of-Fame members, Ryan Herwig and Chris Rodregues were presented their awards. Ryan is shown at left receiving his award from current members Bruce Gabrielson, Kevin Gabrielson, and John Allman. Chris is shown on the right. SMWC Patron Kendall Cross was in the picture with Chris.

Congrads to the All-Stars for finishing 3rd at Drexel Hill. Drexell Hill's event is near Philadelphia, and regularly draws some of the very best youth teams in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We entered only 17 wrestlers and were close to second in the scoring. Matt Jones, Ryan Buff and Ken Jefferson took 1st. We also need to mention that second year wrestler Russell Nelson (shown in the picture at left) got his very first tournament place, 4th in a draw of about 15. Good job Russell. Russell is one of the very few first year wrestlers that has developed entirely within our youth program. Edwin Randell, currently in his second year, is another.

Incredible weekend for SMWC high school wrestlers Feb 25-27. So many won and placed at big events that it would overload here to list everyone. Congrads to the many champions and placewinners at Maryland Regionals. Those we know of so far include Marchello Nucci, Garrett Black, Matt and Jeff Eveleth, Ryan Forman, Frank Wright, Jon Peters, Akil Patterson, and Jason Kiessling. Good luck as you go on to the state champs.

2000 National Prep School Champions

At National Preps, held at Leheigh University in Pennsylvania, many SMWC members did well. In fact, our club would have been close to first if not first had it been entered in the team scoring. We had 4 firsts, 3 seconds, 3 thirds and many other places. Members who won included Chris Rodrigues (Walker School), Kevin Gabrielson (left)(DeMatha), Scott McAdoo (right with dad) (Blair), and Mike Faust (Gillman). Chris, a new member of the SMWC Hall-of-Fame, also received the OW award. We should mention that a large number of college coaches were watching our members during their matches. Great job to all.

SMWC's Maryland Private School State Finalists
February 20, 2000

Several SMWC members did well at the Maryland Private School State Championships Feb 19-20. SMWC's Darian Kess met SMWC's Luke Palumbo (left) for the club's first member to win a state title. Other club winners included Steve Lanciotti, Antuan Lide, Kevin Gabrielson, Joe Sargent, and Mike Faust. One great thing about our club is that no matter what school you wrestle for, the members still tend to get together. A large number of members went to eat together and play pool during the break before finals. The picture at right shows a group of members in the stands. What was surprising was that this picture wasn't "set up", they all just happened to be there. Notice that SMWC Patron Jim Akerly is also in the picture. Sorry we couldn't get Ryan to keep his mouth shut.

Congrads to the SMWC All-Stars for taking 4th at Norristown on Feb 20th with only 10 wrestlers.

SMWC member Joe Lareau reports that he has sold his The Mat website.

SMWC Patron Member Kendall Cross has updated his web page with several "Action Pictures". Take a look. Kendall also mentioned that he will be at Prep Nationals and will drop by for a short visit with Coach G while there. The picture at left shows Kendall receiving his Patron Award from SMWC Hall-of-Fame members Bruce Gabrielson and John Allman.

How many youth clubs can claim that top hs wrestlers start to show up for practice as their season gets closer to states? We can. The All-Stars have had several top ranked high school wrestlers working out with them recently. It's great to think that many of our successful current stars still go back to their roots when it's time to get serious. Two years ago we had 3 reigning hs state champs show up one night to practice before their state tournament.

SMWC All-Stars
1999-2000 CAWL Dual Meet Champions
Whiners and losers complain, winners can walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk.

Congrads to SMWC's Chris Rodrigues on winning his 4th Georgia State HS Title.

Tremendous weekend of wrestling for SMWC members Feb 12 & 13. In high school, there were five private school members who made it to the finals at St Albans. SMWC's Kevin Gabrielson and Mike Waite took home the champions crown. The picture above left shows a group of members during the competition. Included are Reed Carpenter, Kevin Gabrielson, Mike Waite, Danny Yates, and Flynn Ficker. Watching the action were SMWC Patron Jim Akerly and SMWC Hall-of-Fame Member Willie Harris (above right). In publics, SMWC members also did well, several members competing for Northern HS at the state Duals. In kids, the All-Stars (shown with their team award) captured the Oxford Team Title with only 14 wrestlers on Sat. then cinched the CAWL dual meet title on Sunday with strong wins against Westlake (85-15) and Culpepper (104-0). The Culpepper Cobras win represents a new record for the club. The old record was 96-0 set several years back. A complete write-up on all events plus pictures will be available soon.

SMWC's Ryan Foreman (left) got a very nice write-up and picture in this weekend's Washington Post Southern Maryland Section. Actually, SMWC members have gotten a great deal of press coverage this season in the Post.

SMWC high school members also did well at the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference (WCAC) Championships this past weekend. Club winners included Danny Yates, Reed Carpenter, Kevin Gabrielson, and Flynn Ficker. Danny was wearing his SMWC All-Stars shirt all day including on the awards stand. Danny is shown above on the right with his older brother and O'Connel Hwt Joe, also a past SMWC member. Danny's dad Bob is currently the JV Coach at Bishop O'Connell HS. According to the grapevine, SMWC All-Star sensation Steve Ratley will attend O'Connel next fall.

Great weekend Feb 5/6) for the SMWC All-Stars. On Sat. they defeated Vienna (92-9) and then Olney (91-3). On Sunday they had three tough matches defeating Chantilly (63-18), Mt Airy (67-21), and finally Gaithersberg (58-24). Gaithersberg was our biggest match of the season. Going in we knew that the winner of the match would eventually be crowned the CAWL Dual Meet Champions. The team came through in great form. Pictured from below right are the captains, Mike Rock and Steve Ratley before the Gaithersberg match. Above left is Steve Ratley during his match. Above right is Mike Rowe and then Jamie Clark at left below.

The Sunday Washington Post (Jan 30) had two wrestling articles about SMWC wrestlers. The main section featured a picture and write-up about Reed Carpenter, while the Southern Maryland section had a nice article and picture about Jason Kiessling. Jason's article was interesting not only for the wrestling stuff, but it also talked about his weight lifting competitions.

Sorry to report that SMWC's Jason Gabrielson is out for the remainder of the wrestling season.

While coach G was attending the PSAC Championships at Lockhaven Univ. on Sat, the director on the National Prep Tournament had a long discussion with him about Grace Breatheran. It seems the school's name is being discussed at the national tournaments lately.

The snows have really hurt our program the past two weeks. Practices have slipped plus the All-Stars have had to cancel matches. They didn't have much trouble trouncing Damascus Jan 29th (88-3) and Burtonsville (85-12), but the ice storm on Sunday cancelled out two matches.

Got a news flash from Longwood Universtiy. SMWC's Zane Harshman/Smithsburg, Md. has been selected as one of the Longwood/Domino's 'Players of the Week' for the period January 19-25.

Some tough news about SMWC's Joey Sargent. He will have an MRI to check his knee this week. According to his dad, if there is any damage Joey's wrestling career is over. He can't afford to have damaged knees impact his baseball career.

The All-Stars open their duel meet season Sunday, Jan 23rd, at Westlake HS with a strong 92-12 victory over Bull Run. Their second match against Prince William was cancelled. The All-Stars were missing 3 starters who gave our club a strong showing at VA Middle School States the same day. SMWC's Julian Lane and Brent Jones made it into the finals at their respective weight classes, but only Julian scored the win. The picture at left from Mat Talk On-Line shows Julian receiving his OW award.

Of the nine SMWC members who went to Tulsa Nationals this past weekend, seven placed but only Matt Jones made it into the finals. There he lost a close decision. Congrads to all those members who had very large weight classes but still did well.

Take a look at the interesting article about wrestling that appeared in the Omaha World Herald 1/18/2000.

Any readers who follow the Maryland Wrestling Board web page might have noticed that someone claiming to be an "old insider" seems to think SMWC didn't evolve from the old Kettering Boys and Girls Club Team. This guy obviously wasn't an "insider". Except for the two years we helped re-start Bowie's Beltway Team, SMWC's kids team was called Kettering. During those two years our beltway club was called Bowie Boys & Girls Club. Actually, Kettering's team started unofficially using the name SMWC for the spring program when the boys and girls club refused to insure older wrestlers at practices. We officially became SMWC while at Bowie. It wasn't until about 10 years back that we dropped the Kettering name when the club refused to continue sponsorship of the youth program. Since the 1970's Kettering was the top beltway club in PG County. Consider the source, who didn't leave his name, when you read things on rag sheets.

Another big congrads for SMWC's Chris Rodrigues (right). Chris has been selected as the Athlete of The Month by Sports Illustrated and will be featured in the February edition (Swimsuit Issue).

Sorry to report that Edinboro star Jason Gabrielson has been diagnosed with an ulcer. This is the source of problems he has had this season.

SMWC's Evan Sola won Berks' County in PA this weekend. He also won the OW award.

SMWC's Clint Parker injured his knee and may be out for the season. Clint had a nice picture in the Washington Post Southern Maryland Supplement on Sunday, Jan 16.

SMWC's Kevin Gabrielson is back in the lineup again after two weeks out with an injury. He also managed to get into a car wreck this week. When it rains it pours.

Congrads to SMWC's Mike Faust for being selected to the Dapper Dan Wrestling Classic. Mike will wrestle at Hwt while SMWC's Chris Rodrigues will wrestle at 119 lbs.

PG County is known for their quickness to close schools on a whim. At the Jan 13th practice, they closed schools on a wind. We got there and they were locking the doors. Sorry about the drive for everyone who showed.

As many know, Monday Coach G was one of several state wrestling leaders who testified against the Maryland Department of Education to force acceptance of the 215 lb weight class at the high school level. The court's decision, announced Wednesday, was a forgone conclusion. Regardless of what was presented, the state won its case that there is no safety concern with the weights as they stand now. Maybe one day wrestling will be successful in Maryland but for now it must continue to suffer at the hands of administrators. At least we did make one point with the state, we'll no longer sit idle while we get shit on.

Another big one for SMWC's Chris Rodrigues. He was just selected to the Wrestling USA Dream Team and will wrestle against an all-star team from Minnisota this year.

Congrads to SMWC's Eli Black and Steve Sargent for winning Walkersville.

SMWC's Kevin Gabrielson crashed on a snowboard jump Sunday, Jan 2. He sprained his sholder.

Got word from SMWC member Evan Sola in PA (shown at left). He won his first two tournaments, Carlisle and Donegal, and currently sports a #2 PIAA state ranking.

Congrads to SMWC's Chris Rodrigues who won the Sunshine Open (college div 125) and got OW.

The Herndon Capitol Challenge, rated as one of the top 20 toughest tournaments in the nation, finished late last night. Several SMWC members competed with 3 finalists but only Kevin Gabrielson taking the gold.

In case you have been wondering about how Coach G looks lately, he is getting into serious shape to make a run at the Vetrans Nationals this April. You will likely see him and Coach Howard doing some "strange" conditioning/training things the next two months to get ready.

Many wrestling coaches and supporters read this newsletter on a daily basis. We, in Maryland, have had a serious problem brewing that hasn't come to a head until last week. As many already know, Rudy Rueda, an 8th grader, has been recruited by Carlos Sandoval, coach at Grace Bretheran, to wrestle for his team in high school events. Rudy attends a school other than Grace Bretheran, and is a full time (not home schooled) student. The loophold seems to be that since Rudy's school doesn't have a wrestling team (few 8th grade schools do), he can be classified as home schooled by Grace Bretheran and therefore is eligible for their team. Rudy has been told by Carlos that he is eligible for the Maryland Private School State Championships and also the National Prep Championships. Rudy was also told by this same individual that his competition will have no effect on his high school eligibility. We believe this is a terrible precident to set in Maryland wrestling, it could spell disaster among state youth teams, and will definitely effect credibility of the state and national events. Because of the concern Coach G has for other club members, at this time the charge of Persona non-Grata is applied to Carlos Sandoval according to the Constitution and ByLaws of our club. This newsletter constitutes public notification of the charge. If any SMWC member would like to comment on this charge to the SMWC Board of Directors, they must do so within the next two weeks.

SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Steve Arslanian reports that he has been so busy with the current Hubble Space Telescope project that he has little time for everything else. He is looking forward to spring again.

Lots of things going on over the Christmas break. Many of our members now wrestling in college or elsewhere were back for the holidays. At a DeMatha practice last week, Brian Page (starting at Maryland), Whiile Harris (starting at American), Todd Beckerman (starting at Nebraska), Jason Gabrielson (starting at Edinboro), and William McKinney (shown at left - can you believe now in the USMC) showed up to work out with local members.

The current approach to Maryland HS rankings gives a chance for many other wrestlers besides our members to claim higher rankings. Regardless, our members dominated the South Regional and North Regional state rankings last week. Members scored 5 top places out of 13 in the north ranking and 7 top places in the south ranking. In the south, the rankings sort of looked like workout groups at off season practices. At 140 lbs, the top four are all from our club, and at both 130 lbs and 135 lbs, 3 of the top 4 are from our club. 20 of the total 62 ranked wrestlers in the Southern Region are SMWC members. If you take a look at the Northern Virginia rankings, you see the same types of numbers, particularly the Hayfield (SMWC/GunstonWC) wrestlers. Guess that proves we are doing well for this season.

Small practice on Monday, Dec 20th. Too many Christmas vacations. Those who work are those who win. Coach G did have one important thing to say to those who attended; "Only good moves work against good kids." With that in mind he spent the entire night on "good moves," mostly takedowns.

SMWC All-Stars did well at Golden Ring. Several 2nds with Jonathan Faringer and Jamie Clark champions.

College coaches were all over the place at the Beast of the East Sunday. Many talked to Coach G about our various members. Please be aware that our juniors and seniors are mostly listed on our club's profile pages for all to see.

SMWC members put a number on the best at Beast of the East. We had 3 finalists but only one champ. Congrads to Champion Mike Faust. We also had some 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, and so on.

Bad news about SMWC's Tom Boettcher (right). He tore the ligaments in his foot during a match this past week and will be out for a few weeks. Tom has some of the worst luck around. We're considering a bad luck award for the winner between him and Mike Rock.

SMWC's Brandon York, pictured at left, has a nice write-up on the University of Maryland's Web Site this week. This picture, from the U of M page, was taken during Brandon's 1999 NCAA tournament.

Speaking of the Washington Post, the December 16th Rankings are out. SMWC has three #1 ranked wrestlers: Jeff Eveleth, Kevin Gabrielson, and Floyd Wright. We also had a number of second and third ranked wrestlers. Check the rankings out now as they will really change when they come out again, both team and individual wise.

SMWC's Floyd Wright got a nice write-up in the Washington Post this week.

So many members won various tournaments (Bowie, Chopticon, Fairfax, Manchester, Annapolis) that it would be a roster to list all. It's sufficient to say that the word is out.

Nice article in Thursday's Washington Post The Long Road to Wrestling Success Chopticon's Black Travels Far in Search of Competition

SMWC's Hall-of-Fame member Chris Rodrigues (left) is having a great year. According to Chris' dad Dave, yesterday Chris received a call telling him he had been selected to the Dapper Dan Classic team. Chris has accepted and will wrestle at 119lb (actually 124lb since they are giving 5lbs).

Readers who are able to cast ballots for the AAU James Sullivan Award are urged to FAX in their ballot this week. Steven Neal, a long time friend of our club, is on the ballot. For members who were at the NCAA Chs last year, Steve was the heavyweight from Bakersfield who came over and sat with our club to visit before the finals. Be assured we listed Steve #1 on our ballot.

The SMWC All-Star fundraiser to sell cookie dough was successful, but not as successful as it could have been. Only half members sold anything. Therefore, those who didn't sell will be assessed a fee of $10 to help cover club expensis this season. We are currently one of the least expensive clubs to belong to, yet have the most extensive program of any in this region. If you can't spend any time to support our club then you will have to pay more to participate.

Congrads to SMWC's Brandon York for winning the Penn State Open

Congads to SMWC's Rudy Rueda and Matt Jones for winning at Fawn Grove

Coach G has agreed to help answer wrestling questions on the web site. Check in to see his response to a question on takedowns for big men.

Practices are getting intense at DeMatha. SMWC member Kevin Gabrielson severly sprained SMWC Hall-of-Fame member and DeMatha Asst. Coach John Allman's (left) ankle this week. At first John thought his foot was broken but xrays revieled a level III sprain instead.

See Coach G if you are interested in tickets for the Wrestling World Cup, Feb 5-6 at the Patriot Center. We get a discount on group orders. Don't wait until the last minute as it will be too late. You can also get information or order tickets by calling 202 432-seat. If you are outside this area, call 800 551-seat.

All Star practices have changed to Mon-Thurs at GP and to Sandburg Middle School on Tues and Wed. A complete practice and event schedule will be available soon. The All Stars have most members practicing now and will also be ordering club singlets and T-shirts soon. Older club members who want to order the club's red/white singlet at this time may do so as well.

Maryland will be holding a wrestle-off for the Mason/Dixon State Dual Team very soon. If you think you can qualify for the wrestle-off based on how well you did last year and/or how well you have done in the many post and pre-season events then see Coach Jones immediately for an application. Only a limited number of wrestlers at each weight will be invited to the wrestle-off tournament.

Attention club members: Tickets for the 2000 NCAA Championships can now be ordered through Coach G. Orders must be received and paid for prior to Christmas. The event will be held March 16-18 in St Louis. SMWC will again have a cheering section for our many members.

Lots of events over the Thanksgiving holidays. Congrads to the following SMWC members who won at Dundalk: Julian Lane, Sam O'Hair, Steve Ratley, Jeff and Mat Evelith, Ryan Herwig, Jason (shown at left) and Kevin Gabrielson, Tom Boettcher, and Mike Faust.

Congrads to SMWC's Chris Rodrigues for winning the NHSCA Pre-Season Wrestling Championships

The September issue of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Research Digest has a very good article on Physical Activity Promotion and School Physical Education that is worth reading.

Coach G also found a very interesting site for wrestlers to send a special "Wrestler's Greeting Card" over the holidays. Check it out. It's free.

Coach G found someone's cell phone at practice. He will have it tonight. Several college wrestlers have been at our youth team practice lately. Come by for our last practice before turkey day.

SMWC's Nick Alley is back for the holidays. He reports that he is starting at Western Maryland and that he has done well in the first two tournaments the team entered. He will give us a full report on their team in a few weeks when the season gets rolling.

Only a small turnout for a great SMWC All-Star practice Monday, Nov 22. Both Hardnett's were helping Coach G as was Matt Pecha. Matt will undergo knee surgery this week and will likely miss the season at West Virginia.

SMWC's Jason Gabrielson and SMWC's Todd Beckerman won the Cornell Duals Nov. 20th.

SMWC member Jeff Rusak (left) sent an update from Old Dominion Univ. this week. He says "Things are going alright so far. We got a few people hurt for the first tournament or two. Have a young team this year. We are starting two or three freshman with only two seniors and mostly sophomores, but we have a lot of pontential..." Jeff won the ODU invitational Nov. 21st with all pins.

Lots of winners Sat, Nov 20 at Osbourn Park and Sun at Steven Welsh. In fact, nearly every club member who entered won at one or the other of the tournaments. A rough list of winners includes (might not catch everyone): Rudy Rueda, Brent Jones, Ryan Buff, Steve Sargent, Kyle Parker, Steve Ratley, Jonathan Farrenger, Julian Lane, Jackie Dwier, Dirk Hurren (left), and Sam O'Hair.

Hope all our readers are following the Bradley for Pres. vs. Title IX fiasco. Call a rose a rose and a spade a spade. If Bradley (or anyone else) doesn't care that mens sports are being hurt by Title IX, then why should he (or anyone who thinks like him) get any votes from the wrestling community in this nation. Bradley is really hurting, not helping, the sport of basketball by his actions.

Coach G is getting back to normal. His water pump went out on the way to practice Nov 17. At least he had 6 weeks without a car or truck problem.

Check out the most recent training tip provided by SMWC Patron and Olympic Gold Medalist Kendall Cross Tips For Increasing Foot Speed and Coordination

SMWC high school juniors and seniors take note. You must get your profile on-line for any college coaches to find you. Coach G recently sent out the official update of those with club profiles to over 80 colleges and universities who recruit from our club. If you don't act immediately you loose. As the saying goes "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink."

SMWC All-Stars youth league team practices starting to heat up. League fees are due now.

Big pre-season weekend of tournaments Nov 13 & 14. Many members in competition both days. To many winners to mention everyone. Stafford on Sat. drew a good mix of Virginia and Maryland wrestlers. Garrett Black had a big day defeating several ranked high school stars. On Sunday, Damascus held the largest pre-season tournament so far. Many big hs matchups plus lots of kids in all sizes. SMWC had plenty of seconds but fewer firsts than usual. Ryan Buff (left) had another good day. Other winners included Ryan Forman, Julian Lane, Tom Boettcher, Kevin Gabrielson, Jeff Evelith, Darian Kess, and Marty Margolis (right).

Dave Rodrigues reports that SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Chris (left) has sign with the University of Michigan. Chris,who won OW at Junior Naitonals, is currently ranked 2nd in the nation.

Coach G was lucky in the 2000 Olympics ticket draw. He got tickets for all the freestyle sessions. Coach also reports that Jason has contracted "pink eye" and will miss the West Virginia Open.

Congrads to SMWC's Tyrone Neal for winning the West Virginia Open Nov 13th and SMWC's Chris Hanlon for winning the Ivy Classic on Nov 14th.

Ivan Hardnett reports that Brandyn placed second this past weekend at the Messiah College Open. Ivan was seeded first but had to medical default after a tendon tear in his right ankle.

Congrads to SMWC's Brandon York for winning at the Coppin State Open Nov 6th.

Coach Jones started formal SMWC All-Star practices on November 8th. For not the All-Stars practice four nights per week, M,T,W,Th, with M & W at Gwynn Park and T & Th at the Sandburg Middle School in Virginia off of Fort Hunt Road in S Alexandria. The flyer for our youth league team has being updated to reflect the new practice schedule.

Nice tournament Nov 6th at Northern HS. Lots of SMWC winners. Winning members included Eric Hoffman, Ryan Buff, Rudy Rueda, Walt Hoffman, Marchello Nucci, Garrett Black (left), Kevin Gabrielson, Jon Peters, Marty Margolis, and Joe Higgs (remember Joe, he didn't really retire from wrestling). Walt (right) got the OW by winning both the cadet and hs divisions. Marty won OW in the open. Many weight classes featured SMWC members wrestling each other in the finals.

SMWC hs wrestlers are urged to read The Use of Computers and the Internet in the Recruiting Process provided by the NCAA rules committee.

Great weekend for wrestling Oct 30 and 31. First Maryland tournament was at Rising Sun HS on Sunday. SMWC winners included Ryan Buff, Julian Lane, Max Buff, Jason Kiessling, Kyle Parker, and Garrett Black. First local DC area tournament was at Marshall HS in Fairfax on Sat. Saturday's event drew about 89 wrestlers, at least 11 SMWC wrestlers. Winners for SMWC included Eric Hoffman (top left), Floyd Wright (right) and Kevin Gabrielson (bottom left). Little Eric looked very tough taking his opponent to his back then letting him up at will. All brackets were 4-5 with the entire tournament over by 2pm.

Large practice Oct 26th. Everyone is getting ready for the local tournaments. Coach G only showed two new moves since the junior league practices are about to start and Coach Jones usually spends the first month going over all moves again.

John Geyer, Coach G's college wrestling partner, and a former NCAA All-American who now lives in Australia, sent coach a note saying he wants to start following our club and to "relate some basic wrestling info to the young guys in our club here as there is really no news available." John, feel free to use anything you find on our web site or any of the sites linked from our site to help your club members improve their skills. The picture at left is Coach G and John in a 1966 inter-team match.

Received word from Stephen Shapiro that a DC area high school, Maret, needs a coach immediately. Contact Peter Rizik if you are interested.

Got a note from SMWCs Ivan Hardnett (right), now at Waynesburg, indicating that SMWC is the topic of discussion on a regular basis up there. Ivan says the local club at Waynesburg claims they can "hang" with us. This sounds like a challenge sooo this spring we'll set something up and find out.

While Coach G was out of town on business this week, practice was run by SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Jim Howard (left) and by Kevin G. Thanks all of you who were there and helped out. As for those of you who didn't show, shame on you. If you want a strong club you need to help out.

Got a very interesting email from the Washington Post October 18th. It seems that our policy of reproducing or linking to every article the WP carries on one of our members and putting it here on our page for all to see over the years doesn't go over well with the WP copyright people, in particular Ms. Julie Briggs. Therefore, we have removed all such articles and links to articles. Note that none of the other newspapers around here have ever had a problem during all the years we have given them interviews and copied their articles about our members. They seem to like the publicity we give them, particularly when nearly 1000 interested people per week from all over the world access this newsletter. Shame on the Washington Post. Maybe we should charge for interviews.

Our first major local area tournament of the season was Sunday, Oct 17th. Glasgow HS hosted the Delaware Fall Classic. Nine SMWC members attended this first major event of the pre-season. All members placed with Ryan Buff, Rudy Rueda, Garrett Black, and Kevin Gabrielson bringing home gold. Rudy wrestled in the hs novice division and soundly defeated several varsity 104 lb wrestlers. Big Rudy got a new digital camera and took a group picture of members which we will post as soon as we get a copy.

Big weekend for wrestling Oct 16th and 17th. About a dozen SMWC members from both Maryland and Virginia attended the big Ken Chertow clinic at River Hill HS. Coach G (shown working a move at left) was one of the instructors for the first session. He showed some power turns and a combination of several "slick" techniques for getting easy (and quick) back points. Coach only stayed the first session on Friday night as he had to coach our team at tournaments on Saturday and Sunday. SMWC's Joe Lareau was also one of the instructors during the entire camp as was former SMWC member Tom Pavia (at right), now coaching Dover (DE) HS. Joe runs the Internet web site "The Mat" and has an office next to Coach G at work. The camp drew a good turnout of Maryland and some Virginia.

Check out Coach G's comments on Mental Preparation for a Match

Here we go again - according to the grapevine, no less than 5 wrestling coaches in Anne Arrundel County resigned this week. The county is considering dropping wrestling as a sport. All county and state groups are urged to move on this immediately.

Lots of cancelled practices lately. PG County was closed again Monday, Oct 11 th for Columbus Day.

Congrads to Eric Hoffman for winning at State College Oct 8th.

Interesting practice October 6th. The wrestling room was set up for senior pictures when everyone arrived for practice. Had to move weight sets around and put up the partition. Couldn't roll out all the mats so had to make due with one big section. Was a little crowded but we still got in a good workout.

Ken Chertow (left) dropped Coach G a note that he will be in Columbia Oct 15-17 at River Hill HS for a clinic. He also asked Coach G to help out.

Congrads to SMWC's Mike Faust (right), #1 ranked senior in the nation at his weight and to SMWC's Chris Rodregues, #2 ranked senior at his weight according to the October issue of Wrestling USA Magazine. Other SMWC junior members ranked included Kevin Gabrielson, Joe Sargent and Ryan Herwig. All five members attend private schools and all did well in major tournaments this past season.

Coach G has an article in the October issue of WUSA Magazine on running productive kids programs that has gotten a lot of favorable comments from coaches all over the country. It details how to motivate kids and is well worth reading by kids coaches. The magazine also had a picture of SMWC's Paul Boettcher.

SMWC has five among the pre-season ranked college wrestlers: Jason Gabrielson, Quinn Foster, Brandon York, Jeff Rusak and Todd Beckerman. Jason is at Edinboro, Quinn is at Arizona, Brandon is at Maryland, Jeff is at Old Dominion, and Todd is at Nebraska. Interesting about the pictures in WUSA Magazine (didn't see Todd). Quinn looks OK but how about the other three? Did they ever look like that?

According to Frank Wright, DuVall HS doesn't have a coach yet and may not have a team this season.

Starting to see a large number of high school and open wrestlers at practice.

Got word that Mark Stevens has retired as Bowie HS Head Coach this season.

Practices were cancelled Sep 15 and 22 due to hurricane closures and other school activities. Members are reminded that when PG County schools are closed, we are cancelled.

Coach Arslanian hasn't been to practice lately. He became a father this month. His new daughter is named Allison.

Good turnout but small on Monday, Sep. 13th, for our first regular practice of the fall season. Coach Prebish (left) and Coach Gabrielson (right) went through a series of excapes, rides, and take-downs. Members are reminded that most move training is shown early season with practices changing to less on moves and more on live wrestling as the regular season appraoches. If you need help with moves, don't wait until November to show up.

Interesting article by Steve Hayleck on Title IX in the Howard County Journal

Take a look at this interesting article on The Wrestling Mentality - by Carol Carrozza from the Mat.

SMWC's Joe Sargent has transferred from DeMatha to Mt St Joe HS.

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