2000 Challenge Cup HS Winner - Team Maryland

XV Potomac Valley Challenge Cup

Hayfield High School
Alexandria, VA
June 3, 2000

Some great Freestyle wrestling and some exceptional match-ups were featured June 4th, 2000, at the XV annual Potomac Valley Challenge Cup (PVCC) at Hayfield High School in Northern Virginia.

Long one of the East's premier freestyle events, the Cup is known for its ability to pull the best from the Mid-Atlantic Region, and this year was no exception. Due to a variety of factors (SAT testing; senioritis (beach week); the MAWA AAU Championships, a broken jaws, etc.) several teams that initially committed to this competition were late scratches--including PA, NC, and GA. However, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia each had strong teams participating and the matches were exciting.

Delaware's Harry Kettner (left) ------ Maryland's Ryan Mckin (right)

A regular at the Cup, this year's Delaware team was one of their strongest Cup teams in recent years. Coached by Vic Leonard of Beast-of-the-East fame, Delaware came "ready to rumble" with a host of their state champs. They certainly didn't disappoint the many competitors they faced during the day. Team members included #5 Bobby Shaw, #10 Joe Ferrara, #13 Jordan Sianni, SM Harry Kettner, and HM James Fromel.

The Maryland team was similarly loaded with state champs and nationally ranked wrestlers. Their team consisted of--among others-- National Prep Champ and #9 Max Meltzer, HM Matt Eveleth, #12 Ryan Herwig, #4 Kevin Gabrielson, and #1 ranked Mike Faust.

Virginia was led by #4 Christain Staylor, #11 Reed Carpenter, #18 Justin Gabbard, HM Kyle Graham, and HM Bruce Ross. Like Delaware, Virginia came loaded for bear and also didn't disappoint their home crowd.

Virginia's Hayfield HS is a great location for major wrestling events like this with a large gym and easy access to the Washington DC Metro region. You would have never known unless you looked that SAT tests were going on inside the school as well as a track meet outside.

Maryland's Max Meltzer vs. Maryland's Matt Eveleth

While Maryland has been know for its strong youth teams over the years, this time the Virginia team was the clear winner in the Junior (100 lb and below) Division--winning every weight class except for the heaviest which was dominated by Maryland's impressive 100 lb Rudy Rueda. Rudy had scored a tech fall against Virginia's highly touted Cadet Runner-up Christain Smith the previous week and was still on a roll for his Cup matches hammering all his opponents. Probably the strongest showing, however, was reserved for Virginia's 75 lb Jeff Weeks. Jeff devastated everyone in his weight pool taking home the OW award in the process.

106 was dominated by Virginia's Danny Vucci of host Hayfield HS. Danny has made strong showings in several major events this spring and will be a serious contender for a national title this summer.

Virginia's Christain Staylor against Delaware's Bobby Shaw

115 was a rough weight class even for big guns. The showcase match featured Virginia's #4 Christain Staylor against Delaware's #5 Bobby Shaw. The match was exciting with Staylor capturing a hard fought 5-3 win for the title.

Maryland's Meltzer and Eveleth competed in the same 123 lb weight class along with Virginia State Champ Kyle Graham of Colonial Forge HS. This was a dogfight--with Graham beating Meltzer, Meltzer beating Eveleth, and Eveleth beating Graham. Meltzer got the pool nod based on tie breaking criteria because of his one additional fall against other weight pool opponents.

Delaware dominated the 132 lb weight class with Jordan Sianni of Hodgson Vo-Tech HS (DE state champ and OW at the Hammond Invitational in 1999) and Harry Kettner of William Penn (3rd place finisher in states and 4th place finisher at the 2000 Hammond Invitational) finishing 1-2 in this weight class.

Maryland's Ryan Mackin went undefeated in the 143 lb weight class with two tech falls and an impressive 9-2 win over Dwayne Graham, a wrestler who finished 2nd in Delaware states this year. Ryan Mackin also defeated Taylor Carson from Great Bridge HS on his way to winning this division.

154 was the Cup's strongest weight class. 1999 Cadet National Champ Ryan Herwig (left vs Ferrera) was likewise strong --losing only to Joe Ferrera of Delaware's William Penn (the 135 lb champion at the Hammond Invitational tournament defeating Maryland State Champ Tim Lowe of Einstein in the finals). Herwig looked very tough in several other key matches--including a tech fall victory over Reed Carpenter of Archbishop O'Connell HS in Virginia and a #1 ranked wrestler in the Washington Post this past year. Ryan was a clear choice for the senior OW award.

At 165, Kevin Gabrielson was overpowering in his weight class, handling his opponents in a dominating fashion--quickly teching or pinning all of the wrestlers he faced and showcasing several textbook throws and moves during his short time on the mat. Kevin's performance was a key factor in the criteria for Maryland's team finish.

178 was dominated by Mike Waite, competing for Maryland but currently starting at Blair Academy. Mike recently won the NJ cadet FS State Championships, and his throws at the Cup were likewise impressive.

Due to a small entry in the big weights, 191 was combined with heavyweight for pool wrestling. Delaware's Tony Harris came away the clear 191 lb winner. Harris didn't come on strong until the end of this past season and should be a threat to contend with in Delaware next year. At Hwt, Mike Faust had arguably one of the toughest draws in the PVCC competition--facing a total of five wrestlers throughout the day and defeating each of them in a style worthy of a Wrestling USA National Dream Team member.

Maryland's #1 Ranked Mike Faust vs. Delaware's Tony Harris

The Senior Division team results were close as the competition ended and with each team defeating one of their opponents, the winner needed to be decided by criteria. According to Cup rules for tie-breaking, the winner was decided based on most falls and technical falls. Maryland, with five falls/tech falls had the most and was declaired the team winner. Virginia finished second by virtue of their head-to-head win against Delaware.

2000 Challenge Cup HS Runner-up - Team Virginia

Overall, a great day of competition coming one week after the East Coast Junior Duals and one week before the East Coast Club Championships at Maryland's River Hill HS. The Maryland wrestlers are clearly peaking at just the right time with AAU Grand Nationals and Cadet/Junior Nationals just around the corner.

2000 Challenge Cup 3rd Place HS Team - Team Delaware

Thanks to Coach Roy Hill, Coach Bruce Gabrielson, Coach Bill Swink, and Coach Rick Jones for running such a great event!!

Besides the team title, Maryland won or tied six of the ten weight classes in the Senior division pools. Virginia was extremely strong in the lighter weights with Vucci, Staylor, and Graham.

Potomac Valley Challenge Cup Results
Hayfield High School - June 3, 2000

Junior Championship Team Match

Wt.	VA		MD		Ind. Score	VA	MD (Team)

55 Clark Faust WBF 4 0

60 Scarinzi Hoffman 7-9 1 3

65 M Weeks FFT 4 0

70 F Faison Reese WBF 4 0

75 J Weeks FFT 4 0

80 Barbi Jacovski INJ DF 4 0

85 Heider Wiley 2-6 1 3

90 Jones FFT 4 0

95 Pollock FFT 4 0

100 J Staylor Ruda 1-11 1 4

Total 31 10

MD vs DE 36-4

VA vs DE 40-0

Senior Championship Team Match (MD vs VA based on criteria)

Wt. MD VA Ind. Score MD VA (Team)

106 McDermott Vucci LBF 0 4

114 C Staylor FFT 0 4

123 Meltzer Graham 7-10 1 3

132 Kittell FFT 0 4

143 Mackin Casson 11-0 4 0

154 Herwig Carpenter 12-1 4 1

165 Gabrielson Burnham 13-1 4 1

178 Waite Wallace 9-1 3 1


Hwt Faust Deshields 6-0 3 0

Total 19 18

MD vs DE 19-20

VA vs DE 26-14


MD 5

VA 4

DE 2

Note: Although each state could enter 2 wrestlers in a pool, only the point scoring wrestler for a state can gain or loose tie-break points. Maryland had 5 points: Meltzer+1, Mackin+1, Herwig+1, Gabrielson+2.

OW - Juniors Weights: 75lbs Jeff Weeks (VA)
OW - Senior Weights: 154lbs Ryan Herwig (MD)

Individual Results (Note: only placement matches listed)

55 Pounds

1. Jamie Clark (VA) 3-2

2. Tom Faust (MD) 1-4

Clark WBF Faust

60 Pounds

1. Dakota Hoffman (VA) 5-0

2. Tyler Scarinzi (MD) 4-1

3. Mike Bowman (VA) 2-3

Hoffman dec. Scarinzi 9-7

Hoffman WBF Bowman 3:32

Scarinzi dec. Bowman 10-0

65 Pounds

1. Mike Weeks (VA) 1-2

2. Ronny Ours (VA) 0-3

Weeks WBF Ours 3:58

70 Pounds

1. Walker Faison (VA) 3-0

2. Ethan Reese (MD) 2-1

Faison WBF Reese 1:26

75 Pounds

1. Jeff Weeks (VA) 4-0

2. Mark Saylor (DE) 1-3

Weeks dec Saylor 10-0

80 Pounds

Nathanial Barbie (VA) 3-1

Gabe Curry (VA) 2-2

Jason Jacouski (MD) 0-4

Barbie WBF Curry 2:22

Weeks dec Barbie 11-0

85 Pounds

1. Hamed Heider (VA) 2-1

2. Robbie Willey (MD) 1-2

3. Jeff Plass (MD) 2-1

Willey dec Heider 6-2

Heider WBF Plass 2:55

Plass dec Willey 10-2

90 Pounds

1. Matt Jones (VA) 1-2

Jones dec Willey 11-1

Heider dec Jones 3-2

95 Pounds

1. Sergio Pollock (VA) 0-2

100 Pounds

1. Rudy Rueda (MD) 2-0

2. Justin Staylor (VA) 1-1

Rueda dec Staylor 11-1

106 Pounds

1. Danny Vucci (VA) 4-0

2. Zack Weisberg (VA) 3-1

3. Derrik McDermott (MD) 2-2

Vucci dec Weisberg 11-0

Vucci WBF McDermott 3:11

Weisberg dec McDermott 7-4

114 Pounds

1. Christian Staylor (VA) 2-0

2. Bobby Shaw (DE) 1-1

3. Ken Krieger (DE) 0-2

Staylor dec Shaw 5-3

123 Pounds

1. Max Meltzer (MD) 2-1

1. Kyle Graham (VA) 2-1

1. Matt Eveleth (MD) 2-1

Graham dec Meltzer 12-7

Meltzer dec Eveleth 7-4 OT

Eveleth dec Graham 7-5

132 Pounds

1. Harry Kettner (DE) 4-1

2. Jordan Sianni (DE) 3-2

3. Doug Kittell (VA) 4-1

Kettner dec Sianni 9-5

Kittell dec Sianni 9-8

Kettner WBF Kittell 2:30

Ross dec Kettner 4-3

Kittell dec Ross 6-3

Sianni WBF Ross 1:30

143 Pounds

1. Ryan Mackin (MD) 3-0

2. Dwayne Graham (DE) 2-1

3. Taylor Carson (VA) 1-2

Mackin dec Graham 9-2

Mackin dec Carson 11-0

Graham dec Carson 4-0

154 Pounds

1. Ryan Herwig (MD) 4-1

2. Reed Carpenter (VA) 4-1

3. Joe Ferrara (DE) 3-2

Ferrara dec Herwig 3-0

Herwig dec Carpenter 12-1

Carpenter dec Ferrara 7-2

Gabbard dec Ferrara 6-2

Herwig dec Gabbard 11-0

165 Pounds

1. Kevin Gabrielson (MD) 4-0

2. Brian Rigby (DE) 3-1

3. Jeff Hudson (DE) 1-3

Gabrielson dec Rigby 13-1

Fulmer dec Hudson 5-4

Rigby inj default Fulmer

178 Pounds

1. Mike Waite (MD) 3-0

2. Scott Wallace (MD) 2-1

3. Christain Ruleman (VA) 1-2

Waite dec Wallace 9-1

191 Pounds

1. Tony Harris (DE) 3-1

2. Larrin George (DE) 1-3

275 Pounds

1. Mike Faust (MD) 4-0

2. David Deshields (VA) 2-2

3. Adam Gregory (VA) 0-4

Faust dec Harris 5-1

Faust dec Deshields 6-0

Harris dec Deshields 9-2

Maryland Coaches: Hardnett, Jocovski, Reese