SMWC Annual Picnic & Party

June 11, 2000

The annual SMWC Picnic & Party on Sunday, June 11th turned out to be one of the most memorable events in years. There was a lot of food, fun, and plenty of activities from fooz-ball to dirty dancing. Some people came late, many came early, and some didn't go home but the party kept right on running. Stacy did a great job of organizing everything. Here is a brief rundown of what many were doing.

Brandon Hardnett (the emerging movie mogul) spent the entire day with the cam recorder to his eye. Kim Gabrielson was the photog mogul. She starting taking pictures of everyone's butt, bare or otherwise. Someone got a picture of her butt.

Rudy was a chef supreme, at one point pouring an entire bottle of steak sauce on a row of barbecuing hotdogs. Bob Yates sat in the garage and socialized while Danny sat around the pool table and socialized. Nick Alley was the reigning pool hustler. Kevin Gabrielson came with his girl friend and ended up dancing up a storm with everyone.

Eric Hoffman had a great time squirting everyone with the hose. He finally got a whack on the but and that was it. Then someone got Hunter and Colton to put on the gloves, hats, and foot pads and go at it with Wes and little Eric Hoffman. Things were interesting until Colton gave Eric two bloody noses in a row. Ryan Forman and finally his buddy Nick decided they would talk to the many girls at the party. First thing you know Ryan had them hanging all over him. Lucus Black and little Rudy went on a few explorations during the day to various neighborhood spots including swimming pools. Jason G went to one and decided to stay and swim for a couple of hours with Lisa. Coach G finally got to show some of his college and open movies again. He spent quite awhile pointing out the moves he had been showing at practice all these years. His outside single looked lightning fast in the tape of his freestyle match against a Russian touring team, his favorite shoulder lock throw looked effective at the GR Olympic Trials, and his cross body and spladel rides looked dominant at the NCAA's. Sandra Nelson was quiet as ever while Coach Jones was more noisy than usual. Dave Rock came to pick up Mike and ended up partying the night away. Jon Peters came early and then had to go home and pack. Bob Black and family got more lively as the day wore on. Bob has earned the entertainment award for his many rustic quotes during the party.

Heavy Quotes

Coach G to Lou Ann Forman on Ryan "He started out sitting across from her now she's got her arm around him"

Walt Hoffman of Eric's boxing skills "He's a tough little sh.."

Bob Black "That little boy is quick, never could catch him" (after getting soaked trying to catch Eric Hoffman with the hose)

Bob Black on Eli cleaning up things "He's so clean next thing you know all your lumbers gone"

Bob Black to Mike Rowe about the Quervo Gold "That stuff will make you jump around like a bunny rabbit before you leave"

Bob Black on philosophy "I used to complain about having no shoes until I met a man with no feet"

Kevin Gabrielson "I'm pretty tall and I can't even touch the ground"

Kevin to everyone "A tooth fell out" (he was working on Eli Black's mouth)

Kim Gabrielson to Bob Black after a call from Luke "The cops got him" (it was a joke but you should have seen Bob's face light up

Rick Jones to Diane Rowe "If I'm going to do it I'm going doing it with Diane" (getting ready to chug a shot of tequila)

Rick Jones "One New Year's Eve I drank a whole bunch"

Rudy Ruda to the crew "Only the blessed ones from Mexico can see visions. I can hang with anyone but haven't seen any (visions) in awhile" (discussing the effects of Tequila)

Mike Rowe to Bruce "I think I seen him (Rick) on America's most wanted"

Diane Rowe on little Mike "Before he joined the club I taught him everything he knows" (who would have guessed she was an ex-mud wrestler)

Juice drinker Roy Hill when asked if he wanted something "I've never had a drink"

Coach G "To all the SMWC bashers - BUSTED" (after showing his films)

Jason G "I've already seen them - he was OK"

Dave Rock "I'm impressed, you did a great job on Mike"

Little Rudy "Let's see more of the surfing pictures"

Rick Jones "Notice the square mat - that's way back"

As the Party wound down ---

Rick Jones "She's driving so I don't care"

Kim Gabrielson "He can't drive"

Big Rudy "What's driving?"

Anonymous "I've got a mouse tattoo"

Anonymous "What happened to your mouse tattoo"