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SMWC Wrestling
--2000 FALL NEWS--

2001 Spring News

SMWC's Todd Beckerman
4th NCAA Div. I - 133 lbs. - University of Nebraska

Large turnout for practice March 15th. We went over the 50 mark. This was a surprise since so many members are off at the NCAAs. Remember that you will need to pay your dues to participate.

Potential new members are reminded that according to our bylaws, members of our club can not compete on another club against us when our club is entered in a team event. If you plan to compete with another club at the Age-Wt States, wait until the tournament is over before joining or practicing with us.

Only a few attended our Freestyle/Greco-Roman Clinic for New Officials on March 14th held by Coach G. Officials are needed at all events plus it's really the only way you can keep up on new changes. Any other interested individuals will need to contact the head referee at local events for information.

We've hit a snag on the Riverdale practices. Until further notice, practices will remain at GP on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Good luck to the SMWC members competing in NCAA's this weekend. Todd Beckerman (Nebraska), Brandon York (Maryland), Marc Hoffer (American), Jeff Rusak (Old Dominion), and Tom Cass (Duke). Bring home gold.

SMWC's Evan Sola (left) will represent Pennsylvania at 125 lbs in this year's Dapper Dan Classic. Evan will wrestle Blair's Cory Cooperman. Good luck Evan.

Very good turnout for our first spring practice March 12th. Several State Champs and runner-ups worked their ---- off.

The SMWC All-Stars repeated as the 2001 MD/VA Beltway State Champions. We finished over 30 points ahead of runner-up Owings Mills with Golden Ring in 3rd. Individual SMWC winners included Jamie Clark, Ryan Buff, Mike Rowe, and Julian Lane. After the tournament we all went to a local barbeque ribs place to pig out and celebrate.

At AAU Middle School Nationals this weekend, SMWCs Todd Smoot was 3rd, Greg Martino was 5th, and Brent Jones was 1st. Brent was also voted Outstanding Wrestler. Way to go Brent.

SMWC has many young wrestlers who compete in non-beltway leagues. At the Maryland Junior Wrestling League Championships March 10th, SMWCs Colton Rowe, Bradley Taylor, Shane Cockerille, Hunter Rowe, David Rice, all won championships. OW awards went to Hunter Rowe and Shane Cockerille. Nicole Woody (right with awards) won the Outstanding Overall Sportsmanship Award.

It's college visit season. Coach G has provided a LIST OF QUESTIONS seniors should ask when they consider what college to attend.

Very large practice March 8th. Several of the HS big guns pounded on each other. Good luck to the All-Stars this weekend at states.

Update on SMWC's Jim Howard " I had to have surgery on my neck before the nerve was damaged beyond repair. It took place on Monday at 1PM. I spent 30 hours in the hospital and was to be in for another 2 days but since my recovery was going so well my request to go home was OKayed. I am doing fine so far but don't know the extent of damage to the nerve that provides function to my right arm. At this point it looks as though I will recover 50% or better. That will not be known for some time. "

SMWC Hall-of-Fame Member Jim Howard has had some medical problems lately. He writes "I need to get surgery on my neck. It is scheduled for Monday. Hope the snow doesn't affect the schedule. I am in severe pain and my right arm is almost unrecoverable. I will be out of work for 4 weeks. Hopefully after I recover I can visit the club once a week. That would be fun." Let's hope Jim can get back with us soon.

Check out the article on SMWC's Luke Palumbo. SMWC gets a mention.

2001 CAWL League Champions

The SMWC All-Stars captured the CAWL Tournament Title with a great effort March 4th.

SMWC's Jon Peters (left) and Akil Patterson won 3A/4A Maryland HS State titles while SMWC's Mat Evelith won the 1A/2A State Title. Good job all.

SMWC Member Ron McAdoo is out of intensive care but may remain in the hospital to 6-8 weeks.

Freestyle wrestlers note there is a new modification to the clinch rule: An additional clinch situation will be enforced after the start of the second period when one wrestler receives two consecutive passivity calls without a point being scored between the penalties by the offended wrestler. There may be more than one additional clinches depending on the number of passivity's. If a point is scored after a passivity call is made on red and he scores and then he receives a second passivity then no clinch is called. If red is called for passivity, then blue , then red again then a clinch is required with the wrestler not receiving the penalty , clinching first.this procedure will include the overtime period. The number of passivity's will depend on the officiating team but verbalization and encouragement are recommended before the second passivity and a clinch are called.

The SMWC All-Stars did well this weekend finishing 2nd to West Norriton at Drexel Hill against a large entry of wrestlers and clubs. Placing first was; Mike Rowe, Steve Sargent, Walt Hoffman, and Ross Draheim. Placing Second was; Porker Bowers, Tyler Bowers, Greg Martino, Coltin Rowe, and Brent Jones. Placing third was; Casey Bowers, Erik Hoffman, Brooks Martino, and Jeff Williams. Placing forth was Ryan Buff.

SMWC members did well in the National Prep Finals at Leheigh. Rudy Rueda (left) and Kevin Gabrielson won titles and Aaron Herwig looked great with a 2nd. Many other members placed. Kevin injured his knee but it isn't serious and he will be back for the senior classic.

SMWC's Floyd Floyd Wright captured the Virginia AAA State Title while SMWC's Jason Howard, Tomas Ovalle and Danny Vucci placed 3rd.

Big day for SMWC members at the MD 3A/4A South Region Feb 24 - Winners included Black, Shelton, Peters, Bray, Wright, and Kiessling. Good luck to all at states.

SMWC's Parker, Peters, and Kiessling were crowned champions at the SMAC Championships Feb 17th.

SMWC's Tomas Ovalle (left), Floyd Wright, Danny Vucci and Jason Howard all won their repective weight classes in the Patriot District Championships and in the Northern Region Championships. They will be competing in Virginia States this weekend. Ovalle, Wright, and Howard are ranked #1 in the state. Vucci is ranked #3. Good luck to all.

Roy Hill sends the following information about the MD/VA Senior Match that has been held previous years.

Maryland's MSWA president sent me a letter a month ago stating that Maryland did not want to participate in the all-star match because it was asking too much of their wrestlers. We proposed that Maryland host the event and run it in conjunction with their public school vs private school match, Maryland stated that they could not ask their kids to wrestle 2 or 3 matches in one day! So Va. has signed on to wrestle an all star dual meet with North Carolina the Friday before the Mat Jam (So. Conf., CAA, and ACC Conf. wrestling tourneys combined in one arena at UNC) at UNC.

****Our UNDEFEATED SMWC All-Stars Captured the CAWL Duel Meet Title Sunday****

Fox 5 News had a nice feature on SMWC's Kevin Gabrielson for their HS Athlete of the Week Show on Sunday morning at 10:30 am. Kevin actually lifted weights during the segment (he must have been sick that day).

SMWC's Luke Palumbo, Ryan Herwig, Kevin Gabrielson, and Chuck Yetter each won Maryland Private School State Titles Feb 17th. Luke and Kevin (shown at left) also took home all the extra hardware - OW for small and large schools and for seniors with most career points. SMWC's Tom Boettcher had one of the best matches while loosing a close one in the finals to Matt Palmer.

SMWC's Frank Wright (DuVal HS) has a nice story in the Washington Post PG Weekly. Frank is one of our regular spring participants.

Coach G wasn't at the All-Star practice on Monday so he could be at home to meet with SMWC Hall-of-Fame Member and current Penn State Head Wrestling Coach Troy Sunderland. Troy and his Asst. Coach Dave Hart visited DeMatha in the afternoon and then stopped by for a personal meeting with Kevin (left) after practice. While there, Coach G presented Troy with a club shirt provided by our membership (right). Coach did mention to Troy that we really need another coach and that we could use him back here again.

Attention members - SMWC member Ron McAdoo is very sick and in the hospital. He was admitted to Calvert hospital on Thursday and then airlifted via MD.State police helicopter to Washington Hospital Center (MEDSTAR). He's been diagnosed with Pan-pneumonia and has been put into ICU and is on a ventilator.

     Please send well wishes , cards to Ron McAdoo

     74 Terrace Drive
     Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678

DeMatha announces it's summer wrestling clinic. Several SMWC Members are featured.

Please read the interesting article on Title IX.

Big weekend for wrestling. The All-Stars defended their CAWL Dual Meet Crown soundly defeating a tough Mt Airy squad.

SMWC had many place finishers and finalists at the prestegious St Albans Tournament but only members Rudy Rueda and Kevin Gabrielson won gold. SMWC Hall-of-Fame Member Omar Malik (left) sat with our All-Stars, many of whom came to watch after their match earlier in the day. Hunter is shown on the right between Coach G and North Carolina State Coach Guzio.

SMWC's Luke Palumbo won OW at the MIAA Championships 9-10. Luke also got a nice wirte up in the Capitol on Line.

Very big practice on Thursday night. We needed four mat sections. Members are reminded that if you want to bring friends, they must join and pay dues to practice with us.

Big practice Feb 5, almost 40 members. Jonas Bray had a good workout with Walt and our current state contender (Bo). While Sonny Nucci, Derk, and Mike Rowe tried to beat on each other, We also got to watch Joey Sargent work out with Brent. Joey didn't look too bad. Coach G mentioned to Joey that after he signs a million dollar baseball contract someday he should make a good donation to our club for the permanent facility we're working on.

SMWC Finalists at WCAC - Feb. 4, 2001

Many interesting notes this past weekend about SMWC members. SMWC's Jon Peters broke Joe Henshaw's school record for career victories at Westlake. Joe was an active SMWC member during the early to late 1990s. Also, SMWC's Jason Kiessling has developed a swollen ear and needed surgery last week. He still will have one more draining soon. Need to wear earguards at practice Jason. Finally, SMWC members dominated the WCAC championships Saturday at Gonzaga HS. Winners included Rudy Rueda, Danny Yates, Steve Ratley, Reed Carpenter, Kevin Gabrielson, Nate Crosby, and Chuck Yetter. Steve (left) got a big win in the finals and received the OW award for his success. Couple of other items of interest from the WCACs. SMWC's Brian Page is now asst. coach at MacNamara. SMWC's Hall-of-Fame member Wade Hughs, now head coach at Howard University, is getting to local HS events on a regular basis again. He was in good spirits Sat and promised to be a regular at spring practice this year. He also is looking for heavier recruits. SMWC parent Mike Alexander is head coach at St Johns this year. SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Robert Alexander graduates from the US Naval Academy this spring. Among the other old SMWC members who attended the WCAC finals was Drew Robertson and none other than Phil Bryant. Phil (Nat Prep Champ at 171 lbs in 1987) now lives in Mitchelville and has three sons ready to wrestle. Look for Phil working with the bigger kids at a spring practice as well. SMWC's Jason Gabrielson was worked over by several members (let by Rudy of course) so much that he actually got tired and sat for awhile. Coach G also had a chance to discuss our coaching vancancy with a possible candidate this weekend. Coach got down to Gonzaga late after driving out to Damascus in the morning for an All-Star match that he couldn't find. Turns out that the match was in the cafeteria and no one thought to leave a sign in front of the school directing late arrivers around to the back. After the tournament many members headed to Rudy's for a victory party.

SMWC's Dan Vucci has a great article in the Washington Post this week.

The All-Stars had a tremendous opener January 28th. They defeated Bull Run (73-21), Knights (72-21) and Stafford (73-24). SMWC will be very tough to beat this season.

SMWC's Kyle Mason journeyed to Johnstown, PA, on Jan 27th where he placed 1st at 55 lbs.

Coach G will be giving a wrestling clinic at Ocracoke HS on North Carolina's outer banks the weekend of March 24-25.

SMWC All-Stars had a tremendous showing at the Virginia Middle School States on January 20th. Winners included Matt and Brent Jones, Bowers and Rowe. Julian Lane, who has missed a lot of practices lately, lost in the finals. With only 10 members, our team placed third (as SMWC Burke). We couldn't enter our whole team since SMWC has both VA and MD members. Only SMWC members with Virginia addresses could enter.

On Sunday, January 14th, SMWC's Jamie Clark and Kyle Mason traveled to the 11th Annual Egg Harbor Township Wrestling Tournament in New Jersey. Jamie Clark took 1st place and Kyle Mason took 3rd at Midget 55 lbs.

HS members did well this past weekend. Luke Palumbo, Frank Wright, and Adrian Belcaris all won at South River. Kevin Gabrielson got OW at Hammond.

The All Stars did very well at Solanco. It was a large tournament with 7 mats and many teams. We placed 2nd as a team. Finishing 1st was Ryan Buff, and Mike Rowe. Placing 2nd was Eric Hoffman, Jonathan Faringer, Matt Jones, and Ross Drahiem. Placing 3rd was Steve Sargent, Lucas Black, and Brent Jones. Placing 4th was Ameer Wright, Todd Smoot, and Dirk Hurrin. Only little over half the team was there.

While we seldom place information about non-members on this site. The article in the Baltimore Sun about JR Plienis deserves reading. Be aware that everything you do in college can cause problems. We've had plenty of similar issues in our membership over the years. ARTICLE

Tremendous All-Star practice Jan 12th. Twenty nine wrestlers showed up. Coach G showed a couple of his "trick" moves. Coach also mentioned to everyone that as in the past, when we get closer to the end of the high school season, more older wrestlers will attend to gear up for their states championships.

The Washington Post has featured many of our members recently in various articles. Take a look at Among members receiving special write-ups recently include Clint Parker, Luke Palumbo, Jason Kiessling, Kevin Gabrielson, and Nate Crosby.

The calls from interested college coaches are really starting to roll in for our seniors. Most of those with profiles have received numerous serious calls, many from top ranked Division I teams. If you haven't put a profile up, you are really hurting your chances for a scholarship. Among the teams we know of that have officially contacted various members include: Nebraska, Minnisota, Penn State, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, Franklin & Marshall, Western Maryland, Bucknell, Virginia, Ryder, Gettysburg, Leheigh, Rutgers, Boston College, VMI and the Apprentice School.

The All-Stars are doing well. We had three wrestlers in one weight class at Laurel with all three placing, 1st Hunter Rowe, 2nd Ameer Wright, 3rd Wes Jones, and it was a large weight class. Other Placers and winners were: First Placers- Colton Rowe, Kyle Mason, Edwin Randall, Ryan Buff, Matt Jones, Mike Rowe, Brent Jones, 2nd- Ross Draheim, 3rd- Jeff Williams. Almost everyone who went placed. If they would have given a team champion, we would have won.

Many HS members cleaned house over the weekend at various tournaments. At Arrundel winning members included Rueda, Kess, Lowder, Kiessling, Gabrielson, and Crosby. OW awards were picked up by Kess and Gabrielson. It was the same at Northern. Winning members included Parker, Palumbo, Peters, Wright, Forman, and Miluk.

During the New Year's holiday, Coach G had a chance to visit with the Sola's in Pennsylvania and finally present Mike (left) and Evan with their well diserved SMWC Hall-of-Fame Awards. Mike has been very busy with his Road Warriors Team while Evan (defending PA State Champ) is having a great senior season.

At the Capitol Challenge, hosted by Herndon H.S., SMWC's Jason howard, Tomas Ovalle, and Floyd Wright all won. Floyd also took OW.

This past weekend at the Eagle Invitational (ranked in the top 10 tourneys in the USA) at Coloniel Forge several SMWC members excelled: Danny Vucci won the championship at 103 lbs by defeating the #2 ranked AAA wrestler in Pa. 3-1 in the finals. Ryan Herwig cruised to the championship at 140. Mike Vachon suffered a serious hip injury last weekend and is out for up to 4-6 weeks. Jason Howard placed 4th at 145, and drew some attention from college scouts. Tomas Ovalle won 1st place at 189 lbs. Floyd Wright placed 3rd at 275 and captured the award for the most pinfalls in the tourney.

SMWC's Steve Sargent got OW at Golden Ring.

SMWC members show up on a regular basis in the Washington Post. SMWC's Derek McDermott got a nice write-up in the Dec 21st Southern Maryland Extra with another SMWC standout, Jason Kiessling also getting a mention and picture. Both Jason and Derek spent a lot of time in the practice room last spring and this fall. Practice pays off.

SMWC member Kevin Gabrielson is highlighted in the Washington Post today. The article can be viewed by clicking Here. He has also been selected by Channel 7 news as Athlete of the Week.

Former NCAA Champion Sheldon Thomas has opened the Thomas Wrestling Academy at Hodgson HS in Glassgow, DE. This is a full time program within easy commuting distance from our area. Interested wrestlers should contact Sheldon at 302 737-5405. Sheldon is also available to present clinics at local schools.

While at the Beast, Coach G had a chance to meet American University's new Head Coach Rob Puzio as well as talk to numerous other coaches interested in our spring club program. Among those colleges who may put on clinics for us this spring include American, Millersville, Navy and NC State so far. Coach Puzio did mention that SMWC's Drew Robertson may be back in an American uniform next fall.

Big news from Beast of the East. SMWC members were well represented at the nation's #1 high school wrestling tournament. Kevin Gabrielson (left) placed 1st, Floyd Wright placed 2nd, Tommy Boettcher placed 5th, Reed Carpenter, Nate Crosby, and Tomas Ovalle each placed 6th. Kevin and Tommy (on right) were both at 152 lbs along with a strong field of over 60 other wrestlers. Coaches from most major wrestling colleges were hard at work checking out potential recruits during the event. SMWC coaches Gabrielson, Hill, and Carpenter each had our packet of senior profiles to give to interested coaches. Expect the calls to start rolling in before long. Note - any seniors who haven't updated their profile have been doing themselves an injustice. If you don't get your name out there how can you possibly expect a college coach to contact you.

SMWC wrestlers shined again at Lackey this weekend. Members Derek McDermott, Eli Black, and Jason Kiessling won their weight classes.

SMWC's Matt Evelith won at Dundalk.

SMWC's Adrian Belcarris got a nice write-up in a local DC area sports magazine this week, To read about Adrian go to and at the top of the page click on search by region Washington DC and search by sport wrestling.

SMWC was well represented at the Bowie tournament Dec 9, 10. Winners included Jonas Bray (left), Jon Peters, and Adrian Belcariis.

Several SMWC members captured the action at the Northern Region Classic tourney, held Dec. 8-9 at Fairfax H.S. Titles were won by Danny Vucci at 103, Mike Vachon at 140, Jason Howard at 145, Tomas Ovalle at 189, and Floyd Wright at 275. Matt Horton, at 135, and Reed Carpenter garnered runner up awards. Tomas Ovalle was named OW. Currently, Howard, Ovalle, and Wright are ranked #1 in AAA states, Vucci is currently ranked #2. Horton, Carpenter, Howard, Ovalle, and Wright will all be competing at the Beast of the East this weekend as will many other SMWC wrestlers.

SMWC dominated the Chopticon tournament Dec 9, 10. Many finals featured members competing against each other. Winners included Derek McDermott, Clint Parker, Matt Eveleth, and Jason Kiessling.

SMWC members did well at the Maryland Catholic Invitational at Curley Dec 9, 10. Winners included Tom Boettcher (left), Kevin Gabrielson (right), and Nate Crosby. Kevin also captured the OW award.

Eric Hoffman won the 23rd. Annual Jimmy Reese Memorial Holiday tournament Dec 10th. he has 23 in his bracket.

Calvert Hall's finals looked like a SMWC practice. Winners included Rudy Rueda, Luke Palumbo, Ryan Herwig, Kevin Gabrielson, and Nate Crosby. Past member Orion Doll also won.

Cudos to SMWC's Todd Beckerman for winning the Las Vegas Invitational

As we have mentioned here several times, one of our long time club supporters, Marchello Neucci, has told our club he plans to endow us with a permanent private workout facility when he builds his new warehouse near Redskins stadium. The Neucci's now report they are moving to Bathesda in the spring, and planning is indeed going ahead for the warehouse. This spring, SMWC will form a facility transition committee to begin planning our new operation.

Members may have noticed that club photographer Kim Gabrielson hasn't been at many wrestling events lately. She has been too busy with her photography business shooting other sports, primarily football and hocky. If you get a chance, take a look at some of her super photos on the net, including those taken during her recent trip to Australia. You can find them at: http://Molasar.BlackMagic.Com/ses/photography/home.html. Kim has won several awards and as had many pictures published recently including one of her Chesapeake Bay pictures featured in the newly printed 2001 Chesapeake Beach calendar.

All Star practices have gotten interesting lately. We have so many little kids working hard that the next generation should be tremendous. It's a pleasure to watch them. Also, with both Brent and Walt in the room, we can easily handle any high school or college wrestler who happens to drop in for a visit.

SMWC's Evan Sola has signed a letter of intent to compete for North Carolina next season.

SMWC's Mike Rock, Matt Eveleth, Ryan Herwig, Kevin Gabrielson, Brent Jones, Mike Rowe, and Jason Gabrielson all won at Dundalk October 25th. SMWC's Clint Parker was injured at the tournament.

Rudy and Stacy were married on Saturday. Congratulations to the Ruda's and good luck from the members of SMWC.

Brent Jones, Ryan Buff, and Kevin Gabrielson all won at Osbourn Park Nov 19th.

SMWC's Ryan Forman (left) took home the OW at Northern's pre-season tournament this weekend. Other winning members included Colton Rowe (right), Johathan Farringer, Ryan Buff, Max Buff, Jonas Bray, and Kyle Parker.

SMWC Patron Member Kendall Cross has updated his web site with his daily journals from the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Kendall had great seats during all GR and FS matches. Take a look at the many interesting things Kendall has to say about this year's Olympics.

Let's hope Bush wins in Florida. We will NOT be unhappy to see Norma Cantu and her killer quota system go. Maybe she will take a job washing dishes someplace. More wrestling in the colleges means more opportunity for wrestlers in this area. George Miller (father of SMWC member Eric) reported last night that James Madison University is the newest college wrestling program dropped. Three members of SMWC are on the team with two, Jeremy Rankin and Seth Cameron, planning to switch schools after the season. Longwood (where SMWC member Zane Harshman attends) announced it would drop wrestling last week with other Virginia colleges expected to follow shortly. Bush's election may stop the surge of dropped programs. Now if we only get narrow sighted Title IX radical Barbara Mikulski out of office. Wouldn't that be great.

Nice turnout for the first All-Stars youth team practice November 6th. Jason Kiessling and Jonas Bray helped Coach Jones and Coach G show moves and various techniques. SMWC's Joe Sargent also came by to visit. New wrestlers are advised to not miss many of our early season practices since in doing so they will not be exposed to a large number of basic wrestling skills.

SMWC Head Coach Jason Gabrielson has been selected to represent the US at the World SOMBO Championships in France during Thanksgiving. To attend he still needs to solicit $800 more in sponsorship. Anyone with an idea about where he can obtain additional tax-deductable donations should contact Jason or the SMWC Treasurer, Diane Rowe, immediately.

SMWC Members at the Johnny Eareckson Memorial Bull & Oyster Roast

The MSWA's Johnny Eareckson Memorial Bull & Oyster Roast was held Sunday, Nov 5, at Michael's Eighth Ave in Glen Burnie. Coach Jones was presented the award for our championship youth league team while Coach G was presented the Johnny Eareckson Award by Joe Palumbo. Joe provided a short history of Bruce's various wrestling activities including quotes from his coaches and team members of years back. In his acceptance speech to the large audience, Coach G noted his thoughts on successful coaching, including his approach to training parents as well as wrestlers. He also mentioned how much energy it took to become a successful coach. In closing, he noted that it was a special day for him. His first college coach, Dr Warren Boring, was being inducted into the California Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall-of-Fame the same day. Many SMWC parents and older members were on hand. Coach G's award reads:

"Maryland State Wrestling Association Johnny K. Eareckson Memorial Award"
"Presented to that exceptional individual who has demonstrated those qualities of inspiration and distinguished service to the Maryland wrestling community as exemplified by Johnny Eareckson."

A new article, the The History of SMWC is now available on our Archives Page. Take a look at the many activities our club has been involved in over the years.

A good crew showed up for Coach Jason's last night as coach for our club. Beginning Monday, November 6th, the All-Star youth program coaches will take over running structured practices. Regular practice hours are 6:30pm to 8:30pm. High School age members are welcome to practice with the All-Stars. However if you show up late or don't want to follow what the rest of the team is doing then please go elsewhere. We do not tolerate practice disruptions.


The NWCA recognizes that we have polliticians in all parties that support our viewpoint on abolishing quotas. Wrestling needs your consideration of how the candidates view this issue when you go to vote!
This race may well go down to the last vote. If we have 8 more years of Gore, wrestling will be extinct. So if you love wrestling, you should get involved. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
The way you can help wrestling the most is to put a message on every athletic (wrestling, track, baseball, etc. website in the country --
I suggest a brief one message like the following--
Most college non-revenue sports will soon be devastated if Gore becomes President. The present assistant secretary of education (Norma Cantu), under the Clinton-Gore administration has imposed a quota that requires that schools achieve the same percentage of females participating in sports as are enrolled. Since females presently constitute almost 60% of the total enrolled students at the institutions of higher learning it is obvious that the only way males can be reduced to 40% of the athletic participants is if almost all college Olympic male athletes are dumped.
There are issues that are, or may be more important, but think about this issue when you go to vote. Bush has said he will get rid of quotas; and, as far as wrestling (and each other Olympic sport) is concerned, proportionality is the worst of all quotas. Our opportunities to save wrestling and all other Olympic sports are dwindling. Please consider how your vote will affect this issue.
Best Regards,Dale Anderson

Our club received a recognition award from USAW this week for being named a USAW Gold Medal Club. We had to meet several critical guidelines to be selected for this honor plus submit a nomination. Shown at left are club members at practice and our award.

Kelli Williams reports our club sold 113 items during the cookie dough fundraiser. Since this is a good size order, she has posponed delivery until November 16th at Gwynn Park. She can also still accept orders until November 4th.

SMWC's Mike Rock, Rudy Rueda, Jon Peters, and Nate Crosby all won at Rising Sun

The following SMWC members are ranked pre-season in NCAA Div I this year: Todd Beckerman #5, Marc Hoffer #9, Jeff Rusak HM - good job all.

SMWC's Evan Sola has been ranked #1 pre-season in Pennsylvania's AA

Very large practice Oct 24, we broke 40 for the first time. SMWC members Ivan and Brandon Hardnett were visiting from Millersville University. Both will be starters for the team this year. Practice was very intense with most members looking tournament tough now.

SMWC's Kevin Gabrielson injured his sholder at the John's Hopkins tournament and will be out for a week.

Thanks to all SMWC members who sold things for our fundraiser.

Although this culb isn't politically motivated, understand that George Bush has stated he will re-look at how Title IX has been applied to ruin minor sports such as wrestling. If wrestling is your priority, please read the following article and vote for Bush.

SMWC's Kevin Gabrielson won at John's Hopkins.

27 wrestlers and 3 coaches attended practice Oct 17. Was the biggest so far this season.

SMWC's Kyle Parker won St Marks and Matt Eveleth won at Lockhaven this past weekend.

Large practice Tuesday night. 32 members worked their tails off. Make sure you show up on time as practice starts about 7pm, not 7:30 or 8:00.

SMWC Hall-of-Fame member Jim Howard reports he has now moved closer to Gwynn Park and will be able to attend practice more often in the future.

Coach G was at a tough well attended practice October 5th. He gave an interesting match by match account of what happened to US wrestlers at the Olympics. The picture that Kim took at left is of Terry Brands during his medal match. Coach G has all US and medal matches available on tape for any member interested in borrowing them. Coach also reported on the clinic he put on for the Western Australia Wrestling Federation while he was in Perth. Greco-Roman is their primary form of wrestling, with one of their members competing in GR at the Olympics. Bruce was aided by one of the WA coaches, his college wrestling partner from the 1960s, John Geyer. After the clinic Coach G presented the WAWF coach with one of our SMWC club shirts.

Read this interesting Olympics article by Frank Fitzpatrick

SMWC Coach Wade Hughes has been named as the new head coach at Howard University. Way to go Wade.

A good turnout of 18 came September 6th to our first practice of the season. Nearly everyone (except maybe Ryan Buff) looked out of shape and slow during live wrestling. Only one bloody nose and one knee bump for injuries. Most members expressed an interest in changing practice to Tuesday and Thursday during the fall season.

SMWC's Joe Sargent will not wrestle this season to concentrate on his baseball. He has decided to attend Duke for baseball.

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