March 1992

About Our Newsletter

This is our first edition for the 1992 season. The CAWN is published by the Capital Area Wrestling Council, a group of wrestling clubs located in the Washington DC Region. The Council is made up of member clubs affiliated with any organization including the AAU or USAW.

Club Activities

The spring freestyle season is again underway with considerable interest and tournament activity among the Northern Virginia and Maryland clubs. Quantico's club will host the first local freestyle tournament for high school and under age groups on Saturday, March 14th. If you are planning to attend, note that they require a weigh-in on Friday night, a condition very unusual in local freestyle events.

Bruce Gabrielson reports that SMWC has been receiving considerable interest at practice from both high school and younger wrestlers this spring. The club practices on Monday and Wednesday night between 7:00 and 8:30 pm at Largo HS. It has a set number of wrestlers that can join currently, and not requires potential members to try out before being accepted. SMWC will host this years Maryland AAU FS/GR State Championships and AAU Grand National Qualifier on May 10th at Chesapeake HS. The tournament is also a team championship event.

The 1992 Potomac Valley Challenge Cup

Bullis HS will be the sight of the 8th Annual Potomac Valley All-Star Challenge Cup on May 2nd. High school and junior team wrestlers must be a member of a recognized club in the state they represent in order to compete. This years teams competing include Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Karl Spinnenweber is in charge of selecting Virginia's team and Bruce Gabrielson will select Maryland's team. Selection for the Maryland team, unless unusual circumstances exist, will as in the past be based on direct mandatory wrestle-offs. If you would like to tryout for your state team, call your representative.

Notice to Coaches

Please call or send any information of interest about your club or wrestlers for our next issue. We are particularly interested in where different senior wrestlers are going next fall.

Wrestling Camps

The next issue will provide local information about wrestling camps this summer. The Camp of Champions Junior Pre-National Training Camp was a tremendous success last summer and plans are underway to host a similar such event this summer. Only a few flyers have been submitted so far, and these will be reported next time.

Maryland Age-Weight Folkstyle State Championships

The Maryland Age-Weight Folkstyle State Championships, to be held March 28 (juniors) and 29 (high school) will offer a new format this year. This event will also be the open championships in folkstyle. While in pervious years the tournament only served as the state's qualifying route to the Eastern Nationals, its added position as the final championship folkstyle event for state clubs should make for some interesting matchups, especially from prep wrestlers in the state.

Advise to High School Seniors - By Bruce Gabrielson

MSWA's newsletter contained a great article recently about the emphasis college coaches place on awarding scholarships to wrestlers who are active in tournaments during their off-season. It's the old story of "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." Many local programs and tournaments are available, but for some reason many seemingly good wrestlers feel they don't need to wrestle off-season or worry about scholarships. As pointed out in the article, this attitude is almost self destructive, and has hurt wrestlers time and time again in this area.

If a junior or senior wants a college scholarship, it is a must that he competes against the best in his region during the off-season. Simply winning a high school state championship doesn't mean much to a college coach. We live in an area of small states and very active prep schools. In Maryland, the state champion might be a 1A-2A or a 3A-4A winner, and he might be only one of many contenders when all the prep school wrestlers are considered. Therefore, if you were a college coach, would you rather spend your money on someone proven against all-comers, or only someone who might have faced a weak or limited field in a handful of events. Consider where you want wrestling to take you when you decide on wrestling this summer. Summer camps alone simply won't do it.