May 1993

Potomac Valley Freestyle Challenge Cup

After loosing the high school division for the past four years, Maryland finally defeated Pennsylvania and Virginia to win the 1993 Potomac Valley Challenge Cup. The junior team lost for the first time in six years loosing a close contest to Pennsylvania.

As is always the case, there are so many other events going on, its hard to get a full team together. Virginia and Pennsylvania suffered worse then Maryland this year, leaving the door open for a strong Maryland high school team. Virginia did manage to provide five state high school champions including HS All- American Steve Sabo at 154, and Pennsylvania brought two including undefeated Scott Nestedder at 145. Maryland's team was led by National Prep Champion Todd Beckerman at 106.

Maryland's junior team wasn't prepared for the star studded roster Pennsylvania showed up with. Among their national freestyle champions included Joey Peretta at 50 lbs, Evan Sola at 60 lbs, Derik Sola at 75 lbs and Ryan Thomas at 80 lbs. Maryland countered with its own national champions Kevin Gabrielson at 70 lbs and brother Jason at 80 lbs, plus some newcomers to the major competition scene who haven't developed yet but have plenty of potential. These included Rudy Rudea at 50 lbs, Mike Patt at 75 lbs, and Mike Toro at 95 lbs.

Key high school wins were recorded by Todd, Nelson, Ron, Scott, and Bernie. Matt lost a big one to Nestedder and Carl had a tough one against Sabo. Although only Kevin, Jason and Mike Toro won in juniors, the exposure showed our wrestlers what they need to do in order to win in the future. The 1993 Potomac Valley Challenge Cup Maryland Team is listed below:

50   Rudolph Rueda       60   Aaron Herwig, Ryan Forman
65   Ryan Herwig         70   Kevin Gabrielson
75   Michael Patt        80   Jason Gabrielson
95   Mike Torro          100  David Plank
106  Todd Beckerman      115  Nelson Sanchez
123  Ron Alexander       143  Matt Allman
154  Carl Colston        178  Scott Wascavage
192  Bernie Apshago

1993 AAU Grand Nationals Here Soon

Only a few tournaments remain before the Grand Nationals are here. Locals will miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wrestle at a close AAU national tournament if they don't enter. All wrestlers should really try to make the national qualifier at Boonsboro HS near Hagerstown on May 29th. If you miss it, and don't make any other qualifier, you can't enter the AAU nationals.

Oxon Hill Features Some Good Competition

Not as many wrestlers as expected attended the Oxen Hill tournament May 1st, but some good competition took place. The Madison (exact) weight system worked well with nearly everyone getting at least two or more matches. For some reason, many wrestlers from Virginia, Ann Arundel, Charles and St Mary's Counties in Maryland attended. This was the first local tournament in three years, but the trend for more local spring events is definitely there.

PG County champion Fred Remeriz of Oxon Hill, who claims he doesn't know freestyle, wrestled five matches before scoring a fall in the finals to win the 115 lb class. Fred had many fans in the crowd, and his victory was a great boost for local Oxen Hill wrestling.

Jason Gabrielson was impressive at 85 lbs, scoring three technical falls, and a couple of 6 point takedowns. Other impressive local victories included Central's Carl Colston in the finals at 154 and Ron Alexander wrestling an open exhibition Greco-Roman match at 132. Royal Howard of Parkdale also had two tremendous matches wrestling in the open Hwt division. The younger wrestlers finished early and the entire tournament was over by 2:00 pm. SMWC captured to team title dispite a strong surge by the Ann Arundel Attackers.

College Scholarships Awarded

Chopin State has awarded a wrestling scholarship to Royal Howard.

Steve Sabo has received a wrestling scholarship to Oklahoma State. Schools are still looking. Seniors who haven't received offers yet should really try to get to the big events before it's too late.

Officials Clinic Successful

The AAU Officials Clinic put on by Southern Maryland Wrestling Club was a tremendous success. Over 20 new officials attended two training sessions to learn rule interpretations and differences between freestyle and folkstyle wrestling. Officials usually receive a free entry plus are paid at local tournaments. You should be at least 14 and go to lots of tournaments before starting to officiate.

Practice Sessions Winding Down

Southern Maryland WC will continue to practice on Monday and Wednesday nights from 7:15 until 8:30 pm up till the second week of June. Current training is proceeding quickly and now includes advanced freestyle, and basic Greco-Roman, with basic Sombo starting the second week of May. Members are urged to try to practice at least once every two weeks to remain current. Guests are welcome so long as they have a 1993 AAU card. We also have several T-shirts left for those who didn't get one.

Spring Schedule

May 8, Suitland HS---May 22, Parkdale HS---May 29, Boonsboro HS - --May 30, Coach Gabrielson's annual party and Chesapeake Bay beach outing --- June 6, Bladensburg HS ---June 12, Northwestern HS --- June 19 camp---June 22, leave for Grand Nationals Note: Northwestern is listed wrong in the tournament update and Bladensburg is on a Sunday.

Don't think you need to really know freestyle to compete locally. All you need to know how to do is take someone down. A takedown is still a takedown and a pin is still a pin. Watching a couple of matches will teach you all you need to know. It will also make you a better wrestler.