Note: This document will delete references to Potomac Valley AAU upon ratification as an independent non-profit organization. SMWC became an independent entity on August 1, 2005. CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS

I. Name and Location

The name of the club shall be Southern Maryland Wrestling Club. So long as the club is Potomac Valley AAU sanctioned, the letters AAU may be used after the name in all club correspondence. The club shall be principally an advanced club located in Southern Maryland, and shall hold practices at a location within 20 miles of the Washington D. C. Beltway if possible.

II. Purpose

SMWC is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes under section 501(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The purpose of the club shall be to promote the sport of Wrestling in general, and specifically promote the sport within the Potomac Valley Region. Promotion shall take the form of educational training practices, team competition, coaching, training, tournament competition, and officiating. All forms of wrestling shall be recognized including Freestyle, Greco-Roman, Folkstyle, SOMBO, and JUDO. However, team competition shall primarily concentrate on Folkstyle in the winter months and Freestyle and Greco-Roman in the spring and summer.

III. Membership

Membership shall be open to anyone interested in the sport of wrestling without regard to age, race, or sex. Regular membership shall take the form of associate or full membership. Honorary membership is a special membership.

A. Full membership shall be conferred upon those dues paying wrestlers who work out with the club a minimum of three times per month during the normal training season (spring), or who attend a practice at least twice per month during the winter season (if applicable). Officials who do not work out with the club but who officiate at three or more club supported activities, and coaches who attend the required minimum number of practices (currently four per month) for training purposes will also be conferred full membership. Only full members can vote, be eligible for the SMWC Hall-of-Fame, or have the club help defray costs for national competitions. Hall-of-Fame members are non-paying members.

B. Associate members are those dues paying individuals who are not able to attend workouts on a regular basis, but who wish to support the club in other capacities.

C. Honorary membership may be conferred upon outstanding individuals who club-members feel have contributed to club successes or are otherwise deserving of membership. Honorary membership can only be conferred by a majority vote of the Hall-of-Fame committee meeting in executive session. Honorary membership shall entitle the member to the same benefits as full membership during the year conferred. Competition team members who participate in regular club activities may be conferred honorary membership based on their selection by the Hall- of-Fame committee.

IV. Dues Dues/Fees Schedule

In order to protect the club, and to defray the costs associated with club AAU and/or USAW membership, all participating athletes who practice with the team must be dues paying members holding current AAU or USAW membership cards. Dues are due and payable at the first fall practice each year.

A. The amount of annual dues shall be determined by the president after consultation with the budget committee. Members are also required to purchase an AAU membership card or a USAW card (depending on club affiliation). Dues are for one yearly wrestling cycle (fall and spring season). Additional fall/winter participation fees for those competing in SMWC sponsored youth league matches during the folkstyle season (if applicable) shall be determined based on league fees. Those not competing in fall folkstyle league matches shall only pay the regular dues. Dues must be paid prior to an individual attending their second practice unless extended by the head coach (President).

B. Full membership with waiver of dues may be granted by the club President to all coaches and officials who actively participate in coaching and officiating chores for the club, and also to members who perform other significant services for the club. Eligibility for dues waiver shall be made entirely by the head coach and assistant coach each year. All former head coaches of the team shall receive a lifetime full membership without paying dues. The president, head coach and assistant coach are automatically excluded from paying dues each year.

C. All full members are required to attend and work at club sponsored activities, especially tournaments, unless excused by the President.

C.1 Unexcused absences from events where workers are required may be grounds for loss of voting privledges for one season. Loss of voting privledges will require a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

C.2 Community service participation by HS students may be granted by the club President only to those members who actively help at club youth activities during the season. No more than 20 hours of service will be allowed each season, unless waivered by the Executive committee.

C.3 Web site listings are provided free for all club membership catagories. The SMWC web page is maintained by and used exclusively by SMWC members. The webmaster or news page editor has full power to decide news content for club pages, so long as there is a direct relationship of news coverage for members. The webmaster or news page editor is selected by the President annually.

V. Fund Raising and Fund Distribution

Additional funds, over and above yearly membership dues, are a necessary requirement for the club to operate successfully.

A. The club shall hold a minimum of one fund raising event per year, primarily in the form of a Freestyle wrestling tournament, a program ad sales campaign, or a home meet food sale. The tournament, if held, shall be called the Southern Maryland Freestyle Championships, provided another tournament of the same name has not already been held (may also include other functions such as championships or qualifiers), and shall be held within what is commonly considered the Southern Maryland region. The exception to this name will be if the club is holding an association qualifier or other qualifying event.

B. Money raised by the club through any activity shall help: defray AAU and/or USAW club dues, facility costs, be used for the purchase of tournament equipment and related club items, and can also be used to defray travel costs for club members who wish to attend and compete or officiate at national or international events.

B.1 All full members shall be entitled to the same amount for attending an event unless the club travels to the event and stays at the event as a team. In this case, only a minimum stipend as determined by the president's appointed budget committee shall be provided to members who do not travel and stay with the team.

C. Should the club receive sponsorship money as a non-profit organization, this money shall be used not only for those items from A. above, but also for such items as uniforms, T-shirts, and entry fees at team sponsored events. Team sponsored events are those events at which team scoring is computed. No individual member shall profit from funds received by the club unless it is for officiating or working at a club tournament.

D. Funds raised by individual members specifically for the purpose of deferring their costs to participate at major competitions shall be held for and used exclusively by those members.

VI. Elections and the Annual Meeting

A. The club shall have three officers, the President, the Head Coach of the open competition team, and the Vice-President, who may or may not also act as the Head Assistant Coach as determined by the President and the Head Coach. Election for Head coach and President will be held at the annual meeting, normally the first official practice in March each spring. The announcement for this practice will be provided to all dues paying members from the previous season, and may take the form of a direct mailing, personal flyer distribution, web page announcement, or a local/regional newsletter or newspaper announcement. Only full dues paying members may vote for the President and the Head Coach. The President shall select the Vice President and the Head Coach shall select all assistant coaches.

B. Installation of the President and Head Coach will take place immediately, and not necessarily involve a formal ceremony. Both the President and the Vice-President will have check signing authority for the club (if applicable). Nominations for President and Head Coach will also be taken form the floor.

VII. Committees & Coaching Staff

All officers, committee members and coaches are members of the Executive Committee. Only the Executive Committee can approve special practice rules that may be put into effect from time to time based on a recomendation of the Head Coach. The Head Coach is responsible for enforcing these rules during practice. However, failure to comply with these special rules will result in sactions against the member as provided for in this constitution and bylaws.

A. Committee Membership

Each spring season, the President shall appoint a minimum of three full members to the club's two regular standing committees. The Hall-of-Fame Committee is considered a special committee. The President and Vice-President are also members of each of these committees. Vacancies on these committees may be filled by the club President at any time. Additional coaches, or the filling of a head coach vacancy, may also be selected by the President at any time, but are subject to review by the Executive Committee if requested by a member.

A.1 Budget Committee

The budget committee will be responsible for determining the amount of club funds available for members who wish to attend national or international events, and shall also be responsible for generating fund raising activities. The President may also appoint individual club members (or their parents) to perform special projects related to club needs. Individuals involved on these projects will also be members of the Budget Committee.

A.2 Special Competitions Committee

The Special Competitions Committee will be responsible for the selection criteria and the final selection of candidates who will be submitted for approval to state or regional representatives. These wrestlers will have the backing of the club when they represent Maryland in special competitions. Final selection will be by open wrestle-off for challenged weights. Competitors need not be SMWC members, but they must attend the final selection wrestle-offs at a SMWC practice if they are challenged for their position. The president may appoint as many additional members to this committee as he determines necessary. In all casses, the Head Coach will make the initial determination of candidates suitable for wrestle-off consideration.

A.3 Hall of Fame Committee

The Hall of Fame Committee is a special committee that shall consist of the President, Vice President, Head Coach, and one at-large Hall of Fame member appointed by the President. Nominations meeting the criteria detailed in Appendix A shall be submitted by any member during the first month of spring practice after the annual meeting. After submission, the President shall validate each candidates nomination criteria, and shall submit the candidate to a vote of the current Hall of Fame membership. Such vote may be held in writing or by phone. After the initial year for membership, a maximum of only three new members shall be accepted each year, unless this requirement is waived by majority vote of the current Hall-of-Fame membership.

VIII. Expulsion and Censorship

A. Member Expulsion

A member may be expelled from the club when he or she participates in an activity determined detrimental to the club or the sport of wrestling. Upon receipt of a formal complaint for expulsion signed by three members, the president will appoint a special committee of five members who have been in the club for two years or more.

The president will also notify in writing the charges against the member, and set a date for a formal hearing where both sides may offer whatever evidence they deem proper. Following the hearing the committee will immediately vote on the expulsion with results provided to all interested parties. Once selected, Hall of Fame members can not be expelled from membership. However, should the special committee find a Hall-of-Fame member guilty to actions that would otherwise constitute expulsion, that member will no longer be able to vote for new Hall-of-Fame members.

B. Censorship

B.1 Censorship may be requested by any club member against an individual, club, league, state, or national organization which participates in or supports an activity determined detrimental to a member of the club, the club itself, or to the sport of wrestling. Charges against the defendant must be delivered to the club President in writing. Charges must specify date (or dates) of alleged activity, individual, group, or organization involved, actions which were taken, and one or more witnesses who have knowledge of the offense. The President will notify the Executive Committee of the charges and circumstances of the incident. A simple majority of the Executive Committee will be necessary to declare censorship.

B.2 Should the grounds for censorship be based on actions against a club member, such actions will be reviewed by the Executive Board to ensure due process was used as a basis for the actions. If due process was not followed, direct censorship will be applied against the offending organization, league, club, or individual. In the case of an offense by an individual against the club or member, the term Persona non Grata will be applied to such individual.

B.3 Length of Censorship

Censorship will remain in effect for a period of one year from the date granted unless extended on a yearly basis by majority vote of the Executive Board.

B.4 Censorship Penalties

Individuals that have been assigned Persona non Grata status may not attend or participate in any activity sponsored by Southern Maryland Wrestling Club. Activities include practices, clinics, camps, and tournaments. Organizations receiving censorship are not allowed to enter in events where team or club points are accumulated. However, individuals from the organization may enter club events on an unattached basis. If a state or national body receives censorship, the club will not affiliate with or support functions sponsored by the organization for a period of one season. However, club members may participate in any organizational activities if they wish.

B.5 School/Team Censorship for Bashing

Wrestlers who compete at high schools for coaches found guilty of bashing SMWC or it's coaching staff will not be allowed full membership or allowed to compete with teams in the SMWC program for a minimum of one year. The exception will be that wrestlers who are dues paying members of SMWC prior to their high school years (or are current members) will not be denied membership regardless of what their coach says or does. Formal charges against such coach will be filed and procedures followed the same as those currently in place for "Persona non Grata" status. Reinstatement: Should a coach be found guilty of club bashing, reinstatement will not be automatic. Following the one year suspension, a trial period of one year will be required before new members from the delinquent school will be allowed full membership.

IX. Association/Organization Support

The club shall support both the AAU and the USAW Association with which it is affiliated as determined each year by the president. The club will also support all local wrestling associations and events regardless of affiliation, and/or any other wrestling associations as determined by the President. The President, Head Coach, or their designated alternates will be the official representatives to all organizations with which the club is affiliated. Any action by a club member to actively promote one organization over another (AAU or USAW) will constitute grounds for expulsion from the club. SMWC supports all wrestling activities regardless of affiliation.

X. Team Uniform and Colors

The official color for SMWC singlets at all matches shall be red. Club members will wear their official club T-shirt (if available) at all formal dual matches against other teams and at opening ceremonies at all events where the team will compete for team points unless locally wavered by the head coach or assistant coach. The head coach shall also be responsible for the club banner, and for all equipment owned by the club. Every attempt will be made to display the club banner at major competitions where team/club points will be accumulated for placement.

XI. Amending this Constitution and Bylaws

This document may be amended at any time during the fall or spring season when regularly scheduled practices are in session. Requirements for amendment are as follows:

A. A formal announcement to the general membership is made for 30 days prior to the voting date. Announcements can also take the form of the Annual Meeting Announcement.

B. Two-thirds (2/3) of the full members present vote in favor of the amendments.

C. The vote for amendment is taken at least 30 minutes after the scheduled start of practice, and before the final 15 minutes of practice.

XII. Dissolution

The club may be dissolved at any time by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Committee. Two (2) Executive Committee members shall be required to request the President hold a vote. Notice of the vote shall be provided to the general membership through the SMWC News Page on the website at least two weeks prior to the vote.

Upon dissolution of the organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501 (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Should the club be dissolved and a new IRS non-profit replacement club not be formed, all remaining club funds are to be donated by the President to another IRS designated non-profit youth wrestling club in the Southern Maryland Region, or to the Maryland State Wrestling Association, a designated non-profit organization within 30 days of dissolution.

XIII Organization Earnings

No part of the net earnings of the organization shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributed to its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons, except that the organization shall be authorized to pay reasonable compensation for the services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in the purpose clause hereof. No substantial part of the activities of the organization shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the organization shall not particxipate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, the organization shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on (a) by an organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or by a corporation, contributions to which are deductible under section 170 (c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Appendix A

Southern Maryland Wrestling Club Hall of Fame Criteria

1. Nominations must be members for at least the two previous years with criteria to be from one or more of the following categories. All selections to be finalized by majority vote of existing available members of the Southern Maryland Wrestling Club Hall of Fame.

National Champion (FO/FS/GR/SO)* (automatic nomination)
NCAA All American (automatic nomination)
Two or more State HS Championships** (automatic nomination)
Two or more National Prep Championships**
Extended Contributions (coach, official, continuous club supporter or competitor over a number of years, etc. Normally open to Seniors and Masters age groups only)
By 2/3 vote of current Hall of Fame Membership

* for a junior (under 18) to be considered, he must win a major national championship (with a full draw entered) in two different styles, with championships occurring during two different years.

**requirement for two championships in this category may be waived by 2/3 vote of current members.

2. Since it is sometimes difficult to contact previous Hall-of-Fame members, if the current Hall- of-Fame Committee determines that every reasonable effort has failed to contact a current member, then that member's vote will not be required to confer membership on a new member. The 2/3 vote requirement will only be necessary from among those who can be contacted.

3. Any current club member can nominate a wrestler, coach, or competitor for the SMWC Hall of Fame. Nominations must be made to the current club president within one month of the Annual Meeting, normally the first official practice during March each spring.

Appendix B

Maryland USAW National Team Participation

1. SMWC is often designated the Southern Maryland training site for Maryland's USAW National Team by the Maryland State Wrestling Association. For year's so designated, members of the team are allowed to practice without formally joining SMWC. Since they are not members, specials rules are necessary to ensure uniform participation in practice activities.

A. Practicing non-members of SMWC must conform to regular practice drills and/or clinics unless approved by the coach in charge.

B. Every effort should be made for non-members to conform to practice start and stop times.

C. Non-members are only allowed to practice during the spring Freestyle season.

Appendix C

Head Coach Support

A. The SMWC Head Coach will receive a weekly amount as determined by the Board of Directors to help defray costs for activities associated with club support. Reimbursement shall be paid on a monthly basis during the period when regular practices are being held. No receipts or other invoices will be required from the coach. Upon approval by the Board of Directors, the Head Coach can also recommend a weekly amount to be paid to his assistant coach.

B. USAW Coaching Cards will be purchased for the SMWC Head Coach and the SMWC youth team head coach each year.

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