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Established 1989

We owe a lot to these individuals.

Bruce Gabrielson-- Earl Norman-- Stanly Proctor-- Steve Arslanien-- Criss Toth-- Jeff Rosenberg-- Martino Seppi-- Marty Fowler-- Steve Thornley-- Mark Mangrum-- Robert Alexander-- Eric Lewis-- Eric Norman-- Scott Bergess-- Jason Gabrielson-- Steven Hoffer-- Carl Martin-- Omar Malik-- Khalil Malik-- Jay Billy-- Kevin Gabrielson-- Todd Walls-- Marcus Foran-- Jim Howard-- Stan Hawkins-- Jason Clendaniels-- John Allman-- Steve Chop-- Randy Grant-- Aaron Brown-- Norm Brown-- Jim Smith-- Joe Higgs-- Craig Herwig-- Jake Scott-- Todd Beckerman-- Anthony "Buddy" Lee-- Wade Hughes-- Andre' Prue-- Willie Harris-- Troy Sunderland-- Rick Jones-- Chris Rodrigues-- Ryan Herwig-- Evan Sola-- Mike Sola-- Mike Faust-- Quinn Foster-- Scott McAdoo-- Luke Palumbo-- Brent Jones-- Mike Rowe-- Jason Kiessling-- Drew Robertson-- Eli Black-- Todd Smoot-- Lucus Black-- Ryan Buff -- Nicole Woody -- Rudy Rueda -- Matt Jones -- Andrew Bannister -- Mike Cannon -- Sonny Nucci -- Alfred Bannister

Note: This list includes those from the SMWC youth league teams - Kettering B&GC/Bowie B&GC/UYC/Queen Ann/Rampage

SMWC has:

1 Gold Medal Olympian Member

Hall-of-Fame Nomination Creteria and Information

Andre' Prue, Omar Malik, Bruce Gabrielson

Evan Sola (left) - Jim Howard & Craig Herwig (center) - Nicole Woody (right)

Chris Rodrigues (left) --- Alfred Bannister (right)

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