Hall-of-Fame Nomination Criteria
Southern Maryland Wrestling Club

Hall-of-Fame Committee

The Hall-of-Fame Committee is a special committee consisting of the President, Vice President, and at least one at-large Hall of Fame member appointed by the President. Nominations of members meeting the criteria below shall be submitted by any member during the first month of spring practice after the annual meeting. After submission, the President shall validate each candidates nomination criteria, and shall submit the candidate to a vote of the current Hall-of-Fame membership. Such vote may be held in writing or by phone. A maximum of only three new members shall be accepted each year, unless this requirement is waived by majority vote of the current Hall-of-Fame membership.

Hall-of-Fame Nomination Criteria

1. Nominations must be members for at least the two previous years with criteria to be from one or more of the following categories. All selections to be finalized by majority vote of existing available members of the Southern Maryland Wrestling Club Hall of Fame.

National Champion (FO/FS/GR/SO)* (automatic nomination)
NCAA All American (automatic nomination)
Two or more State HS Championships** (automatic nomination)
Two or more National Prep Championships**
Extended Contributions (coach, official, continuous club supporter or competitor over a number of years, etc. - Normally open to Seniors and Masters age groups only)
By 2/3 vote of current Hall of Fame Membership

* for a junior (under 18) to be considered, he must win a major national championship (with a full draw entered) in two different styles, with championships occurring during two different years.

**requirement for two championships in this category may be waived by 2/3 vote of current members.

Any current club member can nominate a wrestler, coach, or competitor for the SMWC Hall-of-Fame. Nominations must be made to the current club president within one month of the Annual Meeting, normally the first official practice during March each spring.

Southern Maryland Wrestling Club
Hall-of-Fame Committee

1999-2000 Season

Jason Gabrielson - Chair
Rick Jones
Jim Howard
Bruce Gabrielson
Steve Arslanian